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    Tom O'Callaghan
    Jan 8th 2015
    Surprise for soldiers

    I recently sent a snack crate to each of the soldiers (2) I have "adopted" who are serving overseas and they absolutely loved them. Not only for the snacks inside but also for the creative packaging. They both said it was fun getting their teams together and waiting to see what the crate contained as they were opened. The snacks didn't last long but thanks for providing a product that helped brighten the day of some of America's finest.

    Jan 5th 2015
    Great Gift

    I bought two of these crates for my two college age sons. They were a little difficult to open if you wanted to save the crates for another use. Maybe not so much glue when you seal them. They loved the snacks inside. Will buy again.

    Dec 29th 2014
    Don't let the little crate fool you

    The Snack Pack was a great gift for my son. He had to really step it up to open up this gift. He was surprised at how much could actually fit in this little crate. Purchase one of these, it's worth the fun!!

    Dec 29th 2014
    Love to gift these!

    Man Crates never fails!

    Margaret Huebsch
    Dec 27th 2014
    This was an amazing gift! My son was thrilled, especially opening it with a crow bar.

    Great gift ideas. Would like to see more items you put in ammo boxes. You didn't have many with ammo boxes. Other than that it was the perfect gift. I will definitely order again.

    Dec 26th 2014
    Man Crate is a hit!

    Great idea! This present was a big hit!

    Dec 25th 2014
    My Dad loved it.

    It was a great gift to give my Dad who never gives me ideas for gifts.

    Christine Pedregon
    Dec 17th 2014
    pure awesomeness!!!!

    Fantastic gift for the guy that has everything, the friend you hate Christmas shopping for & when I want to show Grandpa some love!!!

    Thanks for making me the awesome fiancé, friend & granddaughter!!!

    liz lintner
    Dec 13th 2014
    Students Life Saver

    Sent this to my stepson during 1st semester exams in law school...he loved it...much cooler than just sending a big box of groceries. And the crow bar let him take out a little exam frustration. Will be ordering more Man Crates soon!

    Dec 13th 2014

    It was slightly difficult to open, had to use the crowbar. My husband loved it. Highly recommended for the manly man.

    Dec 11th 2014
    Father In Law Gift

    I like to try and find unique fun gifts for special people. We all have that one person that has EVERYTHING..... My Farter In Law.
    I saw an ad about the man crates; so looked them up online. I not order one but two . He absolutely loved them both! His smile brought a smile to my heart!!
    Thank you!!
    I'm now sending my brother one, too!

    Nov 27th 2014
    Great idea!

    We haven't seen the contents yet but just the crate and crowbar are worth it. I'm sure the contents will be fine as they're all snacks my husband likes. International shipping is steep but wouldn't stop me from ordering again! Shipping is super fast as well.

    Nov 24th 2014
    Great gift for college kid

    I purchased the "snack pack" for my son who's at college and needless to say, it was a huge hit with him and all his roommates. They thought it was the coolest thing.

    Nov 13th 2014
    Fiance Xmas gift

    I bought it for my fiance for xmas. so i won't know his full reaction till then.

    Nov 10th 2014
    the best

    I've tried making these on my own never came out as good as this and my brother loved getting and studying for school (:

    Oct 22nd 2014

    Excellent customer service, they provided me with great options for my man crate and helped me select an option that worked the best for me. The crate came in the mail quickly and in perfect condition, no bumps or bruises. The guy I gave it to loved it (what guy doesnt love junk food?) High five worthy for sure!

    Oct 22nd 2014
    Sweet Gift

    I bought this man crate for my 8 year old nephew as a thank you for being in my bridal party at my wedding. I didn't know what to get him, but since I got all the other groomsmen man crates, I HAD to get him one. HE LOVED IT! He thought it was so cool that he got what all the men got. Great gift!

    Oct 22nd 2014
    Sweetest Day Gift

    This was a great gift from the man that has it all. My husband loved it. This crate had all his favorite snacked in it. I am sold on Man Crates and will continue to order. I have already started ordering Christmas gift for the family. thank you.

    Get Left SS
    Oct 7th 2014
    Create full of energy

    Perfect gift for my boss who was leaving to go work at another store that was consider a boring store and no energy. I had it shipped to the store. When it came I was told everyone was like "WTH". he was shocked because it was fully duct tape up. He had no clue what it was. Then the fact it was in a create made it even better. Total shocker he said. But all the stuff inside it was for him to eat when he need that sugar rush for those longer boring hours he was about to be working.

    Oct 6th 2014
    Awesome Gift to send to Boyfriends work

    As females, we love when our loved ones send us flowers to work. I wanted to send my boyfriend something to work, but was always weird about sending flowers. I found out about ManCrates and sent him one to work and he LOVED it. All of his co-workers were jealous. He loved all the snacks and said they had great snacks in the crate.

    Luanna Prater
    Sep 24th 2014
    A seventeen year old Grandson

    I called my grandson on his birthday and while talking he said " Oh, ya, that crate came yesterday and it was pretty neat, I had to really work to get it open but is was AWSOME !" He is usually pretty quiet about stuff so that was a big reaction coming from him. Thanks, I never know what to get him and I feel like that was just right.

    Sep 24th 2014
    Really Cool!

    I ordered this as a get well for a colleague. He immediately consumed the Crunch n' Munch after opening the crate and then took a few minutes to send me a text stating that he received a "really cool gift". It was great to finally send something that was different and so well received! I'm totally sold on Man Crates and will continue to order.

    Laurie Stuckey
    Aug 30th 2014
    Man Fuel

    So far my husband really likes the crate. He has already eaten the corn nuts and the popcorn. We enjoyed the popcorn together. The crate was a big hit after he removed the duct tape. He was shaking his head and laughing. We are thinking about it as a gift for my Father 'n Law in December.

    Aug 27th 2014

    Uniqueness of gift was appreciated and the snacks too. The only downside is that the crate was really tightly sealed and took an additional tool to open.

    Aug 20th 2014
    Perfect for the guy who has everything

    I live out of state, and am always struggling with a good idea for a gift for my Dad in a nursing home. He has all the socks he needs, you know? These "manly" snacks are right up his alley, and there's enough to share. It was well-received. I'll do it again for sure.

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