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Get Your Excessive Celebration On!

The NFL Barware Crate is practically a yellow flag factory

NFL Crate

Shipped with a crowbar

Because unwrapping gifts is half the fun

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Man Crates Manifesto

We say 'no' to ugly neckties, cologne samplers and executive trinkets. We don't save wrapping paper, we don't do ribbons.

We ship bragworthy gifts for guys. Gifts that you can't wait to arrive because you know the recipient will love opening them.

Gifts that people gather round at the office, people following the sounds of wood being torn from wood by the included, laser-engraved crowbar.

We are Man Crates, and we deliver awesome gifts for men.

Awesome Gifts fo Guys

Awesome Gifts for Men

Whether you're shopping for a gentleman of refined tastes or a rugged survivalist we're sure the lucky guy will love getting a Man Crate.    So sure that all our crates are backed by our industry-leading high five guarantee.   So go ahead.   Send him a gift that's tough to open and impossible to forget.
Send a Man Crate.

How are we doing?

High Five Guarantee

We're positive the lucky guy about to receive a Man Crate from you will be thrilled. In fact we're so sure of it that every crate we sell comes with our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. That's what legal forced us to call it. Since we like to think of a high five as an inkless stamp of approval, we prefer to call it the High Five Guarantee.

In the highly unlikely event that your crate arrives and is somehow not high five (or fist bump) worthy, send a carrier pigeon, paper airplane with a detailed description of the issue, or smoke signals to Man Crates HQ. Better yet, give us a call at 866-902-7260 and we'll make it right. Promise.

The Man Crates Team

Man Crates Store

Love for Man Crates

"I'm in the Marine Corps and wanted to get my dad something for a surgery he's having. Man Crates was perfect - he's going to use his pint glasses and coasters on his outdoor deck he built himself."
- Justin
"I just found mancrates and its awesome! Can't wait to get the high five from my little brother when he receives his crate."
- Erik
"I gave the original to my husband and he loved it so I'm giving one to my dad."
- Trish
"Got the crate today - LOVE LOVE LOVE it! What a great product!"
- Gina
"We send gifts to our clients and I spend a lot of time trying to find gift baskets they'll like. Man Crates are perfect for them!"
- Brandi