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    Jan 23rd 2014
    Snack Pack

    The Snack Pack was a hit!

    My brother in-law loved the contents and the packaging. He had a knife so he got through the duct tape quite easily. However, it was fun to watch him struggle a little with the crate!

    Jan 19th 2014
    Snack Pack of awesomeness

    All the crates and products are amazing! I have bought several crates and ammo can combos as gifts and have never been disappointed! I have only got the best of feedback from the recipients. All the men in my family (and my husbands) get man crates for all the holidays. You guys are awesome!!!

    Jan 14th 2014
    My Husband Did the Dishes!

    We received a Man Crate at work from one of our accounts. I thought it was the coolest thing and something my husband would love. I ordered it on a Tuesday on my lunch hour. It arrived to my husbands works by Thursday at noon. He works at a car dealership so all the co-workers were super envious (once they figured out what it was and how to open it, ha ha). They went to the website to check out all of the other products. My husband shared his Man Crate on fb and I had 10 of my friends told me they went to the website to check out the other options and are planning on sending a Crate to their man! My husband came home from work all excited about his Crate, he even did all the dishes for me (pots and pans too!

    BA Todd
    Dec 28th 2013
    What a fun gift

    It was a bit of a challange to open but then we are not so strong seniors. A couple of hits with a hammer on the crowbar took care of that. It is such a unique idea. When you become old-as-dirt, you don't need another darn thing to clutter up the house or something to wear. This is the perfect gift for male seniors. I plan on ordering for his birthday.

    Dec 27th 2013
    The Snack Pack

    The snack pack was a hit for Christmas morning for my husband. He loved that his gift was different. The crowbar and crate definitely added to the excitement of Christmas morning!

    Deby Ouellette
    Dec 25th 2013

    This product is wonderful and unique! Everything I order from Man Crates is amazing and the receivers of the gifts absolutely love them. Then, they start ordering from Man Crates too! Thank you for a great product and wonderful customer service!

    Nov 25th 2013
    My dad LOVED it!!!

    Sent this to my dad for a birthday gift, he thought the entire concept was soooo cool! Will definitely shop at mancrate again!

    Nov 7th 2013
    Great Guy Gift

    Ordered this for my Dad who recently retired to a different state than I live in. I was looking for a gift that was deliverable that was suited towards a guy and I thought this fit the bill to to a T. He received it, on time and absolutely loved it. Thank You so much.

    Oct 14th 2013
    best idea ever

    Love watching him trying to open the crate and see it full of his favorite snacks. He freaking loved it. Cant wait to get one for my dad for Christmas.

    Sep 30th 2013
    never saw it but....

    i purchased the snack pack for my 92 year old uncle. he kept raving about the crate. he said it was the best packaging of any gift he ever received. he is in rehab to strengthen his legs and is enjoying the snacks and sharing them with others. that crate really made his day.

    Sep 24th 2013
    Great gift for my man!

    My boyfriend thought the Snack Pack was awesome. He especially loved the crate packaging! Great , unique gift idea!

    Sep 18th 2013
    Great Idea

    I bought this for my teenager son. He loved the snacks (who wouldn't?) plus he loves the crate it came in to hold his electronic cords. You guys are very smart to create such a great gift. Thanks.

    Sep 18th 2013
    Awesome Gift!

    Got this for my brother for his birthday. He loved it!

    Sep 3rd 2013
    Best gift

    Loved the product made all the other guys jealous.

    Sep 2nd 2013
    Snack Crate

    Ordered this for a friend as a get well wish! It was one of those situations that flowers just were not appropriate! It was delivered on time and per the receiver, "it contained the perfect man food!" He also found humor in the crate and crowbar! I can not wait too order another!

    Jul 9th 2013
    Snack Crate

    I ordered the Snack Crate it was delivered on time and was awesome i enjoyed the Crate thoroughly. It was the best gift anyone has ever given me.

    Jul 2nd 2013
    LOVE IT!

    I ordered this crate for my boy's 16th birthday. He loved it!!! What a great gift idea. I'm ordering a the beer lover crate as a donation for a gold outing. Thanks so much!

    Michelle Hernandez
    Feb 23rd 2015
    Snack Pack Rocks

    My nephews enjoyed it and absolutely loved all the snacks. Thank you for making their day Special.

    The Womanfriend
    Jan 29th 2015

    A is for AHHHHmazing! I sent this as a surprise to my lovely manfriend who is currently hundreds of miles away in a different state. It was delivered to his workplace, and he couldn't stop raving about how much he loved the man crate! All the snacks, he loved! It was just perfect! I look forward to his reaction when I send him another one!

    Jan 23rd 2015
    perfect man gift!!

    It was so much fun!!

    Dec 26th 2014
    hell yeah

    I gave this gift to my boyfriend for christmas! He loveedddd it, the only part he mentioned was that he wish it was nailed on instead of glued on! I would like to send the video of him opening it to you guys! its very manly guaranteed. He loved the gift so much and was very impressed. I plan on getting one for every ocassion!

    Dec 14th 2014
    Great Content, Crate Not So Much

    I was very excited to buy this crate for a holiday gift for the guy I have been seeing for a little over a month. However when the box was opened, the top of the crate was not in the best of condition. Where the stamp was printed it appeared there had been a chip in in the crate and a the chip glued back on before the stamp was painted/printed. Overall, was pleased with the idea of the crate and will most likely order again I just hope for a better looking crate next time.

    Dec 11th 2014
    Looks Good

    It is my Christmas present for my husband. I was just expecting a bigger box and was surprised it came a cute box. :) Anyway, it still looks good outside and am sure when he opens it on Christmas day, he would be very happy I gave him a man crate!

    Feb 20th 2014
    Unique Gift Idea!

    I wanted to get my husband your HOT sauces but that crate was out of stock, but I still had to see the look on his face having to open a crate with a pry bar and cutting his way through the diabolical duct-tape wrapped box. Expensive but worth it!

    Feb 4th 2014
    Lots of Fun

    Purchased this for my nephew, who is 18. I thought it was really cute, but he didn't seem too impressed. However, he's going through his sullen phase so he doesn't seem to be too impressed with anything right now. :-)

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