Pit Master Crate

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In The Box

  • The Tools:
    • Premium Leather Gloves
    • Stainless Steel Meat Claws
    • Grill Fork
    • Silicone Basting Brush
    • Cast Iron Sauce Pot, 1.5 cup
    • Hickory Grill Wood Chips
    • Mesquite Grill Wood Chips
  • The Sauces:
    • Honey Sweet Sauce, 16 oz
    • Touch of Heat Sauce, 16 oz
    • Barbecue Meat Rub

How It Ships

Crate gifts are shipped in a Man Crates cardboard shipper box.
In a sealed wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar.

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    Orders placed by noon PST will ship out same day
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Set Smoker To Beast Mode

When the divine spirits of the Ancient World demanded animal sacrifices to satiate their celestial hunger, it was never a quick, "kill it and grill it" job.

Nay, they ordered full mammoth carcasses be slow-cooked for days over glowing coals in a smoky trap of rubs and sauces. This great wisdom was called "barbecue", and it pleased the gods so greatly that they indulged...perhaps a bit too much.

The Woolies are long gone, but the archaic secrets of True Barbecue live on in the Pit Master Man Crate.

Heat, Eat, Repeat

The Pit Master Crate is the Mr. Miyagi of barbecue gear, your guiding sensei on the road to fall-off-the-bone, "low & slow" True Barbecue mastery.

Meat Claws are the supreme tools for lifting and lugging huge roasts, whether you've dug a backyard pit to "go whole hog" or drained and lined your swimming pool to "go whole herd". Knuckle up with these stainless steel shredders, and you're just a few impassioned Wolverine impressions away from pristine pulled pork.

Keep your eyebrows intact with the barbecue fork, or go face to the fire with premium leather gloves intended to handle the densest meat and most intense heat.

Sauce Like A Boss

A poorly executed saucing strategy can make or break your barbecue, and we're firmly in the "sauce while hot" camp. Glaze right over the blaze with the silicone basting brush, heat-safe to 550 degrees, and top off the cast-iron sauce pan with fine selections from the Sauce Boss himself, Mr. Rufus Teague.

Teague's Honey Sweet and Touch of Heat flavors bring the bottled best of Kansas City to your cookout, the perfect complement to a base-taste layer of his famed meat rub. Seal the deal with a pro-style smokestack of hickory wood chips.

Open up the pit with the Pit Master Crate, and unlock the secrets of True Barbecue.

Customer Reviews

    Vicki Geray
    Dec 27th 2019
    Total man pleaser

    He had the best time opening the crate! So pleased with the products. Such high quality. The leather gloves actually fit his big hands. Best gift I have ever gotten him.

    Jo Ann
    Dec 25th 2019
    Perfect Gift

    I was thrilled to see how much my son liked this gift. To make it even better he just bought an awesome pellet style grill he was cooking on when I arrived with the Christmas gifts. Bam!

    Linette Stone
    Dec 22nd 2019
    I'm impressed

    I got it for my brother who barbecues a lot. He had fun getting the crate opened. He loved everything about the gift. I was impressed with the quality of the items in the crate. Everything was first rate. I really liked the folding fork. Never saw anything like it before. Impressive for sure.

    Maria Rivera
    Dec 21st 2019
    Thank you

    My boyfriend loved it! He didn’t even wait until Christmas morning! Thank you!

    E. Harden
    Mar 24th 2019
    Worth 10 stars and I didn’t get a chance to see him open the gifts.

    Ordered the Pit Master crate for Dad’s Birthday. Although he’s across the country, I can tell that he really enjoyed his gifts. Mom couldn’t stop laughing as she was trying to explain how the package arrived and how long it took Dad to open the crate. I do believe that he enjoyed such an original gift. Next order will be for hubby and then there’s Father’s Day.