Meat Smoker Crowler

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In The Box

  • Crowler
  • Can opener
  • Hickory wood chip
  • Coffee-herb rub
  • How It Ships

    Crowler Shipper
    In a sealed, pressurized can with a military-style P51 can opener.

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    From Joker to Smoker

    There’s a lot to love about modern technology. Just look at how escalators revolutionized the struggling stair industry. But there are some things even cavemen nailed the first time, like roasting meat over a smoky flame. And we just don’t see the point of messing with tradition.

    So for those dedicated defenders of the open flame, we present the Meat Smoker Crowler. It’s stuffed with hickory smoke chips and a coffee-herb meat blend that’s sure to have even the most discerning cavemen drooling.

    Note: This gift comes cleverly disguised as a large beer can, but it’s actually the latest in gift wrap technology. And getting at what’s inside won’t be easy.

    Diabolically designed to be cut open with an old-timey can opener, the crowler provides a totally unique opening experience. Did we mention it makes a satisfying whoosh sound when it’s cracked open?

    Customer Reviews

      Joshua Kelley
      Feb 16th 2018
      Great Product

      This gift is so awesome. I just received it from my wife for Valentine's Day so I haven't tried it out yet but the idea of the wrapping is great. We can't wait to try it out over a open flame!

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