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Hot Sauce Making Kit

17 reviews


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In The Box

  • Carolina Reaper Pepper Puree, 2 oz
  • Naga Morich Pepper Puree, 2 oz
  • Habanero Pepper Puree, 2 oz
  • Pull-Handle Food Processor
  • Stainless Steel Funnel
  • Chemical Resistant Gloves
  • 3 Boston Round Bottles, 8 oz
  • Official Man Crates Instruction/Recipe Book

NOTE: Hot Sauce Making Kit does not ship in a crate.

How It Ships

Our Project Kit gifts ship in cardboard boxes.
In an awesome cardboard box. Corrugated C Flute cardboard with regular slotted style... told you it was awesome!

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    Orders placed by noon PST will ship out same day
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His Own Worst Enemy

Men are a peculiar type of proud.

A man could ravage the top few layers of his tongue with blistering heat and devolve into a mess of sweat and tears on the kitchen floor, and still, the most painful part of that experience would be knowing it was another man's hot sauce that put him there.

The Hot Sauce-Making Projects Kit is a do-it-himself, gloves-on experience for the high-stakes heat-seeker who refuses to let any other man get the best of him. He may scorch his tastebuds into oblivion, but at least he'll have his dignity.

Hell's Garden

The heavy-hitting hell-raisers in these hot sauce concoctions are god-forsaken pain pepper purees known as the Tasty Trifecta of Terror:

The Carolina Reaper (avg. 1.6 million SHU): This devilish crossbreed of the Ghost Pepper and Red Habanero is the hottest pepper in existence and tastes like tropical fruit covered in military-grade pepper spray.

The Naga Morich (avg. 1 million SHU): This Bangladesh badboy is related to the Bhut Jolokia Ghost Pepper and exhibits a tart flavor, smoky undertones, and blistering heat.

The Habanero (avg. 0.5 million SHU): One of the hottest peppers in the world features a sweet, fruity flavor accompanied by a harsh, swelling inferno.

Get To The Chopper!

Our chopper of choice is the hand-pull food processor. It combines streamlined Swiss engineering with all those years of starting his dad's old lawn mower, resulting in smooth, smoldering hot sauce.

We've included a corrosion-resistant funnel and chemical proof gloves for safety, and three Boston Round Bottles for style. The Official Man Crates Hot Sauce Making Guide is a culinary masterclass, complete with three superb starter recipes and slightly patronizing instructions.

For the man brimming with hot sauce hubris, put the fiercest peppers on the planet in his hands and let him fix up his own fate with the Hot Sauce Making Kit.

Customer Reviews

    May 16th 2019
    Awesome !!

    Ordered this for my partner and he loved it !!! Great gift, will definitely order from here again !!

    Nov 25th 2018
    Great gift for any hot sauce lover

    I ordered this for my brother & he absolutely loved it. He had a blast making his own sauces, experimenting with the recipes & was really excited to have everyone try them.

    Nov 14th 2018
    Most Thoughtful Gift

    My husband loved this gift. He said it was the most thoughtful gift I had given him! It's also been fun watching him sweet profusely from his head after one bite, and then getting his friends to try it.

    Sep 2nd 2018
    Late delivery but AWESOME!!

    I ordered this for the guy I’m dating who loves anything spicy for our 6 months. It was supposed to be delivered on Wednesday 8/22/18 because we’ve made plans and I wanted to see his reaction. Never arrived. I called customer service that Sunday and told me they’ll sent one for a replacement right away and will get it Tuesday. He didn’t received it till the following day Wednesday. Told him he could open it but would like to be there when he does. He waited till I was with him again. So he did last night, Saturday. And oh man, I loved how surprised he was! I loved his reaction! He said the gift is so AWESOME and is already planning on all the taste he could come up with it! Thank you Mancrates! For sure, it won’t be the last time I’m ordering. Just hope that the delivery will be better next time around!

    Sarah A Stanley
    May 15th 2018
    Hot Sauce Making Kit

    I ordered this on the 11th of May, received it on the 15th of May. Nothing broken, and absolutely worth every penny. My husband is receiving this for father's day. I like to shop early just in case the package is damaged or not right. (Experience with other companies) I'll say this is my first time ordering from Man Crates and It won't be the last. I'm sure my Husband is either going to flip a brick or burn his briches off. I think I'll order another. Thank you Man Crates!!