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    Aug 19th 2014
    Just the Right Size

    Since I live out of sate now, I'm always on the lookout for a little something different to send to mom and dad for their birthdays. Man Crates had the perfect solution for dad this year. He was amused by the packaging and said the seal was challenging and he had to use the pry bar to get it open - "not nailed shut, but glued well enough that no one was getting into that crate but me!" He said it was like a clown car - the more snacks he took out, the more he found and "they are the perfect size for snacking" while he watches the game or a race. He went on to name all the contents and mom sent me pictures. After getting the Coffee Ammo can for my hubby, I was confident a crate would be high quality, but the special touches hightened his overall experience. Thanks for the quick delivery and putting a smile on Dad's face. Are there plans for a NASCAR crate?

    Teresa Bobo
    Aug 13th 2014
    Not a Flower kind of Man

    What do you get for a former Military man in the hospital? Not flowers. Not a fruit basket. That's when my search began for a Manly Man gift. I purchased the snack Pack for my son-in-law. He recently needed to be hospitalized due to a severe reaction to Radiation treatment for Melanoma Cancer. I was really happy to have found Man Crate. My daughter still can't figure out how so many snacks can fit in the "Crate". Thanks so much for the great service and quick delivery. What an awesome experience.

    Jul 24th 2014
    Great Anniversary Gift

    I was at a loss at what to get my husband for our anniversary and i came across this website. He loved it! This is such an awesome idea! It came on time and was the perfect gift.

    Jun 30th 2014
    Greatest Anniversary Gift Ever!!

    You guys saved my anniversary! All good wives know the true way to a man’s heart, is through his stomach. Thank you so much for this magnificent idea of man crates for the special man in my life.

    Julie Groat
    Jun 27th 2014
    Snack Pack

    I ordered this for a friend who was going camping for his birthday. I was actually there when he opened it. It was the coolest thing! I was really amazed at how much stuff fit into the crate (nicely packed). Crow bar, the crate, everything was just the coolest! It made for a great gift. This is the second snack pack crate I have ordered, but the first time I got to see it in person. Would highly recommend!!!

    Paul Nichols
    Jun 25th 2014
    Best gift ever!

    My wife and kids got me this crate for Father's Day. No better gift than one that you need a tool to open and then have it full of awesome snacks. Keep the crates coming. An awesome gift idea and can't wait to buy some of these for family and friends for the holidays.

    Jun 19th 2014
    CoUcH SuRfeR

    my Dad absolutely LOVED his man crate...
    he was so proud of the fact that he crow-barred it open in under a minute! his Snack Pack crate arrived just in time for the Stanley Cup Final, where he proceeded to feed his face while cheering on the Kings! Dad said it was "like a clown car!" "I just kept pulling snack after snack out of the box!" it was the perfect Father's Day gift! needless to say, he mowed his crate and I know what I will be getting him for his birthday this year...

    Jun 18th 2014
    Father's Day Gift

    My dad loved this. He just kept commenting on how much stuff was inside the crate and how great everything tasted. Good job guys.

    Sharon Estes
    Jun 17th 2014
    Snack Pack and Dad

    I got my dad the Snack Pack. He was blown away by the man crate, he loves boxes so this is another one for his collection! He had the best time getting it open and exploring the contents. It was one of the best gifts he's ever received. He's told everyone he speaks to about it. More new customers coming your way i'm sure!
    Awesome, awesome, awesome. Man Crates are full of awesomeness

    Renee' G. Suiter
    Jun 9th 2014
    Alex ROCKS!!!

    I am a repeat customer of Man Crates for the men in my life! I love watching them open the crates and grunt (hurrr hurr) like a man would.

    I have spoken to Alex both times I have ordered. Alex has made both of my ordering experiences so enjoyable. Please give her Kuddos from Good Ol' Colorado!!!

    Love you guys!!

    Jun 4th 2014
    Got to love Man Crates

    This is the second time I've sent one and got the same reaction: big smile and a Tarzan yell. Thanks again Man Crates! You are awesome!

    May 29th 2014
    Guaranteed Pick Me Up!

    Bored sitting in a hospital bed? Needing a pick me up? Why send flowers when you can give them a ManCrate! My uncle loved the delivery of some of his favorite snacks to help keep things light...and delicious! Thanks ManCrates!

    May 28th 2014
    Perfect Gift!

    Gave this to my boss as a 'Get Well' gift after surgery. He loved it!

    May 26th 2014
    The Snack Pack

    I got this for my son for his 28th birthday. Wonderful Idea!!!! I'll do it again.

    May 16th 2014
    Snack Pack

    I bought this for my father-in-law, who had to have rotator cuff surgery. He absolutely loved it! I loved the idea that it wasn't girly, but more so unique. Would highly recommend!

    Barby Gregory
    May 12th 2014
    So much fun!

    Really great. My boys loved it! Had trouble opening the MAN crate though! hahah

    William Chichester, III
    May 6th 2014
    My Groomsmen Loved their Crates!

    LOL! I took my groomsmen about 15 mins to open their crates. They all enjoyed their customized gift but they destroyed their crate in frustration. It was awesome! LOL! Thank you ManCrate!

    Apr 28th 2014

    My husband loved this! The guys he works with thought it was awesome and super manly!

    Apr 18th 2014
    awesome Snack Pack

    Great gift for the "hard to buy for man" in your life. Fun opening it too. Went to your website for further instructions on how to open the crate. The answer was fabulous. Will order from your company again.

    Apr 15th 2014

    He loved this surprise!!

    Apr 8th 2014
    Perfect gift for a co-worker

    You can't go wrong with the snack pack! Everyone in the office was grabbing through everything to pick a snack. And true to form...the crate was a bit difficult to open which just made it more fun!

    Mar 20th 2014

    I ordered this for my husband for our anniversary so that he can open it at work and make his co-workers jealous! He loved it! I ordered the duct tape cocoon, which he thought was awesome and was labeled perfect (as requested)! I am super happy with the order, the packaging and the product. He loves the crate and is already hinting at others that he wants and now his friends are trying to hint to their spouses that they want one too! It's great to be an awesome wife! Thanks ManCrate!

    Mar 10th 2014
    Loved IT

    This was a gift for My Big Brother and he is very hard to buy for! It got there before his Birthday and he was so happy that he and his wife bith sent me pictures of the crate and my Brothers happy face! He Told me that it "Made His Birthday". This is my 2nd order with Man crates and for Men....It is Unbeatable! Best Service, Quality products, and Good Prices!

    Cindy Warriner
    Feb 20th 2014
    Valentine's Day Hit

    Sent the crate to my husband for Valentine's Day. He was working so I made sure that he would get it at the firehouse (he is a fireman). When the box arrived his co-workers asked who he has made angry since it looked like a bomb.
    The gift was perfect - my husband is always amazed at what I find as gifts from him, and this was one of the great ones.

    Jaime White
    Feb 11th 2014

    I ordered snack pack man crates for the male volunteers at a charity event I put on every year. They were a major hit and the women were jealous there wasn't a similar product for them! This is the third time I've ordered man crates and am always looking for an excuse to order the next one. Every man I've ordered one for has absolutely loved it!

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