College Barware Crate

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In the Box

  • 4 College Logo Pint Glasses
  • 4 Bottle Opener Coasters
  • Pistachios, 5 oz
  • Beer Nuts Bar Mix, 3.25 oz
  • CB's Ballpark Jumbo Peanuts, 12 oz

How It Ships

Crate gifts are shipped in a Man Crates cardboard shipper box.
In a sealed wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar.

  • Order today and it ships the next business day
    Order today and it ships the next business day
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    Choose your delivery date at checkout

When will it arrive?

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Four More Years

Let's take a moment to acknowledge the importance of the alma mater. Let's raise our frosty glasses in honor of the cushy bosom of higher education in America and make a toast to the four-year crumple zone that softens our crash landing into the real world.

Venerable Traditions

Only in those four, or five, or whatever, years can a man live in a tent on the sidewalk for days to get free student basketball tickets without judgment, or showering. Only in that twinkling of a cosmic instant does a man answer to the higher laws of tradition- the laws that allow him to sprint through the quad unencumbered by modesty or clothing, defile the sanctity of a home field by tearing down the goalposts, and release dozens of pigeons into the library during finals week.

Skills & Gear for Life

And where else could we have learned the life skills needed to navigate the modern world? Skills like procrastination. Home-remedies for hangovers and athlete's foot. The ability to open a beer bottle with anything that sinks in water.

The College Barware Man Crate pays homage to that special time. Dial in four officially licensed NCAA Pint Glasses, a classic bottle opener, and enough snacks to supplement a freshman meal plan. It might be exactly the gear you need to drown out the alumni fund-raising calls, forget your crushing student debt, and relive the glory days.

Customer Reviews

    Kim shibley
    Jun 15th 2020
    Love it.

    Would you consider doing this as a custom personalization? I would love to get a TCU (Texas Christian University) and Purdue

    Cathy Glenn
    Aug 29th 2019
    What?? No Texas Tech Red Raiders?

    I'd love to send this man crate to my son, who is a proud Texas Tech Alum. Will you consider adding Texas Tech to your lineup? Lots of Tech alums here in Texas.

    Jun 12th 2018

    Villanova won 2 NCAA basketball championships in 2 years....but no Wildcats...

    Andrea F
    Jun 12th 2018
    Husband loved it!

    My husband loved his crate. I had read the reviews about the crate so I knew the quirks about opening it. He loved the pint glasses, the coasters, and all of the snacks. We are extremely pleased with this purchase.

    Dec 19th 2017
    Rock Chalk

    I was getting all the guys gifts from this site so that they could all open a crate. However no Jayhawks!!!!!! I was left getting two of them something else............KU please

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