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Pipe Smoker Cigar Box

4 reviews
Pipe Smoker Cigar Box has been discontinued

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In the Box

Pop-Pop's Pipe

  • Briarwood Pipe (crafted pipes will vary)
  • Rockwell Binge Pipe Multi-Tool

Smoking Sidekicks

  • Chrome Pipe Stand
  • Tobacco Pouch
  • 40 Pipe Cleaners

How It Ships

Cigar Box
In an authentic, recycled cigar box that may have been previously used by an esteemed world leader.

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    Order today and it ships the next business day
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Live Distinguished

A tobacco pipe isn't just a relaxing hobby, it's your escalator up the social hierarchy, your exclusive access into the proverbial smoking club of society's Most Distinguished.

One well-timed puff could punch your ticket to reeling in Bonefish off the coast of Cuba with a salty, retired sea captain; two puffs legally makes you British; and three puffs qualifies you to lead a ragtag band of Hobbits on a quest to save Middle Earth.

The world of distinction and adventure belongs to the pipe smokers.

Breathe Easy

"Pipes are like peasants: you can never have too many, and they won't work well without proper care." - A wise feudal lord, who, on second thought, was probably a jerk.

The Pipe Smoker Cigar Box features a quality briarwood pipe that functions as an accessible introduction for the starter smoker, but can also slot into rotation for those who have amassed a hefty collection.

Pack tight and pack light with the Rockwell Binge Pipe Tool, a stainless steel, swiss-army tamp, scraper, poker, corkscrew, and bottle-opener you can keep on your keyring. And, of course, a pack of pipe cleaners to keep your chambers clean and shanks unimpeded for the purest of draws.

Waft Throughout the World

We're also including a compact tobacco pouch to fold in flavor and freshness, and a fold-out chrome pipe stand so you can take a brief break from your smoking break if you feel the sudden urge to pen a literary masterpiece or be knighted by the Queen. Take your pipe wherever life takes you, good sir.

These pipe essentials are delivered in an authentic, recycled cigar box that reeks of prestige. It's the type of box you'll request to have buried with you on the off-chance there's a smoking section in heaven.

Draw out the finer flavors of life with the Pipe Smoker Cigar Box.

Customer Reviews

    Nancy Jasuirkowski
    Dec 26th 2015

    Give to my husband for Christmas, he opened loved the pipe BUT can't use it the stem wasn't bored all the way thru so he can't use it Every disappointed with this company

    Dec 25th 2015
    excellent quailty

    This was a Christmas present for my dad. He was very impressed. He has been smoking pipes for about 20 years. He prefers aromatic blends.
    His comments: The pipe is well made and smokes great. It took no time at all to break it in. The tobacco pouch is a good size and will hold enough tobacco to last the whole day. Good quality pipe stand. You can never have enough pipe tools and pipe cleaners!

    Nov 17th 2015
    Like a BOSS

    Got this and went to buy tobacco right away. haven't penned a Hemingway worthy masterpiece yet, but that's not the pipes fault. I blame modern conveniences. Get the pipe, even if you don't smoke with it, you can use it to stress a point to the whipper-snappers that keep knocking over your yard gnomes.

    Jim Folks
    Dec 2nd 2015
    Too Little

    I was disappointed with the size of the tobacco pouch. It looks cheap and the zipper broke the first time I used it. It is also too small to hold any tobacco, but I will use it to hold the pipe stand and tools. The pipe stand was neat and the tool will come in handy. The pipe was a nice one, but I found the bowl a little small. I think you can do better with the box it came in. A nice wooden box would have been better that the cheap looking cigar box. Over all, for the price, it could have been better.



    Hi there, so sorry to hear you were disappointed in your order, and thank you for your feedback. We'd be happy to resend a new tobacco pouch out to you ASAP. Please give us a call at 866-902-7260 and we'll do our best to make this right.

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