NBA Barware Crate

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In the Box

Slick Fan Gear

  • 4 NBA Team Pint Glasses
  • 4 Basketball-Textured Coasters
  • Wood Gym Floor Bottle Opener

The Snack Bar

  • Pistachios, 5 oz
  • Corn Nuggets: BBQ, 4 oz
  • Beer Nuts: Bar Mix, 3.25 oz
  • CB's Ballpark Style Jumbo Peanuts: Lightly Salted, 12 oz

How It Ships

Crate gifts are shipped in a Man Crates cardboard shipper box.
In a sealed wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar.

  • Order today and it ships the next business day
    Order today and it ships the next business day
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    Choose your delivery date at checkout

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Welcome to the Jam

Basketball has taken Shaq-sized strides since its rather retro, peach basket beginnings over a century ago. Gone are the days of shorts too short, mullets too long, and lab-grade protective goggles.

Today, the slam dunks are way slammier, and Steph Curry can hit 3's from outer space. The game has evolved, and so have the All-Star superfans who follow their favorite team with the fierce, fiery passion of a Rasheed Wallace temper tantrum.

The NBA Barware Crate is the fitting celebration for the brash basketball buffs who fear the earth might stop spinning with the ball.

Couchside Seats

There are benefits to catching the game couchside rather than courtside. The smell is marginally better, there's no risk of getting cold-clocked by Ron Artest/Metta World Peace, and grabbing a cold one doesn't require standing in line for an entire quarter.

For those firmly devoted to their hometown hoop-hangers, we've procured a set of NBA team logo pint glasses, the starting four for a game-time round of rowdiness. Pop open some fan fuel with the wooden bottle opener made from real hardwood gym floors, then slam back the slosh.

Best of all, the matching leather basketball coaster set eliminates the need for a personal, living room towel boy...because that's a really awkward favor to ask of the neighbor's kid.


When the clock hits crunch time, that means it's Munch Time. We've got the snacks to satiate hunger and help bring the thunder: handfuls of Citrus Chili Cashews, Cheddar Ale Pretzels, and the classic Corn Nuts.

With flash and finesse, the NBA Barware Crate honors the heroes of the hardwood.

Customer Reviews

    Jun 22nd 2016
    Great gift

    Given to me by my daughter for Father's Day. Has my favorite team, The Hornets glasses. Time to ice them down and enjoy. The snacks are quite tasty too.

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