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    Apr 18th 2024

    So many great things to say! It arrived timely, and when I emailed Customer Service to ask if I needed to put it in the fridge, they got back to me super fast letting me know I didn't have to. Then, my hubby's birthday came 4 days later and he thought the whole crate opening with the pry bar was the coolest! It also kept him wondering what was inside the box.
    The variety is AWESOME! He loved all of the different products and started to munch on some of the sticks. I tried and they were soooo tender and delish, wow. Top notch, high quality product!
    I will definitely order again in the future!
    I highly recommend this one!
    Thank you!

    Jill Pisano
    Dec 8th 2023
    Exotic Meat Crate

    I’d like to make sure my order is for only one crate gift box.

    Aug 3rd 2023
    Greedy bastard

    My boss brought in some jerky, let me taste one piece and when I asked for a second piece son of a bitch ate the whole bag. Picture of you Gallegos.

    Dec 30th 2022
    Awesome gift

    A fantastic company! Customer service is amazing. Shipped very quickly! The jerky is delicious. Fun gift to give!

    Bob Christiansen
    Dec 19th 2022
    Best gift EVER!

    I literally opened my Man Crate 15 minutes ago and have sampled 3 of the meats so far and they are all delicious, super high quality and I love the variety! I already hinted that I want it next Christmas too! (or sooner)

    Aug 17th 2022
    Awesome Gift

    My dad looked like a kid on Christmas morning opening up the crate

    Jan 10th 2022
    Excellent Exotic meats

    I received this for Christmas from my brother - USAF feeding USMC - an excellent choice indeed. It was a blast cracking that box open with a mini crowbar !!! The contents all have been delicious. Buy one or two of these and live the dream of MEAT. !!! SFMF

    Jan 6th 2022
    Completely a Surprise Gift

    Delighted to see Man Crate. Had no idea it contained a wide variety of exotic meat jerky’s! Complete surprise! Still finding new surprises in the flavors! Fascinating & Enjoyable to eat gift! Had no idea these jerky’s existed! Thank you for unique surprise!

    Jul 9th 2021
    Great gift

    I bought this crate as a gift for my Dad, who is hard to shop for. He LOVED it! He said he enjoyed the look of the crate, had fun the way he had to open it and the contents were amazing. This is definitely something I would recommend purchasing for that man in your life who is hard to buy for, or who has everything they need.

    Nancy Hacker
    Jun 2nd 2021
    Greatest gift!!

    I surprised my boyfriend with this crate, and he loved it! Every piece of jerky was delicious, and it was so much fun trying it!! I will purchase this crate again and again. Loved it!!!

    May 16th 2021
    My man loved it!!

    My husband loved it! He shared with our kids and they liked it too. He said he would definitely want me to order him another in the future. Since he never heard of ManCrates, he was a little sketchy of what was in the box. The story he told me was hilarious! My boy said that it wasn't delivered like all our other packages because it wasn't USPS that delivered it and since they never heard of ManCrates they thought it was a bomb 🤣🤣. Once they opened it and realized it was jerky. They were still clueless of what they received. My husband called me and asked me about it and I was like that's your anniversary present. They super had a 🤦moment.

    Feb 15th 2021
    Best man present ever!!

    I always find it hard to shop for my husband!! Not since ManCrates was created!! I got this exotic meats crate for hubs for v day abs he couldn’t get enough!! My favorite part.. opening it!! Love these!!

    Merty Gibson
    Feb 9th 2021

    Look very good

    Julie Jung
    Dec 29th 2020
    Best Christmas Surprise

    Discovered this site from a Facebook ad and thought it would be a different and unique Christmas gift. It did not disappoint. The husband enjoyed everything about this crate. Will definitely be ordering more from this site in the future.

    Dec 28th 2020
    Exotic Meats Crate = Awesome!

    My husband absolutely loved this! He enjoys all jerky and was exciting to try these different kinds. It made a great Christmas present! Will definitely order from ManCrates again in the future.

    Dec 21st 2020
    Happiest Grandpa on the planet

    I ordered this for my 89 year old grandpa for Christmas. He's always been a lover of jerky and used to big game hunt back in the day traveling all over the world. Due to age and Covid, he's been stuck at home. My grandma passed away last year and my dad (his son) passed 2 years ago. He's had a rough few years and he's been quite lonely. I wanted to get him something to brighten his day. He just called and was over the moon thrilled with his gift. Said it took him 15 minutes to get it opened but he was just beyond happy which made my week and my heart beyond happy! He's so excited to try all the jerky! Thank you for having this available. You've made my 89 year old grandpa's Christmas!

    Dec 20th 2020

    I been ordering there stuff for 5 years every Christmas and valentines now! Always on time and never disappoint. It looks just like the photos and my boyfriend says it taste the best jerky he’s ever had. I’m definitely a customer for life with this company!

    Barbara funsch
    Nov 26th 2020
    Crate is awesome

    The nut crate I got my husband last year made our Christmas. Getting inside the package was a riot. We had teenagers, oldsters, everyone trying to get it open (I wrapped it just as it came to the door.). He loved it, the nuts, the jovial good time. Plan to do same now.

    Jun 22nd 2020
    came a day late but well worth it

    I always order gifts in advance for anything so I dont have to panic about it not coming on time. I ordered this crate for my husband in the middle of may and chose the delivery date to be the day before fathers day. I did this because I have zero self control and always give him his gifts the second the get delivered and I didnt want to worry about that this year. Unfortunately it came late and was delivered the day after fathers day. Definitely a little disappointed that ordered so far in advance so I wouldn't have to worry about that and then it happened anyways. But the crate was amazing and we plan to order some more for Christmas this year. However, he did get it open within 5 minutes (including the duct tape) so I think we'll add zip ties to any future purchases.

    Jun 2nd 2020
    Exotic Meats

    My husband was surprised and loved every ounce of the taste test he did. I would purchase this over again and I would recommend it to everyone.

    Paul Border
    Jun 2nd 2020
    Awesome B-day present!

    Got this from my daughter. She really knows her Dad!
    A magnificent fight with the crate to find various unique, wonderful, tasty, and artfully dried meats inside!
    Keeping the crate as a larder for more dried treats!

    Amanda S
    Mar 17th 2020

    Every single one of these were so delicious!!! We were pleasantly surprised! Will order more crates again! By the way, id recommend your husband to open this outside if any trouble opening with wood splints on the floor for crawling babies ;)

    Luciano Angelo Berardi
    Dec 25th 2019
    Awesome gift

    I absolutely love this gift. Such a cool idea and I’m a huge Jerky fan. Keeping the box because it can definitely be used for something and the crowbar I can add to my collection. Great Idea!!

    BIll Van Aacken
    Jun 27th 2019
    Awesome Father's Day Surprise

    I had a package arrive a day before father's day 2019... a duck tape wrapped cube! (I have wrapped a few gifts in duck tape over the years and several have been wrapped gifts inside additional wrapped layers)

    After seeing who sent it, I contacted my daughter to see if I could open it early. I was able to as long as we streamed the video to her and her boyfriend.

    The duck tape was pretty well wrapped, so it took me a bit to unwind the tape around the box. Then opening the outer box I saw the crate and the crow bar! It took a bit. One edge came off pretty easy, but the cover had been sealed with hot glue (no additional nails). I started to reach for a hammer and was told "NO"... So I got more creative on edges and corners to break into the crate... Needless to say, I got in and found EXOTIC MEATS!

    Here I am days later and I am still enjoying the meats!

    And I thought enough of how cool this was to write this review!!!

    Jun 18th 2019
    Fathers day gift

    Wife got this for me for fathers day and was amazing. I love beef jerky and this variety was awesome.

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