Meat Stick Crowler


In The Box

  • Crowler
  • Crowler Opener
  • Dusty's Snack Stick - Peppered, 1oz
  • Dusty's Snack Stick - Original, 1oz
  • Dusty's Snack Stick - Habanero, 1 oz
  • Original GrassFed, 1oz
  • Jalepeno Grass Fed, 1oz
  • Smokey Sweet Grass Fed, 1 oz
  • Chimichurri Grass Fed, 1 oz
  • O.G. Hickory, 1 oz
  • Chipotle, 1 oz
  • Habenero, 1 oz
  • *Note: products may contain beef

    How It Ships

    Crowler Shipper
    In a sealed, pressurized can with a military-style P51 can opener.

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      Orders placed by noon PST will ship out same day
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    Hungry, Hungry Humans

    Adulthood is hard. One day you wake up and suddenly it’s frowned upon to pour a giant bowl of cereal for dinner or hit up a matinee in your favorite onesie. But when it comes to foregoing afternoon snack time, we’re putting our foot down.

    After a hard days work, give him the gift of cracking open a cold one… of meat.

    Introducing the Meat Stick Crowler. It’s stuffed to the brim with delectable sticks of delicious meat. It’s like a Lunchable. For grownups.

    Note: This gift comes cleverly disguised as a large beer can, but it’s actually the latest in gift wrap technology. And getting at what’s inside won’t be easy.

    Diabolically designed to be cut open with an old-timey can opener, the crowler provides a totally unique opening experience. Did we mention it makes a satisfying whoosh sound when it’s cracked open?

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    No man has ever gotten an artful arrangement of fruit and said "Holy moly, it's exactly what I wanted!"