Secret Stash Personalized Flask

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In the Box

  • Personalized Flask
  • Secret Stash Book
    • (Your choice of dust jacket.)

NOTE: Secret Stash Personalized Flask does not ship in a crate and requires 48 hours of processing time.

How It Ships

Secret Stash gifts ship in a cardboard box.
In an awesome cardboard box. Corrugated C Flute cardboard with regular slotted style... told you it was awesome!

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    Some shipping restrictions apply
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A Brilliant Ruse

Sometime books make great gifts, like the driving manual for a Jaguar F-Type with accompanying vehicle. But most of the time, books gifts are boring and should be avoided.

If it's a book you're certain he wants, then maybe. But if it's a book you just think he'll like, there are cheaper ways to prop up a table. It's a celebration, not a summer reading list.

We've concocted a brilliant ruse that plays on humanity's widespread discomfort with the extremely longform written word. The Secret Stash Personalized Flask takes him from dustjacket disappointment to actual lived adventures with the simple turn of a page.

An Intoxicating Story

We've been told to judge a book not by its cover, but by the contents of its pages. Well, these pages conceal a personalized drinking vessel, so it's basically an instant literary classic. Housed within the pages itself is a sleek 6 oz. stainless steel flask.

And we've penned our own literary masterpiece by lasering onto the matte black finish. The only thing about this gift he'll have to read is his name.

Best of all, the book can be re-used as a "security-by-obscurity" safety-deposit book.

Too Good To Be True

To up the outrage factor before the big reveal, we've created some phoney dust jackets that will raise far more questions than answers. Choose which of these three terrible books he'll have to awkwardly pretend to enjoy receiving:

  • Vampire Desires, a gripping romance-fantasy adventure of immortal love, loss, and lust;
  • Have You Seen My Keys, the latest installment of the unacclaimed and unrequested Sherluck Holmes mystery series
  • How to Hide Your Stuff, a simpleton's conspiracy theory/self-help book from the paranoid mind of one Jedd Dangus

And if he has concerns about displaying any of these on his bookshelf, we've printed Plan B directly onto the spine of the book. He can remove the dust jacket and hide in plain sight the inconspicuous book, Biting Your Neighbor's Horse: and other confusing euphemisms.

The Secret Stash Personalized Flask is an unforgettable gift of surprise and safekeeping.

Customer Reviews

    Amy Rhame
    Dec 17th 2018
    The Perfect Secret Santa Gift

    I drew one of the guys at work for our office Christmas Party/ Secret Santa drawing. Seriously, I had no idea what to get for him. This was so much better than I could have imagined! The sheer range of emotions during the opening of this gift was priceless! First, there was disappointment from seeing the book. Next, the embarrassment took over when he realized it was a romance novel. Oh wow, I have never seen that many shades of red! Then the utter relief and hysterical laughter when he opened it and saw the flask! This was a huge hit with all the guys at work! I hope I am lucky enough to get another one of the guys next year!!! Way to go, Man Crates! You saved the party!

    Cecilia Dillard
    Jun 14th 2018
    Man he Loved it

    When I gave it to a very close Pal of mine I said that box is for you he opened it and said oh a book How to Hide your Stuff when open the book he said WOW THANKS THIS IS REALLY NICE he kept Thanking me I knew he was going to love it now I'm thinking about getting 2 more

    Jan 28th 2018
    Perfect gift

    I purchased this gift for a couple of friends and they loved it. It was so much fun watching them open it and looking at me with the awww, look on their faces, as if to say “you bought me a book” then watching the smile spread once they opened the book and saw the personalized flask.

    Courtney Rowe
    Dec 12th 2017
    He LOVED it

    When I gave it to my boyfriend, he was excited about the packaging. Then he opened it and saw "How to hide your stuff" and his face went puzzled and like wow honey.......this is......great. Giggling to myself, I told him to open it and when he did, his face lit up and he freaked out! Best gift EVER.

    Feb 19th 2017

    This is the perfect gift and putting it in a book... even better. My wondered why I gave him a book until he opened it. This is truly a perfect gift for anyone?

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