Pipe Carving Kit

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In The Box

Pipe Carving Provisions

  • Briar Wood Pipe Block w/ Stem
  • Bench Vise
  • Cross-Cut Blade Pull Saw
  • Rasp & File Set

Pipe Perfecters

  • Pipe Carving Instruction Manual
  • Variable Grit Sand Paper
  • Wood Finish

How It Ships

Our Project Kit gifts ship in cardboard boxes.
In an awesome cardboard box. Corrugated C Flute cardboard with regular slotted style... told you it was awesome!

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Fire In The Briar

Whether he's talking to a hand-carved pipe or a small child, there's no prouder words in a man's vocabulary than, "I made you." Sure, he could commission a custom pipe to his exact specifications--and after that, he could pay another man to change his oil and tell him who to vote for...

No, he wants the experience and accomplishment of doing it himself. It's not just about gaining the perfectly-shaped pipe. It's about sleepless nights racking his brain for design inspiration or the countless hours (and band-aids) mastering a new carving technique.

It's about scratching that itch he's always had but could never name. Give him the gift of infinite possibilities: a pipe he'll know like the palm of his hand.

Achieve Your Pipe Dreams

The Fire in the Briar pipe-carving kit has all the goods and guidance to transform him into the Michelangelo of shaping stummels, starting with the pre-drilled briar block itself. Briar is the Hercules of the wood world, a hard, heat-resistant burlwood that could traverse the fires of hell with only a fine aroma to show for it. Any pipe worth its puff is made from this stuff.

Trying to carve this briar block bully with his trusty pocket knife would be as painstakingly fruitless as trying to get a good burn with damp tobacco. We've called in the big guns of power and precision: a cast iron bench vise, cross-cut blade pull saw, and hardened file and rasp set to forge his future puff buddy to his exact specifications.

Help him become the master of his own destiny one cut at a time with the Fire in the Briar pipe carving kit.

Customer Reviews

    Apr 13th 2020
    Pretty good!

    I got this crate from my wife a couple years ago and finally got around to working on this yesterday and it came out great. My kit came with the older style vise as opposed to the one pictured at the date of this writing. I agree it comes loose during sawing and it does take some effort to keep it straight, so I'm glad to see it's been upgraded. I do feel like I may have received another customer's reject, as there was already a cut on one of the corners (made no difference to me) and the air passage hole had apparently been cut too deep and there's about a 1/4" deep hole on the opposite side of the bowl. I don't know how this will affect how well it smokes but I will find out! On to the positives- the stem is actually quite nice. I agree at first it looks like a cheap injection molded plastic but with sanding and polishing it's a nice hard shiny piece of Lucite (acrylic). It just has to be brought to its potential. It even took a nice bend after a soak in near-boiling water (must be done slowly). I'm impressed with the hand tools. The saw is a little flimsy but I think it's the nature of the type of saw required and not the one selected. files are all nice and the sandpaper is high quality. I used both stains as directed and then I oiled it. Might throw some wax on it too. Now my mistakes - I wanted the square stem and went a little too close to the stem hole on one side where I developed a crack. I had to cut down the wood side of the stem fitting, and therefore the stem extension as well, and I still had to fill the crack with epoxy. After some sanding and with the stain it looks almost like it belongs. Some reviewers complained that they went through the bottom of the bowl when cutting or sanding the bottom. Whoever prepared mine put a nice mark on both sides of the block which correlated with the bowl's bottom. This helped my designing but I don't know if it's there for everyone - I appreciated it. Overall, this was a fun project and it made me want to start making pipes!

    Allie Cimadori
    Nov 30th 2019
    Amazing gift!

    I ordered this for my husband. He loves tobacco pipes. I thought this would be an awesome gift for him. He opened it and got right into it. He hasn't stopped talking about it. We had a piece that needed replaced and the company immediately fixed it. A+ on customer service.

    J Gielow
    Sep 25th 2019
    Mancrate Pipe Carving Kit

    My wife purchased me the pipe carving kit as a birthday present a little over a year ago. Saw, vise grip, sanding paper, briarwood pipe block, and rubbing finish.

    I eagerly lined out my design and went to work with the vise grip and saw. The vise grip is cheap and dangerous if you rely on it to be an asset. Using the saw was tiring and an ineffective tool. I plugged in my drill sander and completed the desired shape within 30 minutes. Now that it's complete, I am happy that my wife through the means of man crate provoked me into a new hobby. That alone is worth the price.

    Jennifer Livingston
    Jun 21st 2019
    He loved it!

    Got the pipe making kit for my husband for father's day. He enjoys smoking a pipe and whittling and was thrilled at the thought of being able to make a one of a kind pipe to add to his collection.

    Mark R.
    Feb 19th 2019
    One of the best presents I've gotten!

    I have many pipes in my collection, but this will be one of my favorites. Why? Because my daughter gave this kit to me, & I made it! I got it a couple of years ago, & I thought it would be too tough to make. I cheated a little - a friend of mine has a full woodworking shop, so I did the initial cuts there. Actually, I really only needed the band saw. Then I went home & fine tuned it with the rasp, the files, & the sandpaper. In a few hours, I had the pipe completed. The last step was 2 or 3 coats of stain - the character of the wood just jumped out! Let it dry for 24 hours. You have to "break it in" - start with a quarter of the bowl, then 1/2, then 3/4, then full. This puts a layer of carbon on the inside of the pipe. Smokes smooth, cool. No hot hand holding the pipe, either.
    I would like to see a better stem with the kit. The pipe looks like pipes I've seen selling for over $100, but the stem, looks it should be on a Dr. Grabow.