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The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men

Give your man a Valentine’s Day gift as unique and special as he is. We curate gear, flavors, and activities he’ll love, then add unique packaging and free personalization. Celebrate your love with an unforgettable Valentine’s Day gift for him!

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Grand Jerky Heart

Amazing Jerky & Snack Gifts

Delicious meats and treats hold a special place in a man's heart, and we don't mean the arteries. From light snackers to big eaters, you'll find a gift that's just right for his appetite.

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Brut Strength Champagne Crate

Beer, Whiskey & Cocktail Gifts

From carefully measuring his cocktail ingredients to making vacation plans around brewery stops, he’s a man who enjoys the finer things. Reward his great taste in liquor and life with our keg-sized collection of drinking gifts.

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Fondue Donuts

Grilling & Cooking Gifts

Whether he’s whipping up five-star flavor in the kitchen or sizzling steaks behind the grill, he’s going to need the right tools to handle the heat. Up his chef game with quality gear, authentic flavors, and other amazing cooking and grilling gifts.

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Hot Sauce Making

Team Appreciation Gifts

Sometimes the best way to work hard is to play hard! These interactive gifts bring people together in creative and collaborative ways. Strengthen the team chemistry and create memories that will become legendary around the water cooler with these team-building gifts.

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Personalized Golf Ball Mini Crate

Milestone Celebration Gifts

Life happens quickly, and if you’re not ready, it can surprise you. But if you are ready, you can celebrate all the amazing milestones with unforgettable gifts! From new homes and jobs to new family members, these exciting and meaningful gifts commemorate life’s biggest and best moments.

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Burning Love Mini Crate

Personalized Made Just For Him

There’s nothing more memorable than a gift made just for him. From classy barware to man cave decor, these personalized gifts will celebrate his name and class up his home.

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Neon Bar Sign

Man Cave Must Haves

Man Caves are a great for space for guys to hang out, explore new hobbies, and generally be left to their own devices. Unfortunately for some, “left to their own devices” doesn’t always make for the most…presentable…space. We’ve designed a garage-ful of gifts he’ll display with pride. From personalized neon signs to cocktail-specific glassware, he’ll be able to show off his space with pride.

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Personalized Mug Mini Crate

Work Accomplishment Gifts

Between celebrating promotions, work anniversaries, new team members, and old retirees, it’s a wonder there’s even time to work during the workday. Congratulate your co-workers on their hard-earned success and commemorate their career milestones with these fun and unique gifts for the workplace.

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Personalized Whiskey Making Kit

Wedding Gifts

Love is in the air, and with a few quick clicks, it can be on his doorstep! Celebrate the newly hitched couple, recruit your groomsmen in fun ways, or loosen up the father of the bride before the big day with these unique wedding and engagement gifts.

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Smash and Grab

Exciting Birthday Gifts

What’s the most epic way to celebrate his big day? How about giving the birthday boy a one-of-a-kind gift experience! We’ve got everything from cocktail collections to sweet snacks, DIY maker projects, and more. And of course, jerky.

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Exotic Meats Grand Bouquet - Overhead

Just Because Gifts

There are so many good reasons to send a gift. Honestly, we can’t think of a bad reason. Whether you’re saying thanks, expressing sympathies, wishing him a speedy recovery, or just letting him know you’re thinking of him, these “Just Because” gifts are guaranteed to shower him with appreciation.

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Exciting Gifts
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