Bacon Jerkygram

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In The Box

  • Spicy Sriracha Bacon Jerky (2 oz)
  • Honey Pepper Bacon Jerky (2 oz)
  • Old-Fashioned Maple Bacon Jerky (2 oz)

How It Ships

Jerkygrams ship in cardboard boxes.
Your meats will arrive in an awesome cardboard box that says, "Surprise, it's meat!"

  • Orders placed by noon PST will ship out same day
    Orders placed by noon PST will ship out same day
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Bacon As Never Before

I bet you didn't know you could make jerky out of bacon. And if you didn't know that, then you certainly didn't know that the curing process produces a crispy, moist, succulent bacon strip that retains all its bacon flavor and texture for months, making it the ultimate, portable man-snack.

A Lifetime Achievement

If medieval alchemists had accidentally discovered bacon jerky they would have stopped trying to make gold. If Edison's labs made bacon jerky by mistake he would have abandoned the lightbulb. When you try Bacon Jerky for the first time you might break down and weep sweet, salty tears of joy, which will only make the bacon jerky taste even better.

Transcendent Flavors

Luckily for mankind, Pork Barrel has the tireless ambition of a Mongol warlord. They've experimented with flavor combinations too daring, too incitive for the breakfast frying pan. The Old-Fashioned Maple Bacon Jerky might be the pinnacle of traditional flavors, but the Honey Pepper Bacon Jerky will zestily blow your mind.

If we could serve you your bacon jerky as courses of haute cuisine, which they are, we would save the Spicy Sriracha Bacon Jerky for last. Seriously. Take some time with this one- don't eat it in the truck on your way home. Set aside 20 minutes. Turn off your phone and light some candles. Bacon is with you.

Customer Reviews

    Jan 11th 2018
    Patiently waiting and excited!!

    So I ordered the Booze Infused JerkyGram back in October for a Christmas present for my brother who’s in the military because I wanted it to be in stock for Christmas (along with the Bacon JerkyGram for my dad) for when he was home for a few days. Sadly, the day it was supposed to arrive it did not come. I emailed man crates that day and they responded quickly and in a professional manner. They were extremely helpful and professional about the situation of my gifts not arriving on time. They offered to refund my money on both gifts that were supposed to arrive that day, refund my shipping price, and still give me my gifts free of charge now. AMAZING. Talk about some impressive customer service. They have answered any and all of my questions in a polite manner. And they even shipped my brothers to a different address/location (free of charge) since he would be back on base and no longer home when his present would arrive. Highly recommend ManCrates to anyone!! Accidents happen, and they definitely made up for it and were extremely professional about the whole situation. I have not received this product yet, but that’s because it is currently out of stock but they have reassured me once it is in stock it will be sent my way. My brother loved his Booze Infused JerkyGram, and I cannot wait for my dad to get his Bacon JerkyGram!!

    Oct 17th 2017
    Awesome gift!

    My boyfriend loved the jerkygram! He said the bacon jerky was delicious (and he won't share). I am so glad there is a way to send more masculine gifts to your guy since women get the flowers and chocolates. Thanks again! I will be ordering from you guys again!

    Feb 15th 2017
    Valentine's Day Surprise

    What could be better than Chocolate and Whiskey on the day of love? DUH! BACON!!! I have the best most thoughtful wife ever! Oh and thanks for making it so simple to help my wife score major points!

    Nov 18th 2016
    reaction- priceless

    I got this for my ex-fiance/best friend for his birthday. he's a former army special forces medic so I paid extra for the duct tape wrapping for some extra fun...his reaction was absolutely priceless!

    After receiving it, he immediately took to facebook to exclaim how all his friends are douchebags and asked who sent him anthrax. After some hesitation and random prodding, he decided to open it once he determined it was not a bomb. he didnt end up liking all the flavors but he thought it was a good gift in general. will definitely be buying gifts from here again!

    Emma Molina
    Sep 8th 2016

    He really LOVED it, fast shipping and great quality, bought these as extra bacon to his Bacon crate because there's never tooooo much bacon. He received 2 crates (personalize coffee mug and Bacon crate) and this bacon jerkygram today and really enjoyed opening ALL OF THEM. It really did surprise him. He has a bacon obsession calling it a gift from heaven yet kills you slowly just like satan which for him bacon can be compared to women lol. Any who man crate you're awesome. !!!! will buy more in the future.

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