Mount Rubsmore

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Great American Rubs

  • George Srirachington
  • Thomas Jeffersalmon
  • Aburgerham Lincoln
  • Theodore Roastevelt

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Mount Rubs-More
In the patriotic cardboard box shown in the product photo (NOT A CRATE). There is a non-zero chance this box was made from recycled early drafts of the Declaration of Independence!

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This Blend was Made for You and Meat

Sure, Stonehenge and the Pyramids are impressive...if you like shapes a toddler can draw.

Only American artistry could carve the intricate contours of Mount Rushmore with handfuls of dynamite and elbow grease. Yet, too many take the granite for granted, so we're bringing the patriotic pilgrimage to you.

Mount Rubsmore honors our homeland heroes with the most noble and satisfying accolade: All-American Seasonings.

The Faces of Freedom and Flavor

George Srirachington: Hail to the Chef

When he wasn't sending Redcoats packing or raining down destruction upon cherry trees, George Washington was perfecting the zestiest chili spice of the new free world. Even when mass chili consumption melted his teeth, he whittled himself wooden dentures so he could keep snacking down that sweet, spicy goodness.

Thomas Jeffersalmon: Long Tom Silver

President Jefferson solidified his reputation as a devout sea-foodie when he ponied up a cool 15 million to purchase New Orleans, the Seafood Capital of America. Sure, he had to unexpectedly double the size of the country and make a deal with the French, but love and appetite will make a man do crazy things.

Aburgerham Lincoln: The Gettysburger Address

Four score and seven beers ago, our forefathers laid down this great seasoning, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all burgers should be tasty. We solemnly dedicate this grill and strongly resolve that these cows shall not have died in vain.

Theodore Roastevelt: The Rub Rider

Teddy Roosevelt preserved over 230 million acres of land because he unabashedly loved animals...especially covered in his signature meat rub. A cattle rancher, taxidermist, and safari hunter, he was famously known to "speak softly and carry a big stick" so he could surprise, hoist, and roast whatever dinner dared cross his path.

Customer Reviews

    Nov 7th 2017
    Unique gift for someone who loves to grill!

    Bought this for my husband and he got a kick out of it. We have used three of the four seasonings so far and love it! Will be ordering another set for a Christmas gift this year for a relative.

    Jul 19th 2016
    Dad loved it!

    Called me right away laughing (in a good way about it). He used it right away on some porkchops that night. Great and simple idea for father's day. Thanks guys!!

    Jun 25th 2016
    Fantastic Flavor

    I used the Aburgerham Lincoln on ribs. "Best ribs I've ever had," were my husbands words. Slow roasted in the oven and then slicked with bbq sauce- delicious!!!! I needed more and saw it's sold out- MC- Please get more so I can feed my family again.

    Ephraim Holmgren
    Dec 23rd 2015
    Dirty Box

    Really disappointed that the box was covered in a shipping label and was filthy. After all the fun of this gift is the labeling otherwise why spend the money on an otherwise $10.00 gift at most. Its ironic that a company that prides itself of marketing in the form of shipping containers would completely miss the mark on something so simple.

    Adam Carl
    Dec 14th 2015
    The box

    I really wanted to order this for our gift exchange party. Then I read that the Mount Rubs-More box is used as the shipping container and it's display-ability is pretty much ruined by a big ole shipping label and whatever dirt and shipping scuffs and scraps it picks up on it's way to you.

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