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    Jan 28th 2022
    Christmas Gift from my future daughter in law

    These spices are awesome, they really kick the flavor of food up several knotches.

    Jun 19th 2021
    Dad loved this!

    Our dad is a huge griller and he loved these and thought the names were hilarious! Already planning to use one tomorrow on burgers. Customer service was also awesome by helping me out with an issue with a delivery problem.

    Jan 29th 2021
    a perfect gift for a new citizen

    I was looking for some great ideas as my friend celebrated his new citizenship - and this was the best idea ever! It is a super cool gift, especially for such a special day and summers to come. He was so touched by these as they are a unique and useful gift.

    Aug 29th 2020
    Husband loved!

    We love the spices! The box came in perfect condition & love the “Mount Rushmore” theme.

    Jan 20th 2020
    Love these spices!

    Bought these last year back for more. Fantastic packaging and tasty spices!

    Jun 11th 2019
    Great Flavor and Labeling

    Got this for a close friend for his Birthday the first time around, and now bought it for my sister in law for Fathers Day since shes a single mom who likes to grill. The seasonings are great rubs, and well packaged. A perfect last minute gift for anyone.

    Apr 4th 2019
    And Mom Gets - The Thumbs Up!

    I was looking for an Easter gift for my son, who is in the
    Air Force. And it's very apparent that he's past the Easter basket phase of life! Lol .. He loves to cook and this set of rubs was the perfect find! When he received it, I got the thumbs up and a huge thank you from him! I'll look forward to shopping again with ManCrates!

    Dec 24th 2018

    love the package love the spoof on the Presidents but most of all love the spices! My husbands Christmas gift for my son is a total winner. They are all really good but the Theodoroastavelt is my favorite! Definately gonna have to restock our supply.

    Dec 21st 2018
    The boss loved it!

    My boss pulled my aside and asked me if I had read the description of each bottles. I had not. He showed me each one, laughing at each, pointing at what you are suppose to cook with each product. Short of story....He really loved this gift! He said this is the best gift to give someone when you don't know what to give a person..

    Dec 7th 2018
    Fantasticly Funny

    That is thee funniest product description I've ever read!! Keep it coming!

    Kya Fox
    Nov 14th 2018
    Super Fun

    My mom got this for my now husband for Christmas last year. It's a year later, and we're still using it!!!! The spices are excellent, and the variety was awesome. If you have a griller or cook in the family, they will love it! WE DID!

    Mar 26th 2018
    Great Taste

    I got this for my husband for our anniversary along with the Grill Master crate.
    We have already used one of the spices and it tasted amazing!!
    He thought the card with the prefabed note was really funny, and he thought it was great that the box was completely duck taped closed.
    I think that it would have been even better if it was several pieces of Duck tape and not just one long piece!! :P

    Nov 7th 2017
    Unique gift for someone who loves to grill!

    Bought this for my husband and he got a kick out of it. We have used three of the four seasonings so far and love it! Will be ordering another set for a Christmas gift this year for a relative.

    Jul 19th 2016
    Dad loved it!

    Called me right away laughing (in a good way about it). He used it right away on some porkchops that night. Great and simple idea for father's day. Thanks guys!!

    Jun 25th 2016
    Fantastic Flavor

    I used the Aburgerham Lincoln on ribs. "Best ribs I've ever had," were my husbands words. Slow roasted in the oven and then slicked with bbq sauce- delicious!!!! I needed more and saw it's sold out- MC- Please get more so I can feed my family again.

    Ephraim Holmgren
    Dec 23rd 2015
    Dirty Box

    Really disappointed that the box was covered in a shipping label and was filthy. After all the fun of this gift is the labeling otherwise why spend the money on an otherwise $10.00 gift at most. Its ironic that a company that prides itself of marketing in the form of shipping containers would completely miss the mark on something so simple.

    Randee Mathisen
    Dec 4th 2015
    good gift

    This product is clever and makes for fun conversation. But the box needs to be crated like your other products. The cardboard box the bottles come in is half the fun....but not when it's got shipping labels on the box and damage due to shipping. Put it in a crate and I'll give it five stars. (Reviews can make or break a new company)

    Jul 6th 2015
    Good gift for Grillers

    I sent this to a friend, as a thank you gift. He loves to grill and couldn't wait to try the rubs out on the 4th of July. He thought it was a cool gift. His favorite was the Thomas Jeffersalmon.

    Jun 25th 2015

    Not only is this product funny, but it has different rubs for different meats: roast, burgers, game and fish. It's perfect and my father in law got a kick out of it!

    Jun 24th 2015
    fathers favorite

    Sent this to my dad for Father's Day and am now the favorite :) he loves cooking and grilling and this will serve us well for our BBQ on the 4th! Another huge plus was it actually arrived a day before it said it would! Sweet!

    Dec 9th 2021
    Cute product

    I love man crates. I recently ordered Mount Rubsmore but only received 3 of the spices. I was also disappointed because it did not come in a crate; however, they promptly responded to my email. I will definitely order from Man Crates again.

    Nicole B
    Jul 1st 2015
    He loved it

    I didn't actually see this in person, but the employee I sent it to got a kick out of it and was pretty impressed by the ducktaping job.

    As always, job well done, Mancrates

    Adam Carl
    Dec 14th 2015
    The box

    I really wanted to order this for our gift exchange party. Then I read that the Mount Rubs-More box is used as the shipping container and it's display-ability is pretty much ruined by a big ole shipping label and whatever dirt and shipping scuffs and scraps it picks up on it's way to you.

    Nov 19th 2015
    Damaged Package

    Bought this as a Christmas present for my brother in law who loves to grill. It arrived today dented, scrapped, and dirty. I had to carefully peel off the shipping labels which took some of the box with it and left a sticky film. The spice rubs were unharmed, but the box looks like its been through hell. I assumed it would be shipped in a separate box, but the spice rubs made it safely and look like they will be delicious. That's what counts, I guess.

    May 11th 2020
    Not worth it

    Was hoping these spices would be amazing. The one that is supposed to be spicy is not. The one that is for beef is over powering unless you like the taste of roast flavoring and only roast flavoring. The hamburger one is the only one that is ok. Not great but ok. That's why 2 stars and not one. They are a novelty item and that's it.

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