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Office Golf Crate

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In the Box

The Short Game

  • SKLZ Chipping Training Net
  • 12 Impact Practice Balls
  • Turf Chipping Mat & Rubber Tee

The Shorter Game

  • Putt Pocket Training Cup
  • Line M Up Ball Marking Tool

How It Ships

Crate gifts are shipped in a Man Crates cardboard shipper box.
In a sealed wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar.

  • Order today and it ships the next business day
    Order today and it ships the next business day
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    Choose your delivery date at checkout

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Don't Quit Your 9-5

We've fallen asleep in front of enough Tony Robbins infomercials to know the first step to living out your dreams is prioritizing them. Thus, the first step for all those sweet swingers out there trying to play golf as their profession is to start playing golf at their profession.

Those PGA checks are as comically large as they are hard to come by, so we wouldn't recommend ditching the stability of a biweekly paycheck without putting in sufficient practice. And practicing round the clock includes practicing on the clock.

The Office Golf Crate brings the course to the cubicle so any starry-eyed guy can break up the long hours by shoring up his short game.

It's All In The Chips

Golf culture is already at home in the typical workplace, what with the dorky pants, sub-par performances, and constant under-breath obscenities, so a turf chipping mat and rubber tee are really just the next phase of corporate professionalism.

The SKLZ chipping net improves chipping accuracy, relieves stress, and sets up and tears down faster than a "quick stand-up meeting," though in fairness most things do. And the twelve SKLZ impact practice balls bounce harmlessly off all office equipment/employees and look great scattered about the office.

The Proof Is In The Putting

Every golf geek daydreams of sinking that final putt on the 18th of Augusta in front of the HUNDREDS bored enough to be watching golf at home, but to win that Masters green jacket, one must first master the green.

The Putt Pocket forces strokes to the high side of the hole and transforms any office carpet, parking lot, or large conference table into a cross-training putting green. And the Putt Positioning System keeps those slow rollers in line with sharpie marks straight into the cup.

The Office Golf Crate is the non-fireable way to squeeze a round of eighteen into the 9-5 workday.

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