Pizza Grilling Crate

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    We noticed this gift was lacking bacon, probably by accident rather than pure ignorance. Would you like to add a bacon product in celebration of Mother Nature's greatest flavor?

    The Bacon Jerkygram

In The Box

It's Pizza Time!

  • 4 — 7.5" Pizza Stones
  • Passione Pizza Flour
  • Pizzacraft's Neopolitan Herb Blend

Backyard Pizzeria

  • Foldable Pizza Peel
  • 2-sided Dough Roller
  • Pizzacraft Pizza Recipe Book

How It Ships

In a sealed wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar

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    Orders placed by noon PST will ship out same day
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The History of Pizza(as told through catatstrophic events)*

There's nothing original or appetizing about soggy, cardboard delivery pizza, and "defrost" is in no way an authentic Italian culinary technique. History itself attests to the fact that the most delicious pizzas are born of fire.

The Great Fire of Rome in 64 A.D. led to the creation of pozzolanic concrete, and thus, crispy flatbread crust. New York's 1835 brick building bonfire inspired brick oven pizza, and deep dish style emerged after the widespread fear of wood from the Great Chicago Fire of 1871.

The Pizza Grilling Crate transforms the destructive flames of a backyard grill into the source of life for delicious, stone-grilled pizza.

From The Fire, We Feast!

The Pizza Grilling Crate turns any ordinary grill into a flame-fueled furnace for crisp, smoky pizza. The four cordierite baking stones bring the heat to any personal pizza party, but can also be fitted together to grill pizza pies of all sizes and shapes, including all seven Tetris shapes.

For simple homemade, hand-tossed pizza crust, Passione is the dough you knead. This organic artisanal flour ground from premium hard red wheat makes amazing pizza that will have every man kissing his fingers in a grandiose manner, proclaiming "Delizioso!" in an exaggerated, possibly-offensive Italian accent.

Hot Off The Blocks

The double-down dough roller swiftly lays a level base for the whopping of toppings that can and should cover the pizza. We're also including Pizzacraft's authentic Neapolitan herb blend and cookbook, the primer on all things pizza with over 100 pages of recipes and resources.

Finally, we've custom-designed a collapsible pizza peel that transfers piping hot pies from the grill to the table with all toppings in tact.

Like gold, steel, and the rest of civilization's most indispensable elements, pizza is best forged in fire.

*All historical accuracy subject to interpretation

Customer Reviews

    A P K
    Feb 23rd 2018

    Sent this to our son-in-law for his birthday and anxiously awaited the video from our daughter of him opening it. As he was pulling the crate out of the CARDBOARD BOX, the top section of the crate separated from the base. He thought that was the joke, that they tell you it is really super tough to get open and it falls apart. I read several reviews that this happened but I had faith that the reviews were made up. No deal. No strength needed or crowbars for that fact. Oh well. We know that some are very difficult to open. We have seen that first hand....maybe Man Crates needs better quality control when manufacturing this crates. Kind of disappointing though.

    Lisa Roberts
    Feb 17th 2018
    Awesome loved it!

    Arrived in two days & my darlin almost had to get a hammer to use with the crow bar to open! It was awesome! Love the products! Have a video it was great! Will purchase more and for friends, highly recommend!

    Shawn Smith
    Jan 4th 2018
    Crate fell apart

    My hubby was ecstatic about the gift! I splurged to get the diabolical tape and it was worth it! We were all laughing but once he got through the tape and moved the crate slightly the whole bottom came right off so that was a disappointment for sure. He never even got to attempt to open with the crow bar. We are excited to try the pizza on the grill, just have to wait for the snow to melt. We also purchased the jerky canes, the jerky is amazing!

    Dec 26th 2017
    Awesome, but bottom of crate was broken :/

    My man loved this! But I was really disappointed when I saw the bottom of the crate was falling apart :( I made him open it from the top so he had some sort of a challenge but he wanted to rip it from the bottom (I don’t blame him). All and all the gift was awesome but I more so paid for the struggle of opening which I didn’t really get.

    Dec 25th 2017
    Wish it was harder to open.

    We love the pizza items! They will get great use. The only downside was that it was REALLY easy to open. My husband had the lid popped off in less than ten seconds. I was really looking forward to watching him struggle, so I was a little disappointed. However, we are really excited to grill our pizza!

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