Personalized Barware Crate

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In The Box

  • 4 Personalized Pint Glasses
  • Personalized Steel and Wood Bottle Opener
  • Letterpress "Styles of Beer" Coasters (Set of 6)
  • Pistachios, 5 oz
  • Beer Nuts Bar Mix, 3.25 oz
  • CB's Lightly Salted Ballpark Peanuts, 12 oz
  • * Temporarily substituting Chinook Sungflower Seeds (4 oz)

NOTE: Personalization requires two business days of processing time.

How It Ships

Crate gifts are shipped in a Man Crates cardboard shipper box.
In a sealed wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar.

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    Some shipping restrictions apply
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Greatness Has A Name

When the first humans to scale Mount Everest reached the summit, they didn't immediately update their wikipedia pages or take selfies with self-aggrandizing hashtags. They celebrated their dominance over nature like true men--by cracking open a beer and chiseling their names into the icy death they'd conquered.

A man's name isn't just a label. It's a shorthand celebration of his greatest accomplishments.

This Time It's Personal

Sure, Barry from high school, voted "Most Likely to Succeed," might drive a fancy European sports car to his fat cat Wall Street job, but does Barry from high school have his own set of personalized pint glasses?

Probably not. He probably drinks from non-personalized glasses like an uncultured chump.

We've acquired that monstrous laser from "Goldfinger" and repurposed its settings from burning James Bond's giblets to etching names into pint glasses with perfect precision.

So while Barry's crying alone in his mansion over a frozen microwave dinner, you can be toasting real success with three close buddies and four awesome personalized pint glasses.

The Man, The Myth, The Legendary Coasters

Pair his personalized pint glasses with a personalized bottle opener laser-etched to perfection. Plus, we’ve custom-designed and printed a set of six coasters celebrating the best of beer using a Medieval letterpress technique. We’re talking 15th century classy.

And we've got snacks with your name on them. Figuratively. We used to personalize every individual nut and pretzel, but they got inhaled too quickly for anyone to notice.

Grab the Personalized Barware Crate today and ensure the world never forgets your name.

Customer Reviews

    Holts Mechanical
    Feb 14th 2020
    coolest package ever!

    We got one of these for a customer appreciate gift and this was the response! "I got the coolest package ever delivered to my house.! Thank you so much for the Man Crate it is really awesome!!"

    Dec 26th 2019
    Great gift!

    Got this crate for my boyfriend, he loves it! From working on opening the wooden box, to the personalized glasses/bottle opener...he was crazy happy!

    Dec 25th 2019
    Christmas gift win

    Keeping this a secret was so hard. My husband LOVED it and was so so impressed! We’ll be getting more in the future for sure!

    Mike Dion
    Dec 25th 2019
    Whiskey Decanter

    I got one for Christmas, it’s excellent and personalized.

    Jul 25th 2019

    My husband had a lot of fun opening up the crate! The glasses are really nice quality...super happy I got this for him!