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    Oct 27th 2021
    pit master crate

    incredible gift sent from my son, the crate was great and opening it just added to the excitement with the crow bar.
    The contents in this set are perfect and cannot wait to try the sauces and products. BEST GIFT EVER.

    Liz Fragapane
    Sep 21st 2021
    Boyfriend loves his birthday gift

    5 stars all around! My boyfriend loved his pit master crate that I got him for his birthday (in addition to Mt Rubsmore spices because how can I say no to an add on like that?!)
    Very entertaining watching him open it! I felt like I was watching a Natgeo special about primitive humans discovering tools! Very high quality, and my boyfriend mentioned that he has already heard great things about the sauces and wood chips included. Excited for him to fire up the smoker with his new tools! Also first rate customer service, shipping was delayed by a couple of days through no fault of man crates and they immediately refunded the shipping fee. Thanks again man crates, see you at Christmas time!

    Vicki Geray
    Dec 27th 2019
    Total man pleaser

    He had the best time opening the crate! So pleased with the products. Such high quality. The leather gloves actually fit his big hands. Best gift I have ever gotten him.

    Jo Ann
    Dec 25th 2019
    Perfect Gift

    I was thrilled to see how much my son liked this gift. To make it even better he just bought an awesome pellet style grill he was cooking on when I arrived with the Christmas gifts. Bam!

    Linette Stone
    Dec 22nd 2019
    I'm impressed

    I got it for my brother who barbecues a lot. He had fun getting the crate opened. He loved everything about the gift. I was impressed with the quality of the items in the crate. Everything was first rate. I really liked the folding fork. Never saw anything like it before. Impressive for sure.

    Maria Rivera
    Dec 21st 2019
    Thank you

    My boyfriend loved it! He didn’t even wait until Christmas morning! Thank you!

    E. Harden
    Mar 24th 2019
    Worth 10 stars and I didn’t get a chance to see him open the gifts.

    Ordered the Pit Master crate for Dad’s Birthday. Although he’s across the country, I can tell that he really enjoyed his gifts. Mom couldn’t stop laughing as she was trying to explain how the package arrived and how long it took Dad to open the crate. I do believe that he enjoyed such an original gift. Next order will be for hubby and then there’s Father’s Day.

    Feb 15th 2019
    Such A Fun Gift!

    I gave this as a birthday gift and it was so fun to watch him open! Not only was watching him pry it open great, but the items inside were fantastic! Quality, full size items. It was everything the description stated it would be. Cannot wait to see him put everything to use!

    Adam babb
    Jan 7th 2019

    My dad bought the pit master crate for me for a Christmas present. Since I grill all year round I have used it twice since Christmas and I use the gloves when I even take things out of the oven with gel gloves. I am suggesting my dad get me the grill master crate and whiskey appreciation crates next!

    Pam Thomas
    Dec 26th 2018
    Wildlife jerky

    Was a hit!!!!! He loved it, from opening it up with the crow bar to tasting all the wild jerky.. I'll definitely be back for his birthday..

    Dec 26th 2018
    Totally Awesome

    My brother has always been an excellent gift giver, but this year I got to trump him big time! The whole family had the best time watching him bust into his PIt Master crate. The men really like that crow bar action and they mentioned other ways they could reuse it. This was my first man crate and I was so pleased by the quality of the items contained. That switch blade fork is soooooo cool and the gloves are heavy duty for days. If you need to impress a man on any occasion, this crate thing is a no brainer and I got to be a Christmas Hero! I just ordered another one for my Wasband.

    Patricia J.
    Jun 19th 2018
    Father's Day Gift

    I thoroughly enjoyed watching my husband relish in carefully opening the crate. He was like a kid on Christmas morning.(He will be 50 in a couple of weeks) The delighted smiles with removing each item and seeing the value for his grilling usage was absolutely special! It really made him feel great! He wanted to grill that day but I had other plans.

    Ashley Bruce
    Jun 11th 2018
    Man Crates Rock

    Hey, Man Crates!
    We got the Grill Master crate in today, and we couldn't be more pleased! Everything was perfect! All the way from the box it was shipped in to the dorky note you auto created for it! Thank you so much for creating the best gift for a man's man! This was his best father's day gift yet, and we owe it all to you! I can't express enough how beyond satisfied we are! We will definitely be returning customers, if not customers for life! We wish your company the best of success! Thanks again!!!!

    George Jackson
    Mar 22nd 2018
    Great gift

    I was presented with my Man Crate as a gift from my employer. After prying the crate open with great satisfaction, I must admit, I found the varied accoutrement very high quality and am most eager to fire up the bbq again! Thank you.

    Terry TLBud Linton
    Dec 27th 2017
    Outstanding (in the cold, couldn't wait)

    Got this gift from my Son for Christmas and it is absolutely awesome. Gloves kept hands warm from cold and cool from the grill, sweet. hickory chips gave the brisket w/rub the right flavor. out freaking standing!!!!!!!

    Linda Parham
    Dec 26th 2017
    Love Love Love

    I bought this Man Crate for my husband for Christmas. He loved it!!! Great gift. I will definitely be buying more.

    Mesha Gaines
    Dec 24th 2017
    Wonderful surprise!

    I bought this for my nephew who loves to BBQ. He said this crate was “above and beyond” anything he expected. He loved opening it with the included crowbar. He was so happy. This crate was perfect.

    Thank you so much

    Dec 11th 2017
    He loved it!

    I bought this man crate for a gift for my dad for father's day. He absolutely loved it and so did everyone watching him try to pry the man crate open. My dad and everyone else were in such suspense while he was trying to open it, wondering what on earth is this and what could possibly be in there! All of the contents of the crate were awesome and great quality. He had just purchased a Traeger so this crate was perfect!

    Nov 3rd 2017
    PERFECT gift for ANY level griller

    My husband grumbled while I giggled watching him open the duct tape and the crate on this gift last Christmas. He was stoked once he saw the contents though! He has used this set more times than we can count. The gloves alone are so worth it! Only thing we could wish for is a way to reorder more of the sauces! We have used them all! So yummy!

    Cynthia Angelloz
    Oct 30th 2017

    I ordered this kit for my husband last Christmas and he LOVED it!!!!!!! I am going to order another another crate this year.

    Elena D Popa
    Mar 17th 2017
    Gift for my son's 22nd birthday

    There is what my son texted me after he received the crate:'Ha! such a fun gift ...thank you so much (kissing face). There is a lot of stuff I was planning to get over time lol. I's right up my alley'.
    I think he really enjoyed the gift

    Feb 12th 2017

    I bought this for my son for Christmas. He absolutely loved it!! Fun to open and super great products

    Debra Marino
    Dec 23rd 2016
    The best idea ever!

    I had no idea what to get my son-in-law for Christmas and my daughter was no help either. He is a Chef who loves barbecue so I typed in search for what to get a man and this site came up. This was the best idea anyone could come up with! He loved his crate and now my daughter is ordering crates through Mancrates too.

    Nov 9th 2016
    Gift for the hubby

    My hubby loves to grill. This mancrate was a great birthday gift. The sauces are amazing. He loves the gloves and the wood chips have come in handy when making everything from meat to salsa.
    He loved the crate and is even reusing it for storing, what else, BBQ trinkets.

    Aug 8th 2016
    Silent Auction

    We got this at a silent auction, which I think you should market yourself to more! It was a great prize and we love everything in it. The sauce is good, the rub is good and the gloves alone are worth the price!

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