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Moonshine Man Chow

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In the Box

  • Man Crates Exclusive Bourbon-Flavored Man Chow, 24oz
  • Wide-Mouth Glass Jar, 64 oz (2.75" dia x 8.42" h)

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    Order in the next 6 hours and it ships today
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When will it arrive?

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Bour-Bon Appetit!

What do you get when you take our classic, crumbly, exquisitely sweet Man Chow and infuse it with the flavors of oaky, delectably boozy bourbon? We were wondering the same thing. And now, we can’t seem to stop snacking for long enough to answer.

We’ve stuffed 24 ounces of bourbon-flavored, devilishly-tasty Man Chow into a giant Mason Jar, for an alcohol-tinged treat that’s guaranteed to crush his cravings. That’s 24 boozy ounces of chocolate-covered pretzels and crispy cereal bits. Mmmmm.

Get him the gift he needs to have his booze and eat it too with scrumptiously sweet Moonshine Man Chow.

Snack Time Sidebar:

  • Man Chow is made exclusively for Man Crates. Of all the product testing we’ve done, this was easily the most delicious.
  • Once he’s chomped all his ‘Chow, he’ll get plenty of use out of his new, heavy-duty 64 oz. Mason Jar. It makes a great drinking glass, for instance. Or an extremely fragile football.

Customer Reviews

    May 20th 2021
    Moonshine Man Chow

    Best adult "puppy chow"

    Mark Cates
    Jan 23rd 2021
    Love it

    My wife got this for me and I love it. I will for sure buy more for myself and as gifts

    Oct 18th 2020
    Really good

    Sweet, salty and boozy. Very addictive.

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