Zombie Surival Gifts

Surviving the zombie apocalypse requires you to travel quickly and quietly, and that means packing light. You have to pick your tools wisely and keep them within reach at all times...

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  • $89.99
    No Need to Outrun the Walkers... – You just need to be a tougher target than the next guy. When you're in a survival situation, it's every man for… more himself. The Zombie Survival Crate makes the difference between being that guy and being the next guy. less
    Anne - I got this for my husband knowing my teen boys would enjoy it, too. Hubby had fun opening it… more at the party, but the look on my son's face was priceless. He inched his way over to the crate, snagged the machete, and held on to it the rest of the afternoon. Now, we're all ready to binge watch the Walking Dead! LOL! less
  • $119.99
    Shepherd the Weak through the Valley of Darkness – There's more to life than survival. The Zombie Suppression Crate packs enough tools to ensure you… more and your kin can make it through the zombie apocalypse. less
    Lori - Never have I seen a 43 yr. old man smile more or act like a school boy than when he opened… more this crate! He still comments on it days later! P.S. He loves Spam! less
  • $149.99
    Great Vengeance and Furious Anger – It's time to take the fight to them. Arm yourself to the teeth and go on the offensive against the evil undead… more with the liberally equipped Zombie Annihilation Crate. less
    Martha - I got this for my boyfriend. He loved it. He is not a zombie fanatic, but he is a man and… more men love knives. he was excited to see what was inside the box since the moment he saw it. we had a great time cheering him on while he struggled to open it! ps. i got it duck taped ! lol less

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