Gift Cards For Men

Gift cards are an easy gift to give, but there's nothing easy about opening up a Man Crates gift card packaged in a concrete brick or puzzle box.

  • $79.99
    A STRUGGLE OF SMARTS - Our Puzzle Box Gift Card captures the thrill of those adventure movies where a ragtag crew solves a series of intricate puzzles… more to escape the baddies and uncover the treasure. We couldn’t fit the spoils of Egypt’s last great Pharaoh into the box, but we think he’ll be equally delighted with what he eventually discovers. less
    "I got the Puzzle Box Gift Card for my son’s 17th birthday. It was a big hit! He worked the puzzle… more with his brother and together they were able to solve it in around 50 minutes. My son was also very pleased with the choices for which he could use his gift card. Would highly recommend for any puzzle lover." -Alana less
  • $79.99
    Get Smashed – Deliver that sweet, plastic gold within a concrete brick because envelopes are for bills and jury summons. Smash & Grab Gift Card comes… more Grab Gift Card comes with safety goggles and our "M.C. Hammer" for maximum impact. less
    "What a great gift. Not only was it a surprise when it came, but it was a surprise after opening… more since I had to enter the code. I cannot imagine anyone who would not like getting this gift" -Michael less
  • Lovestruck Gift Card

    Collection Shot
    A Heart Made for Breaking - You know what they say, if you really love something, you should probably break it open with a hammer to find out what’s… more inside. And in this case, what’s inside is a surprise gift card. Smashing! less

Everyone loves a gift card – especially the guy with discerning taste who’d rather pick out his own birthday present. But let’s face it, while gift cards are practical, they’re boring. Opening an envelope with a gift card inside is always a little anticlimactic. When it comes to gift cards for men, that elusive wow factor just doesn’t exist. Until now. What if you could elevate the gift card experience to one that is an actual gift of experience? Man Crates has the coolest gift cards for guys, period. What makes our gift cards so unique? He has to work hard and maybe even break a sweat to open them! Just like our popular gift crates for dudes, but on a much smaller scale.

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