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In the Box

  • Whiskey Tools
    • 2 Personalized Rocks Glasses, 9 oz
    • 6 Whiskey Stones in Wood Box
    • Reusable Cut Glass Decanter, 750 ml
  • Whiskey Snacks
    • 18 oz Whiskey-Infused Mixed Nuts (13.5 oz Peanuts, 3 oz Almonds, 1.5 oz Cashews)

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    Order in the next 6 hours and it ships on the next business day
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Go Nuts for Whiskey

Forget the stuffy rooms filled with stuffy men drinking whiskey with their stuffy pinkies raised. All he really needs to enjoy a good glass of whiskey is his very own personalized rocks glass. Oh, and a fun decanter stuffed with delicious, whiskey-flavored nuts doesn’t hurt, either.

Give him an extra pouring of love with the spirited barware and snacks of the Whiskey Business Care Package.

Spirited Selections:

  • A pair of stylishly personalized whiskey glasses and six quality whiskey stones will ensure his drink stays as cool as he is!
  • Now he can have his drink and eat it too with this fun decanter full of whiskey-infused mixed nuts!

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