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    Feb 10th 2018

    Wirh Valentines Day around the corner I wasn’t certain what to fry my guy, he has everything. I heard about this company, looked into it and was amazed at the selection. I ordered Thur morning and he received it today, Saturday, so it arrived on time. He loved his gift! From the packaging to the variety it offered. I’m so pleased he enjoyed it!

    Lisa Shelton
    Feb 10th 2018
    Valentine Win!

    I love to surprise my husband with unique gifts. He is an avid hunter and he loved this gift. The staff was wonderful and easy to communicate and work with. Great gift, service, and shipment.

    Jan 29th 2018
    100 % satisfaction guaranteed

    I bought this crate for my husband. He loves the jerky! Had an issue with the box so I text the company and Nick T. Helped me out and made it right! Super happy customer! Will be ordering more !

    Jan 20th 2018
    Cool product

    I received exotic meat crate for a gift and was excited. It was over all a cool gift but not as much meat as u would think should be in there even though most of it is exotic meat that not everyone can get at any time. And the seasoned dried beef that comes in it which is the biggest portion of meat is the worst tasting jerky I've ever had I sure it's the vinegar the was an ingredient idk who in they're rite mind would use that they seriously need to be fired.....

    Cheryl Kiser
    Jan 17th 2018

    I ordered it for my husband for Christmas. He had no idea what it could be which was a miracle because he always guesses! He looked a little confused when he finally got it unwrapped. Hilarity ensued as he fought to get it open, and once he started eating he couldn't stop! He loved it! I'll do this again! Its expensive, but worth it. For the first time, I got to see him truly enjoy a gift. Thank you!

    Jan 7th 2018
    Perfect for “That Guy”

    I was fortunate enough to acquire a new man-friend just a few weeks prior to his birthday. He buys what he wants, when he wants us, making him the worst person to gift. This was SPOT ON. He loved getting to smash into the crate. As an avid meat-lover, he loved everything that was inside as well. This is the perfect gift for any man in your life.

    Franklin Brown
    Dec 31st 2017

    My oldest son has really been hard to buy for, until this Christmas. I came across the Exotic meats crate. I knew I had hit on a winner. When he opened it, he was so taken by the unexpected surprise, he ask for the websight to order one for his boss. Thanks

    Dec 27th 2017
    Tasted like heaven.

    Simply amazing. That's it, amazing.

    Arlene Lynch
    Dec 26th 2017
    It was a hit!

    I got this for my husband for Christmas. He is a lover of meat, especially jerky. It was fun watching him open the crate and he was definitely pleased to find the contents. This gift was a great idea. It was simple, yet unique!

    Tom in Arizona
    Dec 25th 2017
    Great Xmas gift

    I got this for Xmas from Family in Florida, and just love it. I opened the grate from the bottom because if the glue on top and the bottom was nailed. Don’t know if there was any other way, but didn’t want to ruin crate. Just started on meat and so far very good.

    Dec 23rd 2017

    Was expecting something a lot bigger for the money I spent.

    Bruce M. Lee
    Dec 23rd 2017
    great stress relief

    i am a vegetarian so i buy one of these every month and devote an evening to burying each individual stick of jerky in my backyard. finally these poor animals can have a proper burial. it really relaxes me. Thank you, Man Crates. but also i disagree with everything you do and sell.

    Nov 30th 2017

    I got this for my boyfriend for his birthday-- and needless to say he absolutely loved every bit of it. He is the most difficult person to shop for because there are very few things he likes, but he does appreciate good food(or snacks, in this case). The crate was not a challenge for him to open, but I already kinda guessed that he wouldn't have a hard time due to his background of carpentry. He still had a lot of fun with it, though, and absolutely loved the crate itself and the crowbar, and is keeping it as a keepsake. Very good find for a difficult man!

    Mark Mathy
    Nov 27th 2017
    Received as a gift

    I was blown away! Amazing. My hunting season was ruined by an injury and this is just what I needed to lift my spirits.

    Nov 27th 2017
    Meat Sweats!

    I got this for my fiancé as a part of his 30th birthday celebration...and it took the cake! He opened each piece and sampled it and they were all delicious! Very flavorful and fresh! The opening process was my personal favorite, you have to work for the meat ;) Awesome gift idea and so much fun! I’ve already recommended it to all my friends!

    Oct 31st 2017
    Totally worth the price

    The kids and I bought this for my husband for his birthday. What do you get the man that has everything? He loved it. Totally delicious! It's almost Christmas time do we are back to check it out again!!

    Christine Maldonado
    Oct 20th 2017

    I am from South Africa, born in Bloemfontein ( City Of Roses) lived there for 58 years, and in the USA for 3 yrs. now. The South Africa’s love our biltong!!!! We use beef and Koedoe, Springbok (deer) ect. and we also make a lot of Droe wors (dry sausage) just like biltong you hang the dry sausage to dry (in a cold room with lots of ventilation). If you do this yourself, you only do it in the winter, otherwise buy it from your butcher all year round. It is yummy!!!

    Oct 6th 2017
    Exotic meat

    I bought this for my husband. Just getting it out of the duct tape was funny. The crate, he used the crow bar it came with and used a hammer. I showed have videoed it. Loved the jerky! Totally worth it!!!!!

    SSG Z
    May 4th 2017

    Ordered this product for a buddy of my who is deployed overseas. I told him I would find him some awesome beef jerky from West Coast and low and behold hit the mother-load! He thoroughly enjoyed using the mini crow bar to crack open the man crate. He will be using it as an enforcer to crack some skulls "legally" who are out of line during his remaining time in the box. Thanks again!

    Apr 5th 2017
    Husband loved it so much he's buying one for his Dad

    I got this for my husband for V-Day and it's been 3 months and he's STILL talking about it. He even saved the crate he thought it was so awesome. He is super excited about getting one for his Dad now for his birthday.

    Dwight Cooke
    Mar 3rd 2017
    What the?!?!?!

    I have been talking to this girl that lives 3000 miles away from me...I've known her since high school, and I received this today at work...honestly? I thought it was a bomb. Nobody sends me anything! And it was wrapped in duct tape, which made me even more suspicious! Well Imagine my delight when I finally got it open, (after 10 minutes of pure frustration) I was delighted! And my coworkers laughed their tails off watching me struggle to open the darned thing! Anyway, this is the greatest idea since bacon!

    Mar 1st 2017
    Very unique gift!

    I got this gift for my husbands birthday it's a great gift I loved watching him open it with the crowbar! The only thing that I can say was wrong was I wish there was a little more in the crate for the money. But overall great gift and was shipped here on the date I wanted it! Thank you man crates!

    Feb 16th 2017
    Best Idea Ever!

    My husband is the kind of person who buys the things he wants, so finding the perfect gift was hard. This Man Crate with duct tape cocoon was the best idea ever! He had so much fun opening it. It is pay back for all the years he tortured our kids with crazy gift wrapping ideas. I will do this again. In know what each man in my life is getting for gifts this year!

    Feb 16th 2017
    awesome product!

    I gave a raving review yesterday only to find out the Alligator package was already open and the jerky was fried out:( that was the one I was waiting to try. although this is a fantastic product I was wondering if it could be replaced?

    Feb 15th 2017
    The best idea!

    Thank you so much for creating something totally unique for my husband! he was thrilled with the packaging and the quality of the jerky. would love to send a picture!

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