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    Stephanie Alexander
    Dec 8th 2020
    Very Happy

    I got this for my boyfriend who is a big whiskey fan. He loved it. It comes with a crowbar. It took us a while to open it. Open it from the bottom, FYI, if you want to save the crate. Also, it came very fast. He was looking at all the boxes you have the night he opened it. Great job, guys!

    Dec 31st 2019
    Don't Tell Santa But Thanks Mrs Claus

    Dayum I Must Be A Really Good Friend. I Received The Whiskey Connoisseur Crate For Christmas And What Can I Say She Did A Good Job. P.S. Opening It Was Easy! You Just Have Think Outside The Box.

    Drew Parkin
    Dec 7th 2019
    Best gift ever!

    Someone gave me this for my 40th birthday. Was so cool opening the crate let alone how amazing the gift was inside! Recommend to send to anyone!

    Pamela Miller
    Dec 27th 2016

    Xmas Gift for my hubby. We had three man crates under the tree and it was funny watching them each open them. I'm thankful the cards were on the outside of the crate because that way we could be sure each man got the right crate (Hubby, Son and guest).

    Kayla D.
    Dec 7th 2016

    My boyfriend loved every piece of this crate. As soon as he opened it he made a trip to the store for 'some of the good scotch' and then showed me a video about the awesomeness of the Glencairn glass. Give a man the perfect gift and he's just like a kid in a candy store.

    Sep 27th 2016
    Man Crates makes it right...

    Ordered this crate for my husband for our 8th wedding anniversary... I'll start by saying the contents are awesome; my husband loves it. The decanter and glasses are definitely quality barware. He hasn't broken into the snacks, but I'm sure they're great, too. Now for a caveat: When ordering this, I might recommend setting it to deliver a day early, as mine delivered the day after our anniversary, which was pretty disappointing. However, Will L. stepped up and refunded the shipping costs, which was really classy and appreciated. So, thank you Man Crates for a quality gift with awesome presentation and for stellar customer service.

    Mar 7th 2016
    put AWE in AWESOME!

    Sent this to my Brother out of state for Christmas. What a gift. He was blown away about everything. The duct tape, the wooden box, the crowbar, no instructions and finally the contents. He proudly displays the decanter and glasses in the center of his bar. This Gift MADE his Christmas and he still sends me photos when he drinks from his engraved glasses. Oh, He also LOVES, LOVES, LOVES the round Ice Cubes... This product was a GREAT gift and worth every penny. His excited phone call on Christmas and the photos that followed gave me great pleasure. Thank You MAN CRATES!!!!

    Jan 6th 2016
    Christmas Surprise

    My boyfriend is in to everything whiskey, so this was a perfect gift set for him. I was worried about the glass since I ordered it early and had to travel for Christmas, but it made it through that and the return journey without any issues. It was very well packaged and fun to watch him try to open it to avoid too much attention. Well worth it.

    Toby Selcer
    Jan 6th 2016
    These guys are amazing

    Ok, I wrote an earlier review with a 4 star because my crate was missing the stopper. I contacted man crate, guess what, I got a new stopper! Unheard of now days. I would give them 6 stars if I could. I use it every day! My friends are jealous. This thing is unique and cool. I'm an old dude and have pretty much anything I want (within reason of course). My wife totally caught me off guard with this gift. LOVE IT! Guys are great and stand behind their stuff!

    Dec 30th 2015
    Christmas awesomeness

    I got this for my spoiled husband for dinner. As soon as it showed up he kept asking "what's in the crate, what's in the crate?" Everyone who spied it under the tree wanted to know, what's in the crate. What a fun gift for someone who has everything. Thanks ManCrates!

    Oct 9th 2015
    This was so cool!

    I bought this Man Crate for my husband's birthday - he was totally surprised and loved every part of it - from opening a totally duck taped box to using the crow bar to open the crate to the surprises inside. Everything was quality and it arrived when they said it would. I'll be buying more from this company!

    Sep 28th 2015
    Couldn't Ask For Anything Else

    OMG! You guys are great. I went to order this gift for my dad and you were out. I called on a Sunday and your customer service was awesome. She told me you would email me as soon as they get a shipment in and it should be soon. I did get the email the next evening (the email was extremely witty), and I made my purchase. I didn't realize you include a crow bar-how funny! My dad loved everything. Even the little notes about opening the gift. You are terrific. It's so nice to get something you pay for these days. Thank you! I'll be ordering again.

    Kylee Carlin
    Aug 27th 2015
    Awesome Anniversary Gift

    I bought this gift for my husband for our anniversary and he loved it. After getting lost by FEDEX and unable to find the package, Man Crates exceptional customer service helped me when I wasn't sure what else to do. I would definitely recommend this gift, great quality and exceptional customer service!

    Aug 19th 2015
    Best Gift Ever!

    ....that's what he said! The gift was quite the hit. I knew it would be (have ordered from here before). Great presentation, great quality, perfect for the occasion too (combo bday / housewarming gift). As for the customer service- stellar! I highly recommend all things Man Crates!

    Jul 23rd 2015
    Amazing! - Great Customer Service Also

    I have JUST ordered this.
    Spent a couple days with customer service asking questions and finding out additional details.
    Their customer service completely rocks!
    I can't say anything more great about this company.
    Can't wait to get this in to have additional engravings done for a buddy's wedding.

    Jul 17th 2015

    A friend recommended ManCrates to me, so I thought I would try it. My husband really has everything, so the whiskey crate was perfect. He absolutely loved it! He thought it was cool that he had to open it with a crow bar! He also loves having the carafe with his initials on it. It really is an ideal gift.

    Marie Miller
    Jul 15th 2015

    I ordered this for my son-in-law's birthday and he and my daughter can't stop raving about it. They especially loved the crate and thought it was the most unique gift ever. My only complaint with the company is that they are out of stock on so many items with no date for availability. Otherwise it was a perfect gift.

    Michael Gaudette
    Jun 28th 2015

    The Whiskey Connoisseur Crate is outstanding. I purchased it as a birthday gift for my son who is a whiskey aficionado with a great sense of humor, albeit a bit warped. The duct tape wrapping and the pry bar appealed to his sense of humor and we enjoyed watching him struggling getting the package open. The quality of the items in the crate are excellent and the etching was perfect. To top all of that off - it arrived exactly when it was scheduled to arrive. Great job!

    Rob Humphrey
    Jun 25th 2015
    Excellent Gift

    Just wanted to express how satisfied I was with the Whiskey Connoisseur crate. Although there was a small issue with one of the items, the customer service was top notched, and the issue was quickly remedied. My father sent me the following in email: "What a neat and unique gift – never received anything like it before. I love everything and I will repurpose the nice wooden crate". Thanks again Man Crates!

    Jun 24th 2015
    very unique & an unexpected gift to my husband

    This was the first time I ordered from the company...I would order again in a heartbeat! Presentation, quality, uniqueness all deserve an A+. The shipment delivered on date expected & my husband loved it!

    Renee Pratta
    Jun 12th 2015
    Better Then Sliced Bread!

    As the Mom of five boys, one son-in-law and one husband .... All I can say is THANK YOU MAN CRATES! I'm now the "popular mom" even though my kids are grown and gone! Yes, Man Crates is "Better than sliced bread"!

    May 22nd 2015

    It truly is the perfect gift for the man that has everything

    Zoe Denise
    May 21st 2015
    whiskey Connoisseur Crate

    I bought this as a gift for my better half on his birthday (today) and gave it to him to open up at his job as I was short on time and after reading the reviews as to getting the crate open after the special duct tape wrapping I knew I'd be pushing for time. He had specific instructions to get someone to record him before he even touched it and he followed them to a tee! My coworkers and I laughed at him and his coworkers getting the gift open! It was a total success and I truly thank you all at ManCrates for this special gift. He is the highlight of the day and everyone loves the crate that it came in.

    May 13th 2015
    F**king Yeah (Recipients Words)

    We live in Bourbon Country and I wanted to get the love of my life and best friend a unique and personalized gift and after scouring his house I found this was something he didn't have. Forget the fact that you all have fantastic personalities as indicated by various verbiage on your site and the fact it comes in a box with a crowbar and I could get it wrapped in duct tape. Need. I. Say. More.

    Can we say "f**k yeah" in a review?

    Anyways I stalked your package from California to Louisville, Kentucky (I may be banned from the shippers site by this point) and I learned that all glorious 13 pounds were sitting on his porch.

    He went home and opened it and has since declared it the most unique, thoughtful, and best gift he has ever received.

    You all did not disappoint. Keep doing manly sh*t and I will keep buying it.

    Jennifer Alderfer
    May 12th 2015
    Perfect gift

    This was just the right mix of gifts! The crate packaging is the coolest, especially with diabolical duct tape. The etching was done very well.

    Thank You!

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