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    david drucker
    Feb 15th 2017
    Valentine's Day Gift

    Who could even figure out what was in this crate. It came as a gift from my wife and nobody in my office could figure out what it was. She did the right thing because I like all these exotic meats.

    Hayley White
    Feb 15th 2017

    I ordered this box for my boyfriend for Valentines day. He absolutely LOVED it! I had it shipped to his office, everybody at his work was jealous. He said having to actually open the crate with the crowbar they provided made it even more awesome. Definitely ordering from them again.

    Kelle Mills
    Feb 12th 2017
    Icing on Cake for Meet the Team College Baseball

    Yesterday, 02/11/17, was meet the team for college baseball. I had ordered this for my son. He was excited to have signed autographs, posed for pics, etc w/ fans and family.
    I get text on way home saying his surprised rocked. Can't wait to send different one during the season.

    Feb 12th 2017
    Love Love Love it!

    Got this for my Fiance for Valentines Day...he Loved it and I had a good time watching him trying to open it. I was hesitant that the contents/bags would be small since there was no weight listed but it was wonderful! Just ordered another one for his Fathers Birthday...I am Man Crates new favorite customer!

    Jan 24th 2017
    awesome jerky

    my wife order this for me for my birthday it arrive today and love it another order is a must

    Barb Martens
    Dec 29th 2016
    A gift that was much loved!

    I bought the exotic meat crate for my 28 year old son. I knew he would like the product. I did not pay too much attention about all of the site's hoopla regarding a guys intrigue in opening the crate.
    My son really got into the crate! And LOVED the meat! What a great website in a day and age when it gets harder and harder to find a unique gift!!! I will order again for sure!

    Dec 29th 2016

    I received the exotic meats crate for Christmas. My gator jerky was moldy. I didn't mind at all the rest of the meats were great. My mother in law contacted you guys to tell you. You guys made it right. That's a stand up company right there. Will definitely be buying some crates for my future gifts. Thanks guys!

    Dec 26th 2016
    I received this for Christmas 2016

    My son got this for me for christmas this year 2016, it is very tastie I make jerky my self and i have to say the the diffrent thing made in to jerky was good...Getting in to the crate was something else my son zip tied and duck taped the crate before sending it i needed a hammer and a screw driver to help the crow bar that it comes with.

    Karen Philpot
    Dec 23rd 2016
    Perfect Long Distance Gift

    I got this for my boyfriend while I was in Hawaii. He called me while he was opening it and I could hear him ripping through the duct tape and prying open the box. He loved all the jerky and the idea of the gift. I can't wait to send him another one!

    Dec 8th 2016
    Perfect gift for my 20-something son!

    I ordered this as an early Christmas gift for my son who deployed yesterday and will be missing Christmas. He loved everything, the duct tape (totally worth it), the crate, the crow bar, the contents. He tried some of the jerky and especially enjoyed the Wild Boar, he took the rest with him. Additionally, the customer service was outstanding. Since this was such an important gift, I asked questions that Robby patiently answered by email. Also, there was a glitch with the Website and my overnight order (had to be overnight because of the surprise deployment) was going to ship as a 7-day delivery. I worked with TJ over the phone and he got in touch with FedEx and fixed the problem, which was not easy as I am on the opposite coast. I'll be ordering more.

    Dec 6th 2016
    Best Christmas Present Ever!

    I got this for my father-in-law for Christmas and he LOVED it. This wasn't like anything he's ever gotten. I will definitely be ordering from them again.

    Dec 1st 2016
    Soooo Fun!

    Ok so it really doesn't matter what kind of ManCrate you get. The fun is in seeing that tough guy "trying" to open it!
    These are the best gifts ever! And definitely do the duct tape wrapper.

    Sep 29th 2016
    For my husband

    This was a perfect gift. He loved it!!!!! I am so happy I found this company. I will by purchasing again.

    Sep 4th 2016
    Fun and Tasty

    I ordered this for my son's 49th birthday. He had fun opening the crate which he will save full of mementos for his granddaughter. He only had the alligator so far but said it's one of the best jerky's he's ever had. I will definitely order for someone else at a later date.

    J K
    Jul 9th 2016

    received it as a Father's Day/Birthday gift from my daughter and it's absolutely great. The meats were great, the crate was baffling at first but also great. Definitely not your "same old gift" type of thing. Can't wait for more.

    Jul 2nd 2016
    Loved it!!!

    got this for my boyfriend and couldn't be happier. I will definitely be ordering more from man crates!

    Jun 25th 2016
    happy dad

    my son got me this for fathers day, the crate was awesome i didnt know what was in it till opened it .i was one happy man.greatest gift i ever recieved

    Jun 16th 2016
    Hero Status

    I ordered this for my father-in-law for this coming Father's Day. We gave it to him last night and it was a hit. He got a kick out of all the meats packed inside one seriously serious crate. All the men in my life will forever just get man crates. I loved that it took all the guess work out of buying gifts. Super fast shipping. FIVE STARS!

    Jun 8th 2016

    My girlfriend has sent me this twice at the Sheriff's Office. Each time my co-workers lose their minds for this stuff. Mandy definitely get whatever she wants from me for sending this!!

    Feb 25th 2016

    I got this for my husband for Valentine's Day and we both loved it. High quality, delicious meats. We will definitely be ordering this again!

    Feb 19th 2016
    Great V-Day Present

    I got this for my gf who's deployed, and she loved it. The shipping was considerably fast, especially for overseas. She enjoyed opening it, and loved what was inside even more. Will buy from ManCrates again...love the unique and fun gift ideas. Thank you!!!!

    Tiffany C.
    Feb 10th 2016
    Best Office Gift Ever!!

    First of all, the shipping is super fast! I had this crate sent to my life partner's work place. She loved it and so did her co-workers. It took three of them to open it lol. The meat was really good. A little too spicy for me, but I'm a wimpy woman I guess lol. I will definitely order from this site again. Very cool website and idea.

    Feb 6th 2016
    SO awesome !

    My husband received this from my daughter for his birthday. He really got a kick out of the packaging of duct tape and a wooden box ! The treats inside are delicious ( I was permitted to have a tiny taste ! ) The Man Crates are superb gifts !

    Jennifer M
    Feb 6th 2016

    I sent this to my boyfriend for his birthday. He enjoyed opening it and everything inside. A lot of great premium jerky!

    Kate B
    Jan 29th 2016

    Sent this to my brother for his 60th birthday. He LOVED it. So unusual. Had a great time pulling apart the package.

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