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    Jun 9th 2015
    Very Cool

    I ordered the snack crate for my Dad for Father's Day. He hasn't opened it yet, but I am already super impressed with the packaging, and how quickly it got here. I will definitely consider this as a gift again in the future!

    Jun 9th 2015
    Love those man crates!

    This is my third man crate. It was for my brother. He said he had a hard time opening it. Even with his crowbar!! He enjoyed all his snacks.

    Jun 3rd 2015
    Boyfriend loved the crate, and I loved the customer service!

    I purchased this crate as an anniversary gift for my boyfriend. I unfortunately had to go out of town on the special day, so I sent this as a fun surprise.
    He LOVED it! He got a surprise from receiving the crate, and had a blast opening it at work-- and now his snack drawer is stocked!
    As for the customer service, I cannot express how much I appreciate their transparency and helpfulness. A few days after I placed my order, I noticed it had not shipped. I gave customer service a call with my concern, and they explained there had been an error when receiving my information.
    They proceeded to do everything but move heaven and earth itself to make sure the crate got to its destination on my anniversary date. I was kept in the loop the entire time, and was never unsure that I wouldn't be taken care of.
    I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of Man Crates-- not only the product, but the quality of their customer service and kickass employees.

    TL;DR- Man Crates are awesome, so is the Man Crates staff. 10/10 would buy again.

    His Best Friend :)
    Jun 3rd 2015
    It's all about the snack...

    It is so hard to find him the perfect gift, especially the one that is manly enough he is definitely not one for the ribbons and bows....well I found it. He loved it all from the gift wrap (everyone stood around his desk to see what it was!), to the snacks. But I think his favorite was "ripping" thru the box with the crowbar, the lid was non-existent - was great to see him act like a little kid, the smile on his face was priceless, it was perfect the perfect gift for the man who is impossible to buy for yet I would buy anything for to get the reaction I got with his first (and I am sure not last) Man Crate.

    Hot Southern Mess
    May 21st 2015

    My Man loves his Man-Crate. There wasn't a single food item he didn't like. The pry bar went straight into his tool bag. I think he will get a crate or ammo can a few times a year! For me, I enjoy reading the descriptions and the customer service is on point! I had a discrepancy with my order, which was immediately addressed! It is so nice to find a company that understands the meaning of customer service!!! Thanks guys!

    May 19th 2015
    It was worth the wait..

    For my husband to open the duct tape wrapped, ever so nicely sealed wooden crate. I couldn't have been more excited for him and I was a little jealous at the same time.There was a very good supply of snacks and a good variety of salty, sweet, crunchy and soft. Thank you mancrate. I am looking forward to my next few orders, that have all been planned out.

    Mar 7th 2015

    I ordered one of these around Christmas time and my friend loved it! They are sold out now when will more be in??

    Feb 26th 2015
    I am hailed this Mom on earth

    My son absolutely loved the crate. I loved the packaging. I will definitely order more and tell others. Great job

    Feb 26th 2015
    Snack Pack

    It was very cool, the opening the crate was the best part. it was a lot smaller in person than what it looks like online. besides that great easy gift.

    Harley Babe
    Feb 20th 2015
    Awesome Awesome Awesome

    I was very excited by the pictures. I was extremely excited once my husband received the crate. It was so freaking AWESOME! THANK YOU GUYS VERY CREATIVE

    Mr. Bear
    Feb 18th 2015
    Great Value

    This is a fantastic, masculine alternative to the standard flowery gift basket. The box is fun, the contents are great, overall this is a great value.

    T. Dominguez
    Feb 18th 2015
    He Loved It!

    It was a lot smaller than I thought it would be, but he loved it all the same. He has found use of the crate and loved all of the snacks.

    Feb 18th 2015
    Awesome service!

    i purchased this for my brother who recently had foot/ankle surgery. Post order he got moved to another location for rehabilitation and I was worried it'd get sent to the wrong address. Man crates responded quickly and ensured my order made it to the right location. My brother loved it and was the envy of other patients on his floor. I will definitely use this again! Awesome first time experience!

    Alishia Kuczynski
    Feb 17th 2015
    ManCrates made me the best woman ever!

    I totally took all the credit. ;) My man loved his man crate - especially the crate! Such a unique gift that everyone I told asked about it! My love wants to collect them all!

    Feb 17th 2015
    Great V-Day Gift

    I sent this to my husband's work for valentine's day. He flipped out and all of his coworkers were jealous. He loved the crate and using the crowbar and the snacks are perfect for men. I ordered in back in Jan and asked for it to be delivered specifically for V-Day and it was perfect and on time. Great job, shipping team!

    Troy and Deidra
    Feb 17th 2015
    Unique and Fun

    We gifted this to our favorite auto body shop after they repaired our very deer damaged car and got it back to us just before Christmas. It was an unexpected treat and a thoughtful gift for a bunch of guys who work all day in a shop. I was really happy that I could send it to a business and even pick my date of arrival. We'll certainly use Man Crates again!

    Feb 15th 2015
    Huge Hit

    The man I gave this to loved it!

    Tara Melville
    Feb 15th 2015
    So much man thought put into one box!

    This was the second time I ordered a man crate for my men in the house. They Love them and a I love that you think of what I, as a woman, cannot! My son loved every single snack in the box! Who knew peanuts with shells were a favorite of my picky eater. Thank you! I will be ordering for my dad for Father's Day!

    Lacey stephens
    Feb 14th 2015
    Best gift ever !!!!!

    I ordered this crate for my husband who is working out of town !!!! He literally had to use a crow bar and hammer to get it open lol. He loved all the snacks inside and really loved the whole idea of a man crate . Definitely the best valentines gift for my manly man !!!!
    Feb 13th 2015
    Cool Aid Smile

    OMG! Words can not express the expression my husband had while opening it. Priceless! He loved everything that was inside. Simply Awesome!

    Feb 12th 2015
    Awesome Gift for Hubby

    Was trying to be creative for Valentine's Day and I stumbled across Man Crates. I thought it was such an awesome idea, so I said hey why not? My husband was so shocked by his "man basket".. Watching his face as he pried open his crate to reveal it was full of awesome snacks he loves! Definitely a winner, and I'll be coming back to order more. Thank you guys for what you do. Bringing "manly" gifts to men everywhere!

    Feb 12th 2015
    husband said "best gift ever"

    I had it delivered to his job and he texted me saying what's this! He was so excited to get to open it up and was surprised with some of his favorite snacks! Happy valentines day nick!

    Feb 11th 2015
    Awesome gift

    I sent this man crate to a coworker. He loved it sooooo much. Thank you for an amazing idea

    Jan 30th 2015
    awesome gift idea fir a guy

    I got this for a guy who loved it so much that he wants to use the crate as a decoration in his home.

    Jan 15th 2015
    Sent to co-worker

    For helping with a special project, I sent a man-crate to 2 co-workers. They loved them! I sent them with the duct tape wrapping and it was a hit with the whole office. Definitely will re-order.

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