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Pajamas in a Log are the official uniform of the hardworking slumberjack who’s looking to rest easy.

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About This Gift

The Log Box is designed to look like a hand-sawn log.
  1. How it ships

    In an awesome cardboard box. Corrugated C Flute cardboard with regular slotted style... told you it was awesome!

A slumberjack of all plaids

Being a logger is hard. Yelling “timmmberrr!” all the time. Debating how much wood a woodchuck could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood. Not to mention the eternal battle against sap, nature’s super glue.

So when the sun sets on another grueling day amongst the pines, only the soft caress of flannel pajamas can rock a rugged outdoorsman to sleep like a hibernating bear.

Flannel first weaved its way to popularity in Wales way back in the 17th century. Always eager to one-up the Welsh, we invented flannel Slumberjacks in the 21st century. Your move, Tom Jones.

Logged into comfort

We appreciate a cozy pair of PJs as much as the next tree-topplin’ guy, which is why we’ve stuffed Flyshacker Cabin Jams into a keepsake log. These 100%-cotton plaid lounging pants come in a variety of sizes and feature a non-roll, full-elastic waistband and drawstring to ensure a snug fit. Because rolling, half-elastic waistbands are the worst.

Built-in bonus: The handy, hinged log container is perfect for storing whittled sticks, a stash of sleep masks, or his emotions.

If you’re not out of the woods yet with your holiday chopping, channel the flannel and give him Slumberjacks, the gift that will have him sawing logs night after night.

Each and every Slumberjacks comes hand-packed with these items curated by our team:

Log Cabin Contents

  • Flyshacker Cabin Jams
  • Log Carrier


  • Small
      • Waist: 28"
      • Extended Waist: 41"
      • Inseam: 31"
    • Medium
      • Waist: 33"
      • Extended Waist: 47"
      • Inseam: 31"
    • Large
      • Waist: 36"
      • Extended Waist: 44"
      • Inseam: 31"
    • X-Large
      • Waist: 39"
      • Extended Waist: 47"
      • Inseam: 31.5"
    • XX-Large
      • Waist: 49"
      • Extended Waist: 53"
      • Inseam 31.5"

All orders placed before 3pm local time will ship the same day.

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Not only was I excited to send it, but he was thrilled to receive it!

Real Customer Reviews

    Nov 6th 2018
    He Love Them

    My son got these last year and says he loves them...

    Dec 2nd 2017
    So comfy!

    He loves them, wears them all the time now

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