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    Cheryl L. Crane
    Apr 8th 2023

    Who gives their 92 year old Mom A Crate and a Crowbar for their birthday? Me. It was her favorite gift ever she said. It's a WoMAN CRATE! We took a video albeit very shaky from laughing so hard at her trying to get it open! She did it. Loved it. Buy them for every occasion for everyone. I'm getting one today for my 50 year old son's birthday. We all love the Crates almost more than whatever you get inside! BTW I placed several orders at once and I mistakenly personalized the beer glasses with a wrong name! Customer Service helped me save the day and rushed a correct Crate in time to make sure it had the couple's correct names. Whew.

    Tim Wry
    Mar 7th 2022
    Manly gift

    I received this as a birthday gift.
    The wooden crate is a super clever idea, and was quite manly! The etched pint glasses, bottle opener, and the rest of the contents were top quality.
    Great gift for the guy who has everything!

    Lorrie Langfitt
    Dec 19th 2021

    Hands down favorite gift this year! Bought Crates for our three sons and my husband, they had a ball trying to get the boxes open! They loved the personalization and each item is of excellent quality.

    Mar 7th 2021
    Big Man Birthday

    So much fun; mystery gift. All the grandkids loved it. The video is priceless! Thank you to our gifter.

    Dec 20th 2020
    Best gift ever

    My boyfriend absolutely loved this! He was so excited to open the box, and he was thrilled when he saw what was inside. The personalized beer glasses looked so great and he loved them! I highly recommend this!!

    Bailey .H
    Jun 18th 2020
    Messed up order but AWESOME customer service

    I ordered this crate for my boyfriend ad when he opened it and one of the glasses where cracked and we where missing one of the nuts. I called customer service and they are sending me new classes and nuts completely free. The customer service team was so helpful and made sure everything turned out OK. I will DEFINITELY be ordering from man crates again

    Jun 6th 2020
    Get one now

    I got this as a gift for my boyfriend and I’m soooo happy with everything. Everyone loves the customer beer glasses. 10/10 recommend. I tell everyone about it.

    May 15th 2020
    Perfect Gift for the Boys!

    I bought this for my 4 best guy friends as a college graduation gift. We're graduates in this crazy COVID19 time so I had to send this to them from a different state. When they received it, we cracked a cold one over facetime as I watched them have the funniest time opening the crate and finally seeing their gifts. It turned out perfectly! And they were in love with this gift as the perfect way to celebrate going into adulthood. Quite literally the most iconic gift for your favorite group of guy friends. Loads of my other friends were asking where I got the set from and now I'm known as the best gift giver. Thankfully I have this site to keep me on top of that!

    May 11th 2020
    So much fun!!!

    I had this sent to my son for his birthday. I told him a package would be arriving and asked that he try to video him opening it. OMG. I just got laid off and when I’m feeling down, I watch the video and I laugh so hard I forget for a while. In the video, he said that even if the crate was empty, it’s a cool gift! Lots of fun, really nice glasses, coasters and he loves the bottle opener!

    Holts Mechanical
    Feb 14th 2020
    coolest package ever!

    We got one of these for a customer appreciate gift and this was the response! "I got the coolest package ever delivered to my house.! Thank you so much for the Man Crate it is really awesome!!"

    Dec 26th 2019
    Great gift!

    Got this crate for my boyfriend, he loves it! From working on opening the wooden box, to the personalized glasses/bottle opener...he was crazy happy!

    Dec 25th 2019
    Christmas gift win

    Keeping this a secret was so hard. My husband LOVED it and was so so impressed! We’ll be getting more in the future for sure!

    Mike Dion
    Dec 25th 2019
    Whiskey Decanter

    I got one for Christmas, it’s excellent and personalized.

    Jul 25th 2019

    My husband had a lot of fun opening up the crate! The glasses are really nice quality...super happy I got this for him!

    Jun 17th 2019
    Looks amazing!

    I got this for my BF for Father's Day and it looks amazing. I'm so happy with how it turned out!

    Shinita H.
    Mar 3rd 2019
    He Couldn't Get it Open!!

    I sent this to my brother as a surprise gift. For some reason he couldn't get it open with the crowbar so he had to pull the crate apart one panel at a time with his bare hands (which he loved) Once inside he loved what he saw. He wanted to go to the website but he knew he was already addicted to the products from Man Crates and would refuse an intervention (lol). The personalized set was a great addition his collection but he REFUSES to let anyone touch the new set!!

    Feb 15th 2019
    Great Valentine's Day Gift

    My fiance ordered this for me for valentine's day. I love it. The glasses look great. Love the opener and the coasters. Cant wait to drink my first beer out of them.

    Feb 15th 2019
    200% Awesome 😎

    Bought this personalized bar set for Valentine’s Day. Perfect addition to my husbands new bar in man cave. He absolutely LOVED IT!!! Personalized glasses and bottle opener was icing on the cake! There is a gift for every man on this site. Kudos to Man Crate

    Feb 15th 2019
    My boyfriend LOVED it!

    He said this gift was absolutely perfect. It was delivered when it said it would be, everything had great quality, and my boyfriend said those were some of the best nuts he’s ever tasted.

    Wayner Herring
    Feb 11th 2019
    Best VDay ever!

    A new friend came over and loved my little bar set up in the corner. She surprised me with this through the mail. I had no clue. From the fun it was opening to the grin on my face when I finally pryed my way in to this box of badassery, it's truly amazing and the best personal gift ever. My corner just got a little fancy!

    Jul 2nd 2018
    Fun Gift!

    I got this for my husband. He had a lot
    of fun opening the crate and couldn't wait to find out what was inside. Once he saw the personalized barware he loved it. He said it was one of the coolest gifts he ever got. I love the whole concept of the man crate and will be happy to get more.

    Taras M
    Jun 16th 2018
    Father’s Day Gift I’ll Always Remember

    I received this as a gift from my brother and family. The shipping looked interesting but I was skeptical of its contents. Once I removed the crate, I was even more skeptical but intrigued by the ManCrate label on the wooden crate and included mini crowbar. WTH could be in there. Carefully reviewed the crate and figured open it from the bottom where the wood panel was thinner. Finally got it open to see the personalized beer glasses and coasters lus bags of munchies. What a great gift! A Fathers Day I won’t forget.

    Diane & Jeff
    May 4th 2018
    Excellent Gift

    We received this from my cousins. Very beautiful personal gift. Feel really blessed for our new journey gift

    Mar 25th 2018
    Great gift idea

    I bought this for my boyfriend for his birthday. He absolutely loves it. The best part was him looking at me saying “how am I supposed to get in the box??”

    Jan 18th 2018
    Awesome Gift

    I got this one for my now husband for our wedding day gift that we opened before we saw each other and the wedding ceremony back in September 2017. I wish I could watched him open it. But, from what I heard and from our wedding photographer, he loved the gift. It took him a bit of time; since, he wish he could have his other tools with him. He had fun. It took out some time to open it; thus, took out the time for more wedding pictures taken else where. We got some great pictures from our photographer of him opening it and all his groomsmen huddling around him trying to figure out how to open the darn box. It was great and something else from here again. Thanks Man Crates. :)

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