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All reviews for Personalized Whiskey Connoisseur Crate

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    Matt Johnston
    Jan 8th 2015
    Epitome of cool

    What do you buy for friends that have everything? The Whiskey Connoisseur Crate! This is a quality gift that was well thought out by the staff at Mancrates... So much so, I bought two. The gifts were very well received and they wont stop talking about how great of an idea the gift was, even the packaging. Mancrates is now my GO TO for great gift ideas!

    Thank you!!!!

    Scott Pine
    Dec 15th 2014

    My son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter sent me this crate. The etching on the decanter is top shelf, the Glencairn glasses are the perfect complement to an aerated single malt beverage. My family found the perfect gift!!

    Mandy D.
    Oct 7th 2017
    Great Birthday Gift

    I got this crate for my husband's birthday since we have been drinking whiskey more lately and since our decanter is hard to hold while pouring. I wanted to surprise him with this present and was excited that he still had no clue what it was after trying to figure it out for multiple days. That is why I was so very disappointed when he opened the box and there was a barcode sticker on the outside of the crate that said "Whiskey...". I had expected him to have to struggle to open the crate for awhile and still have no idea what it was until he pried off the lid. The surprise was gone but it was still fun to see his face as he pulled out all of the contents. That being said, the crate was amazing and he loved everything. The decanter is beautiful and I love that there are small flaws in the glass. The Glencairn glasses and slate coasters are little gems. I have bought 2 other crates and all of them have been wonderful gifts. I will just be sure to look closer at the crate when it comes out of the box for description stickers from now on. Will be buying more crates very soon.

    Oct 7th 2017
    Perfect Birthday Gift

    I got this crate for my Husband for his birthday since we are drinking more whiskey lately and the decanter we have is uncomfortable while pouring. He had been trying to guess what it was for awhile and he still had no clue. I was looking forward to him having to wait until he pry open the top. I was so disappointed to see a barcode sticker with "Whiskey..." on the outside of the crate. Other than the surprise lost, the crate was amazing. The decanter is beautiful and I love that there are slight flaws in the glass. The Glencairn glasses and the slate coasters are a perfect gem in this crate. My husband was overjoyed with his present. I have bought 2 other crates and they have all been fabulous. I just will be more vigilant to look at the crates when they come out of the box.

    Toby Selcer
    Dec 29th 2015
    Missing part

    I was totally shocked when I go this for Christmas. I pretty much buy things when I want them and gifts never really are things I want. This was GREAT except there was no stopper! Big disappointment. I will contact them and hope they will send me a stopper. I would have given them a five star for sure other than missing that part.

    Oct 27th 2015
    Great gift BUT the box was a spoiler!

    I was so excited to get this gift for my boyfriend and couldn't wait to surprise him with it, he really enjoyed opening it and loved everything inside so I'd definitely say that part was a hit, and have a few other ideas I'd like to get him from here. BUT I was very unhappy because I am never one to be able to keep a surprise and he had no idea where it was coming from, until he happened to get home before me and since the box is stamped MAN CRATES,where it was coming from was a bit spoiled and may put me off from a future purchase if it will spoil the surprise. BUT very great products, very great quality and definitely what I was looking for.

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