Meat Stick Crowler

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Meat Stick Crowler product has been discontinued

Alas, it is no more.

Why is this discontinued?

Al Gore, inventor of the Internet, was throwing a rollerskating disco inferno in our warehouse last night and decided to invent pocket-sized Man Crates by cutting into eighths our entire supply of Snack Sensei Crates.

I don't believe you

In The Box

  • Dusty's Snack Stick - Peppered, 1oz
  • Dusty's Snack Stick - Original, 1oz
  • Dusty's Snack Stick - Habanero, 1 oz
  • Original GrassFed, 1oz
  • Jalepeno Grass Fed, 1oz
  • Smokey Sweet Grass Fed, 1 oz
  • Chimichurri Grass Fed, 1 oz
  • O.G. Hickory, 1 oz
  • Chipotle, 1 oz
  • Habenero, 1 oz
  • Crowler Opener
  • Crowler
  • Note: Products may contain beef.

    How It Ships

    Crowler cans are sealed and ship in cardboard boxes with a can opener included.
    In a sealed, pressurized can along with a military-style P51 can opener.

    • Orders placed by noon PST will ship out same day
      Orders placed by noon PST will ship out same day
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      Choose your delivery date at checkout


    Hungry, Hungry Humans

    Adulthood is hard. One day you wake up and suddenly it’s frowned upon to pour a giant bowl of cereal for dinner or hit up a matinee in your favorite onesie. But when it comes to foregoing afternoon snack time, we’re putting our foot down.

    After a hard days work, give him the gift of cracking open a cold one… of meat.

    Introducing the Meat Stick Crowler. It’s stuffed to the brim with delectable sticks of delicious meat. It’s like a Lunchable. For grownups.

    Note: This gift comes cleverly disguised as a large beer can, but it’s actually the latest in gift wrap technology. And getting at what’s inside won’t be easy.

    Diabolically designed to be cut open with an old-timey can opener, the crowler provides a totally unique opening experience. Did we mention it makes a satisfying whoosh sound when it’s cracked open?

    Customer Reviews

      Oct 18th 2018
      Hilarious and tasty gift!

      My boyfriend loved the presentation of this gift and you CANNOT beat their customer service! Would buy again in a heart beat!

      Jun 7th 2018
      Perfect! Gifts for every occasion

      I ordered the smoke grilling crate for my dad's birthday and he loved it! After opening, everyone started looking at the Man Crates site to see what crates they would want to have or send to others. I knew I had to check out Man Crates again for Father's day. I thought to myself "Whats the Father's day equivalent to Mother's day flowers?" and this is it! I cannot wait for it to be delivered to my dad.