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    Bill Nipp
    Jun 16th 2019
    Great surprise

    I just received this for Father's day and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect gift. I love beef jerky and love trying new food. I can't wait to try all of these. Great job mancrates!

    Christine -texas
    Jun 16th 2019
    Great Father’s Day gift

    Everything was great! Elk and buffalo were the best. The smoked beef was not all that but over all 5 star experience!

    Jun 16th 2019
    Most fun and unique Father’s Day gift

    My husband didn’t know what to make of the crate and then the small pry bar...he opened it carefully so not to damage the nice wooden crate and was pleasantly surprised to find all the jerky treats inside. He examined each one carefully and couldn’t wait to try them! He loved this gift and said it was the best gift ever....unique, fun, and delicious!

    Feb 14th 2019
    Great idea but...

    This is a great idea!! The thing I didn’t like was that I feel like a paid a lot of money ($104, had 14%off) for a small amount of meat. Maybe add more meat so people feel like their money was well spent.

    Gary Moore
    Jan 16th 2019

    Came in the mail and it was like a puzzle to figure out what was going on with this "package"- Very unique box- interesting meats and the overall WOW factor made the whole experience fun!
    Well done Man Crates!

    Aida Stearns
    Jan 5th 2019

    I bought this crate for my husband as a Christmas gift. He was soooo impressed with the crate and all the jerky. He loved that he had to use a crow bar to open the box. He opened it so carefully and kept the box. Jerk is gone !

    Mallory Meeks
    Dec 25th 2018
    He LOVED it

    My boyfriend absolutely loved this gift. I also bought him a huge new tv, and the exotic meats crate was his favorite gift. He had the crate open in about a minute, which was perfectly fine. He enjoyed opening it and loved the contents. He says the alligator is the best. I do feel that the price is a little high. I know the jerkey is “exotic” and more pricey, but I feel like for over $100 you should get more jerkey. He has eaten about half of the contents today. He was SHOCKED when he looked up his gift and saw the price. He loved the gift so if you’re looking for a gift for someone who is very hard to shop for, it is worth it. But you’re definitely gonna pay for it.

    Oct 31st 2018

    This will be my second time purchasing a mancrate. The first one I bought for my boyfriend about 2 years ago when I came across the website just trying to find something nobody else would have & boom, I found this site.

    This year I’ll be buying my boyfriend, my dad & my dads boyfriend one of these crates.

    It’s a great idea & I loved his face when he unwrapped it & had to pry it open with the little bar it comes with. He had a little trouble but once he got it open he absolutely loved it & some of the guys he worked with did to. I’m sure he ate on it for months.

    Thanks for making my Christmas list easy!!

    Chris Vasso
    Oct 22nd 2018
    Awesome gift from my daughter

    All taste good and fresh. This was a great surprise. So far I tried the alligator, beef, Buffalo.

    Lina Leavitt
    Sep 28th 2018
    The box

    Well i have to say....we are soo happy with the jerky but the box itself looks very cheap. I even paid to have the box wrapped with tape to make it much harder to open and still my husband had the whole set up open with a good 30-40 sec. I thought you guys used nails to hold it all together but instead it was glue from a hot glue gun ha ha. A couple pieces of the box when pulling out of cardboard box fell of the sides. I read some reviews before buying this item and all of them state they r hard to open .... Ours was very easy. I requested a free message/quote to be delivered with the box and we didnt recieve that. I do love this whole idea you guys have come up with but i do think you guys should have used nailed or something more then glue to hold the box together. All in all very happy with the jerky. Paid $120.00 for this gift and i feel as if box and all its contents is only worth $60-65.

    Sep 28th 2018
    Brilliant birthday surprise for Dad

    I was once again stumped on what to get my Dad for his birthday and then someone told me about Man Crates. I browsed and I found the Exotic Meats crate and I thought Dad would love it. Turns out that he loved trying to open the crate (which he had to get a hammer to help him) and was shocked to find all the exotic meats in there. He told me that he was craving wild boar and elk jerky for a while. This is definitely worth it! This was my first purchase and I will get one of these for my boyfriend too. Thank you Man Crates!

    Sep 1st 2018
    Thank you!

    Thank you for creating this awesome gift! For twenty years my husband has been sending me flowers and having gifts delivered to me at work and I couldn't return the favor! He is a man and not the kind that would appreciate flowers and fruit baskets being delivered to him! But finally, you have made something that I not only was excited to send, but that he was thrilled to receive! He and the guys at work thought this was an awesome surprise! My husband likes it so much he wants to send one to his best friend in the military! So thank you again, it is a neat gift and everything in it is great! He and the guys ate almost all of it in one sitting!

    Aug 17th 2018
    Great gift

    I sent this to my deployed husband and he absolutely loved it! He enjoyed all the different meats. I am definitely buying from here again in the future. It is very thoughtful gift.

    Aug 3rd 2018
    Birthday Gift

    I bought this for my sons 32nd birthday and when it arrived the front pieces of wood fell off but, it was just in need of a quick hot glue fix. I decided to add a few more nails to the already tightly sealed box just to add a little more frustration. He has fun with this and was impressed that mom found something yet again, different and unusual. It was a lot of fun and even though he didn't like ALL the meats (he's picky) he did enjoy 95% of them I would say.

    Jul 12th 2018
    Absulutley Awesome

    I just got this crate as a gift from my girlfriend. It was awesome, she had a blast watching me struggle to open it. Diabolical Duct tape cacoon was a good touch. And the pry was perfectly difficult to get under the rim. The meats have so far been amazing as well. Great box, guys. We will be buying more.

    Jun 23rd 2018
    Great present!

    I bought this as a birthday gift for someone who is impossible to buy for, and he loved it! I definitely recommend getting it wrapped in the duct tape, that was an added bonus to watching him open the box. He couldn't open it with just the crowbar, but it was entertaining to watch. The crate is smaller than I expected, but it did not take away from the experience. Although expensive, it really was worth it. All of the jerky was delicious! I would absolutely buy from Man Crates again.

    brian frank
    Jun 3rd 2018

    my step daughter got me this for Christmas and I loved it.lots of critters I've never tasted before. I have since given two crates as gifts to friends. I have spent a lot more money and gotten a lot less of a reaction on gifts I've given. I love it when the receiver says"where do you come up with these wonderful gifts?" that alone is priceless.anyone complaining about the price needs to man up and realize that quality and originality cost a little more than Walmart does. you guys have an excellent product, keep it up.

    May 7th 2018
    Excellent customer service

    I have ordered from them twice now. I love the gift options and they have excellent customer service when it is needed. Keep up the good work Man Crates!

    Apr 19th 2018
    Worth every cent

    Watching my husband struggle with the duct tape and prying open the box was hilarious for me. But the look of pure excitement over ALL the different kinds of jerky and meatsticks hes never had before.... :D was priceless.
    Hes currently still enjoying it with nothing but smiles. Thank you mancrate for helping me find the perfect gift for him!

    Jay Hawkins
    Mar 7th 2018

    So today is my 10 year anniversary to the most amazing, beautiful, loving and creative woman I have ever known. This is the gift I was presented with this morning. It started with a box wrapped in duct tape. Upon opening the box I find this wood crate and the coolest little pry-bar, that I have to use to find out what the gift actually is. There is a "Pro Tip" that it will be a true struggle. Looking at all the glue and staples I don’t doubt that. I honestly don’t know if I want to ruin the box but I really want to know what’s inside. It took several minutes to get inside the box without destroying it and to my delight, it is filled with all of my favorites. Bison, Elk, Venison, Wild Boar and Alligator Jerky, along with a seasoning pack for the grill. I don't know what is better the Crate or the Amazing Women that found this business and great gift. Really, I'm not stupid, she is but the Man Crate is Awesome.

    Feb 25th 2018
    Great gift!

    I bought this for my husband for Valentine's day. He loved it! He thought it was pretty fun how it came in the crate. So far he has liked all the meats that has come in it and said it's very good!

    Dale Peak
    Feb 21st 2018
    Did not bite the hook

    Got this for my birthday. Opened the cardboard box and read the flap. Took a couple of minutes with the nail puller around the (GLUED) top, then used my noggin and flipped the crate over... only brads! Opened the crate from the bottom and am keeping it to store this and that in my game room. Nice Crate, good jerky!

    Jennifer Martin
    Feb 15th 2018
    Best Valentines ever

    Order this a Vday gift for my boyfriend. He loved it and got a kick out of reading the box and opening everything. I will definitely be ordering from mancrates again.

    Feb 15th 2018
    Amazing Experience!

    I I ordered the Salami Bouquet for my boyfriend for Valentines Day. I was SO excited! I ordered it early just to make sure he'd have it on Valentines Day. I was at work and I got confirmation that it was delivered. NO call from my boyfriend at all the entire day to thank me - which is odd, Well, turns out it never came! I don't know if Fedex lost it or someone stole it. Regardless - the customer service I received from Man Crates was top notch! They took care of the situation without hesitation and I would highly recommend!!!

    Anita Acres
    Feb 14th 2018
    My husband loved it

    I got this and the booze infused jerkygram for my husband for Valentine’s Day. He loved it. Had the box wrapped in duck tape, so when he got through that he was expecting more duck tape. Did not expect to have to use a crow bar to open the crate. But was happy when he finally got it open. Best gift I got him yet. Will order more.

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