EXTREME Jerky Cane

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When will it arrive?

EXTREME Jerky Cane has been discontinued

Alas, it is no more.

In The Box

  • Classic Beef Jerky (5 pc)
  • Black Pepper Beef Jerky (5 pc)
  • Garlic Beef Jerky (5 pc)
  • Honey Bourbon Beef Jerky (5 pc)
  • Root Beer Beef Jerky (5 pc)
  • Root Beer Habanero Beef Jerky (5 pc)
  • Whiskey Maple Beef Jerky (5 pc)
  • Japanese Beef Jerky (5 pc)
  • Habanero Beef Jerky (2 pc)
  • Ghost Pepper Beef Jerky (2 pc)
  • Plastic Jerky Cane (20 in)

How It Ships

15 x 15 x 5" Corrugated Box
In an awesome cardboard box. Corrugated C Flute cardboard with regular slotted style... told you it was awesome!

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    Orders placed by noon PST will ship out same day
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The holidays can be jolly, but also exhausting. Sometime between the fourth troupe of door-to-door carolers and the mandatory work party featuring an entire team of tipsy accountants, a guy’s gotta find time to refuel.

Give him a Christmas gift brimming with 44 savory, mouth-watering jerky bites in ten delicious, unique flavors. From the can’t-go-wrong Classic Beef Jerky to the sweet and boozy Honey Bourbon Beef, this cane’s got the goods to put his holiday hankerings on hold.

Crush his Christmas cravings with the EXTREME Jerky Cane. It’s stuffed with all the protein-packed jerky snacks he’ll need to survive the holidays in good cheer.

Customer Reviews

    Aaron Perry
    Jan 9th 2020
    i LOVED IT!

    my wife purchased it for me for christmas knowing i love beef jerky and i loved it it was a lot of meat inside too. I love it you guys should send me another one!!!!

    Jan 7th 2020
    Really large canes

    I bought two of these large canes at Christmas. They are huge! and have lots of individually wrapped pieces of really good, moist jerky inside. They were sent in cardboard boxes, which was fine since I had already bought another gift in the crate for my husband.