Lure Making Kit

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In The Box

  • Lure Making Materials Kit:
    • Plastisol, 1 pint
    • Pumpkin Green Coloring, .5 oz
    • Deep Red Coloring, .5 oz
    • Silver Glitter, .5 fl oz
    • Lure Stink, .5 oz
  • Crawdaddy Lure Mold
  • Mudbug Lure Mold
  • Worm Lure Mold
  • 1 Fire-King Measuring Cup
  • NOTE: Lure Making Kit does not ship in a crate.

How It Ships

Our Project Kit gifts ship in cardboard boxes.
In an awesome cardboard box. Corrugated C Flute cardboard with regular slotted style... told you it was awesome!

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    Orders placed by noon PST will ship out same day
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Some say, “You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar,” to which we’ve always replied, “Why the heck are you wasting your time catchin’ flies when there are fish to be had?” Some people just don’t get it.

The secret to reeling in the real big ones is to have the most alluring lure in the water. Those mass-produced, shelf-stocked lures aren’t catching any fish’s attention, or any fish at all for that matter. If he wants the bite, he’s got to delight.

The Lure Making Kit gives him the gear and guidance to mix and mold tantalizing, one-of-a-kind lures that’ll entice even the most prudent of fish.

Tools for the Tackle:

  • In partnership with Lure Craft, Man Crates has commissioned three exclusive injection molds to make delicious fish food shapes: crawdaddy, mudbug, and worm. Tasty!
  • The pint of plastisol and individual ounces of coloring, glitter, and scent is everything he’ll need to mix and mold stunning works of aquatic art.
  • The Man Crates exclusive Lure Making Guide has step-by-step instructions for designing and deploying the perfect lures. It also has information on how to re-mold the imperfect lures...just in case.

Customer Reviews

    Katelyn G N
    Jun 23rd 2018
    Great Gift for Seasoned Bass Fishermen

    My Dad has been bass fishing since he was small. When I was growing up, I remember him taking my nail polishes and modifying his current lures. He would spend hours adding paint or sparkle to his baits to make them more appealing to the fish.

    What do you get for the man who already has all the bass fishing gear, brought you up playing “Bass Fishing Barbie”, and who still asks me “What color is this lure?” because he’s color blind? This was a GREAT gift- the bottles of paint are even labeled so I am out of a job. He was ecstatic when he called me on the phone.

    Rebekah Hunter
    Jun 22nd 2018
    Father's Day Gift

    I selected this item because my Dad loves fishing. I guess this was partly my fault for not reading everything but, I was extremely disappointed when it didn't come in the wooden crate. It came in a regular ole box! :-(