Beard Wrangler Mini Crate

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In The Box

Renegade Regimen

  • Renegade Beard Shampoo Bar
  • Renegade Beard Balm
  • Renegade Beard Oil

Tangle Tamers

  • Boar-Bristle Beard Brush
  • Hand Towel

How It Ships

In a sealed wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar

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    Orders placed by noon PST will ship out same day
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It's Just A Beard...

There's no denying the beard has become the top face accessory of the twenty-first century. Beards currently sit atop the mythos of masculinity right next to Zeus and Chuck Norris, both of which are only there because of their beards.

But with this widespread reverence for rugged-chic has come a good deal of bad science about the benefits of beard growth. We're here to temper expectations and set the record straight:

Things Beards Will Not Do:

  • Make you utterly irresistible
  • Qualify you as an expert on politics, the economy, philosophy, etc...
  • Fell trees with a single stare
  • Legally serve as a motorcycle license

Things Beards Will Do:

  • Look good sometimes
  • Become dry and itchy
  • Smell, not necessarily good
  • Store crumbs for 'future face-follicle foraging'
  • Wash under waterfalls photogenically

Clean, Sheen, Facial Hygiene

Beards are natural; the most natural conclusion of the male condition. But some beards in their natural state look like a tangled monstrosity that could've been pulled out of a shower drain or coughed up by the neighborhood stray.

Renegade Shave rears even the most unyielding beards into their most presentable, pro-scentable form whilst still preserving the beard's rebellious strength and spirit.

Handcrafted in the USA with 100% natural organic oils and a satchel of various hippy seeds, Renegade's premium shampoo bar, beard oil, and beard balm will shape any nappy nest into a magnificent, moisturized face mane, sprightly to the nose and supple to the touch.

We've also included a shave towel which works for its exact opposite-stated purpose, and a boar-bristled brush that's excels in hair care because it is hair.

The beard doesn't make the man, but it is a literal extension of the man. Give some polish and poise to the furriest of face friends with the Beard Wrangler Mini Crate.

Customer Reviews

    Mar 3rd 2018
    Birthday boyfriend

    So my bf is a bust crap for fun kind of guy. He also is always on the road for work and needs stuff to stay tamed. I was worried because of some of the reviews that said the lid wasn't on properly. But, whatever past kinks the company may have had seem to be resolved bc, he told me "they were very enthusiastic about making sure that was hard to get into". The bonus... he loves the products already. Thanks Man crate.

    Feb 28th 2018
    Great product inside but....

    I got this crate for my husband for Valentine’s Day. When it showed up I opened the box to take the crate out, and the top of the crate was not even attached. It wasn’t glued at all. So I had to superglue the top of the crate before my husband came home to open his gift. The whole point of a crate is to watch him work to try and open the gift. Was not too happy about that. The products inside are great, he loves them. The only downfall is you apparently cannot find them anywhere else so you cannot purchase refills which is really unfortunate. Overall I recommend this crate, but the company needs to be sure that they seal all their crates properly, prior to shipping out.

    Brock Sanders
    Feb 23rd 2018

    I got one for Valentines, the products are fantastic, I have never used beard balm, I had no idea what I was missing. Can't say enough good things about this company, and its product.

    Feb 21st 2018

    I was a little worried about the product quality at first because my man has sensitive skin, but he is in love with all of the beard products in this crate! He keeps going on about how the oil makes his beard so soft and honestly, more manageable than it was before.
    For me, watching him struggle to open it was the best part! This thing is super glued TIGHT. It took him a few minutes and a few trial and errors to figure out where his "sweet spot" was to open it. I think he really liked the challenge of getting it open and was smiling and laughing during the whole process.
    This is a really fun gift for your man.

    Angela Hawkins
    Feb 14th 2018
    Beard Man Crate

    I got this for my husband for Valentine’s Day! Not only did he enjoy opening the crate, but he loves the beard products inside! The customer service was awesome as well! I spelled something wrong on the personalized card, and within 5 minutes of their operating hours the next day a live person texted me back saying the spelling error had been corrected! You can pick the date of delivery as well! Would recommend this for any woman giving their man a gift! Definitely will be getting my husband another Man Crate in the future!

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