The Snack Pack

Sweet snacks, savory snacks, candies, cookies, popcorn, nuts, potato chips- everything a man needs to stock his Man Cave.
  • Sweet snacks, savory snacks, candies, cookies, popcorn, nuts, potato chips- everything a man needs to stock his Man Cave.
  • Sweet, spicy, savory.  Men crave snacks that pack flavor, and this crate has them in abundance.
  • Updated for the hot summer months, the Man Crates Snack Pack features all melt-resistant, man-approved chow to make the trek from Man Crates HQ to its destination.
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A Cornucopia of Man Fuel

What happened to us, men? Somewhere along the line, we lost a part of ourselves. We started manscaping, our jeans got skinny, and we began ordering light beers at bars. We cashed in our masculinity for sensitivity, traded steaks for salads, and let our hands get soft when we exchanged keyboards for tools.

But we didn't truly give up hope until we let it become acceptable to give a man a wicker gift basket, wrapped in cellophane and filled with all sorts of fragrant smelling lotions and soaps and tiny jars of fruit preserves and fancy chocolates.

No more. We're taking a stand, and that stand is in the shape of a wooden crate jam-packed with stuff guys actually want. That means delicious and awesome snacks and none of that ridiculous fake fluffy sawdust stuff.

When you order a Man Crate, we pack it up with pride, seal it shut, and ship it off to its new home with a crowbar--because opening something should require a tool, not a double-click. We're pretty sure the only way we could make these more masculine is if we air dropped them with a special operations team that kicked your front door down and delivered them into your living room (and we’re working on that).

So fellas: ship your buddy a Man Crate, and remind him that when he holds the line against the onslaught of lightly-scented, pastel-colored, wicker basket emasculinization, he's not standing alone.

And ladies: send the man in your life a Man Crate and show him that you believe in the hairy-chested, bear-fighting superhombre that still lurks in his heart.

Your Dentist's Nightmare

  • Oreos
  • Nutter Butter cookies
  • Chips Ahoy cookies
  • Theater Box of Starbursts
  • Peanuts in the Shell
  • Pringles Potato Chips
  • Nature Valley Granola Bar

Snacks on Snacks

  • Premium Popcorn
  • Corn Nuts
  • Rice Krispy Treats bar
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Hot Tamales spicy cinnamon candies
  • Cracker Jack box
  • Huge box of Crunch & Munch


In a sealed wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar. No bow, no ribbons, no fluff, and absolutely no instrustions.
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    Product Reviews

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    1. 01/23/2015 Unknown The Snack Pack 4

      perfect man gift!!

      It was so much fun!!

    2. 01/15/2015 Rita The Snack Pack 5

      Sent to co-worker

      For helping with a special project, I sent a man-crate to 2 co-workers. They loved them! I sent them with the duct tape wrapping and it was a hit with the whole office. Definitely will re-order.

    3. 01/8/2015 Tom O'Callaghan The Snack Pack 5

      Surprise for soldiers

      I recently sent a snack crate to each of the soldiers (2) I have "adopted" who are serving overseas and they absolutely loved them. Not only for the snacks inside but also for the creative packaging. They both said it was fun getting their teams together and waiting to see what the crate contained as they were opened. The snacks didn't last long but thanks for providing a product that helped brighten the day of some of America's finest.

    4. 01/5/2015 Karen The Snack Pack 5

      Great Gift

      I bought two of these crates for my two college age sons. They were a little difficult to open if you wanted to save the crates for another use. Maybe not so much glue when you seal them. They loved the snacks inside. Will buy again.

    5. 12/29/2014 LC The Snack Pack 5

      Don't let the little crate fool you

      The Snack Pack was a great gift for my son. He had to really step it up to open up this gift. He was surprised at how much could actually fit in this little crate. Purchase one of these, it's worth the fun!!

    6. 12/29/2014 Illah The Snack Pack 5

      Love to gift these!

      Man Crates never fails!

    7. 12/29/2014 Terri The Snack Pack 3

      Birthday gift for my son

      I bought this as a unique gift for my son's 23rd birthday. I was excited about it coming in a crate, however, I thought it would be larger. I was somewhat disappointed in how difficult it was to open and because of that the crate was ruined. However, on the plus side my son loved the goodies inside and the little crowbar. I may purchase again, but probably in the ammo box the next time.

    8. 12/26/2014 Margaret Huebsch The Snack Pack 5

      This was an amazing gift! My son was thrilled, especially opening it with a crow bar.

      Great gift ideas. Would like to see more items you put in ammo boxes. You didn't have many with ammo boxes. Other than that it was the perfect gift. I will definitely order again.

    9. 12/26/2014 Jessie The Snack Pack 4

      hell yeah

      I gave this gift to my boyfriend for christmas! He loveedddd it, the only part he mentioned was that he wish it was nailed on instead of glued on! I would like to send the video of him opening it to you guys! its very manly guaranteed. He loved the gift so much and was very impressed. I plan on getting one for every ocassion!

    10. 12/26/2014 Unknown The Snack Pack 5

      Man Crate is a hit!

      Great idea! This present was a big hit!

    11. 12/24/2014 Unknown The Snack Pack 5

      My Dad loved it.

      It was a great gift to give my Dad who never gives me ideas for gifts.

    12. 12/16/2014 Christine Pedregon The Snack Pack 5

      pure awesomeness!!!!

      Fantastic gift for the guy that has everything, the friend you hate Christmas shopping for & when I want to show Grandpa some love!!!

      Thanks for making me the awesome fiancé, friend & granddaughter!!!

    Showing reviews 1-12 of 75 | Next

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