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Old School Crate

It's like you had the foresight to leave yourself a time capsule from your childhood.
  • It's like you had the foresight to leave yourself a time capsule from your childhood.
  • Pro-tip: Display a Rubik's cube on your desk and people assume you can solve it. One man's frustrating waste of time is another man's brilliant career move.
  • Over 100 years of sugary history packed into one crate. It's a virtual time machine for you and your dentist.
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Never Outgrow Fun

Growing up is optional. Maybe nobody told you that you had a choice, or maybe you just woke up one day and realized that it had happened to you.  The good news is that it's reversible.

More About 'Fun'

You've had fun before, why not have fun again?

If it's been a while, don't sweat it- this kit has everything you need to relearn the basics: a classic metal Slinky, the original stultifying Rubik's Cube, a Yomega Yo-Yo, and a Pez Dispenser (with reloads).  Could it be the greatest assortment of retro gear ever assembled into a wooden crate? It is Decidedly So.

Let's Take it Back

This crate is like an archaelogical dig through Willy Wonka's factory.  We travelled back in history and catalogued layer after layer of candy to create a timeline of candy stretching back past the 1893 Chicago World's Fair.

So pry this crate open and forget about that mortgage payment. There's a Rubik's Cube to solve and some serious life choices to shake out.

Nostalgia Tokens

  • Slinky
  • Rubick's Cube
  • Yomega Yo-Yo
  • Pez Dispenser

100 Years of Candy

  • Good & Plenty (Introduced 1883)
  • Pez Candy (1927)
  • Red Vines (1952)
  • Now and Later (1962)
  • Lemonheads (1962)
  • Sugar Babies (1963)
  • Pop Rocks (1970)
  • Big League Chew (1980)
  • Nerds (1983)
  • Cry Babies (1990)


In a sealed wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar. No bow, no ribbons, no fluff, and absolutely no instructions.

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    Product Reviews

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    1. 12/26/2015 Candace Old School Crate 4

      Fun to watch

      I gave the crate to my teenage son for Christmas. It took him forever to open it - it's sealed quite well. He enjoyed all the toys and candy it contained.

    2. 12/9/2015 Liz Old School Crate 5

      Army strong

      Bought this for my stepson who is in the Army and had to spend Thanksgiving away from the family...just as a pick me up. He loved it and the games and whatnot are always great-no matter what age you are. I will continue to purchase Man Crates for all the men in my life.

    3. 09/2/2015 Lauren Old School Crate 5

      Classically Awesome

      I ordered this crate for my impossible-to-buy-for husband for Father's Day. It was definitely a hit! He & my son had quite a time breaking into the box & were definitely curious as they pried their way in. He was totally surprised. We had many laughs over things we had forgotten about as kids. The kids wanted to try everything all at once, including the slinky (which only survived the day). My husband loved the Rubik's cube so much that it is now an obsession of his, as well as a stress reliever when work gets crazy. He's even gone so far as to order several other "Speed cubes" and is constantly wrapped up researching strategies to solve the cube. Our 5 year old daughter has even caught the Rubik's fever! Great gift!!

    4. 08/9/2015 Sandy Old School Crate 5

      Old School Crate

      I ordered this for my son who recently left for college and it was a huge hit. He loved the slinky and Pop rocks. Will be ordering other crates in the future.

    5. 08/4/2015 Jami Old School Crate 5

      Old School Crate

      My 43 year old Marine boyfriend loooooved this crate. Took him about ten minutes to open it and was laughing and loving every second of it. He's so excited about the candy and toys and about the box, he's gonna add hinges and turn it into a storage box in his house. I was super happy to find a gift he loved and made him laugh.

    6. 05/28/2015 Darla Old School Crate 5

      Old School Crate

      For our son's 42 birthday, we decided man crates would be the way to make this birthday memorable. He had played with all the toys that came in the crate when he was a child and ate most of the candies then too. So when he opened the crate he was very surprised and had to show his boys how to "walk the dog" with the yoyo. The candies he hid for later. By the way, great job wrapping with the duct tape, it was fun watching him getting the crate opened.

    7. 05/20/2015 Theresa Old School Crate 5

      Fun Fun Gift

      Had the crate delivered to my son in law for his birthday. He and everyone who saw it , loved it! Very clever idea filled with nostalgic toys and candy! Can't wait to send another man crate.

    8. 05/19/2015 Helayne Stillings Old School Crate 5

      great gift!!

      Great gift, my boss loved it, the duct tape was a wonderful addition. Took him 1/2 hour to open

    9. 04/20/2015 Sharon Old School Crate 5

      Awesome anniversary gift

      I got this for my hubby. It was so much fun watching him open it and go through the crate, taking everything out a piece at a time. It was almost like an early Christmas present. He thought it was great. Soon he will have the cube solved , then work on his yo-yo skills.
      Now, what to do for next year? How am I suppose to top this?

    10. 03/27/2015 Diane Kapral Old School Crate 5

      The Best Gift Ever!

      My husband and I got the Old School Man Crate for our son who lives on the west coast. He was so delighted with it that he posted pictures on Facebook with a link to Man Crates! This may not see like a big deal, but this is a guy who posts maybe three times a year, and never with web links, so it is huge to us! Thanks for making this experience a great birthday joy for him! BTW, I think our other son is a bit jealous, so I'll be ordering for his birthday too!

    11. 02/19/2015 Kristen Old School Crate 5

      Best Valentine's Day gift ever!!

      My fiancé loved getting this crate for Valentine's Day. Him and I had just had a conversation a few days prior to me purchasing this for him, about all the "old school" toys and things he used to have. He was so excited when he opened the box and saw so many of his favorite childhood things. Thanks again Mancrates for making it easy to shoot for someone who is soemtimes hard to buy for.

    12. 12/26/2014 Rachel M. Old School Crate 5

      Great Crate!

      The Old School Crate was my 29 year old nephew's Christmas present. He absolutely loved it! The best part was watching him try to open the crate! Once the crate was opened, he was impressed with all of the candy & toys he remembered from his childhood. Great gift, would definitely order again!

    Showing reviews 1-12 of 29 | Next

    5/5 for 29 Old School Crate reviews

    Rubik's Cube Pro-Tips

    #1 It's not a toy, it's a career move

    Most people who see a Rubik’s cube on your desk will assume you can solve it.

    Most people can’t solve Rubik’s cubes, so they’ll assume you’re smarter than them. Bottom line- put a Rubik’s cube on your desk and ask for a promotion.

    Put a Rubik’s cube on your desk and ask for a promotion

    #2 We have other talents

    We can’t solve Rubik’s cubes. We wanted to provide Rubik’s cube advice as part of our top notch customer service, but we can’t. Please don’t call us about cubes.

    Please don’t call us about cubes.

    #3 There's always a solution

    There’s more than one way to solve a Rubik’s cube. The Gerber Combo Axe worked pretty well for us.

    There's more than one solution to a Rubik's cube

    Great gift tool set for guys.

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