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    Bryan Williams
    Jun 28th 2014
    My Man Crate

    My wife & I had a blast opening the crate and it was a really cool experience. It was a gift from my son for Fathers day and a real treat all around. Loved the card and the overall "Maness" of it and recommend it to anyone with a special man in their life to send one on.

    Ryan Fiala
    Jun 23rd 2014
    father loved it

    had a blast trying to open the crate... he enjoyed the overall experience and coolness about this gift....

    Jun 21st 2014
    Birthday Gift

    I bought this crate for my husband's birthday and he loved it. My husband thought it was great that it came with a crow bar. He dug into some of the jerky right away and it was a huge hit! I plan on ordering more crates!

    Jun 19th 2014
    Father's Day Hit

    I was searching for unique gifts for Father's Day and came across Man Crates. My 13 year old son said that is perfect, let's get it. My husband is extremely hard to buy for. His oldest son was over while he was opening it. He just kept saying no way that is awesome, that is so awesome. Opening the crate was the highlight of our whole day. My husband absolutely loved it. I will be a return customer for sure!!

    Jun 19th 2014
    i am a SIKO


    Jun 18th 2014
    Dad loved it

    I sent this to my dad for Father's Day since I was not able to visit and he loved it. The experience of opening up the crate to find a huge stash of jerky is something that I do not think he will ever forget. Thanks Man Crates.

    Kelli F
    Jun 16th 2014
    Fathers Day Win

    My dad is pretty picky but this was perfect and I'll be back for another purchase at Christmas time.

    Jun 15th 2014
    slaugtherhouse crate

    I don't know if he liked the beef jerkies or not, but the packaging made it all worth while......he started laughing when he saw the duct tape wrapping and then had to use the crowbar to open it......the packaging alone was worth the price! It's definitely a 'keeper' idea for a guy's gift!

    Flo H
    Jun 15th 2014
    Slaughterhouse Crate

    My son is in the Army and although he is stateside he spent his 19th birthday 1800 miles away from his family, I had no idea what to send him. Then two days before his birthday I found Man Crates what a hit it was he loved it. Thank You! For helping make a awesome soldiers birthday great!

    May 17th 2014
    Slaughterhouse Crate

    Big Big hit!! Sent this to a friend on his birthday...he loved it so much he posted a picture of it on his Facebook. You can't go wrong...great guy gift delivery for sure!

    Denise C
    May 7th 2014
    Slaughterhouse Crate

    I was trying to find something to send to my husband while he was working out of town on his birthday-- didn't want anything frilly since he is a man, so did a search on man baskets and your site came up. It was great-- you didn't have the one in stock I wanted, but found something just as good to send to him. He throughly enjoyed receiving it.

    Apr 28th 2014

    My boyfriend thought this was so cool, especially the crow bar. I had such a great experience with this and will definitely order from you again. This time for my brother and father! Such a manly gift without any embarrassing balloons nor anything girly. Definitely a man's type of gift. Anyone want to get me the zombie crates or the gaming one, please feel free! Ladies approve of this too! The ladies in my office are thinking about this for their men too!

    Leah Zonn
    Apr 25th 2014
    Perfect Gift

    This gift was perfect for my husband! He loves beef jerky and the different snack items in this crate that's why I bought it for him! My husband works a lot and the least I could do was get him a little something that he can take to work with him while he drives around in his police car or while he's at the range for Coast Guard. This crate is the perfect mix of snacks to munch on while on the road and even at home. I would definitely recommend this crate to any hard working husband/boyfriend out there. Thanks Man Crates I will definitely be buying from you all again! The Bacon Crate is my next purchase :)

    Apr 21st 2014
    This Is Beyond Awesome!

    I shipped this to my boyfriends work (hospital). The receiver had opened the cardboard box and place the crate on his desk. While he was in surgery the nurses gathered around wondering what the heck was in there. He walked into his office, laughed and tackled the job of opening it with the crow bar. The nurses were cheering him on. They all had a ball! Mancrates was a huge hit! You will be getting many more orders from Michigan! Thank you for being creative and just plain studly!

    Apr 11th 2014
    Great gift!

    Took him by suprise! He had no idea what he was opening with the crowbar! Liked the variety of snacks along with the jerky. This is a great gift idea for your guy!

    Mar 5th 2014
    Slaughterhouse Crate

    My boyfriend loved it! All the guys at his work thought it was awesome! All the jerky and misc treats were fresh and tasted great.

    Feb 28th 2014
    I'm known as the cool/sexy wife!!

    My husband loved it, The crowbar was a big hit since he is a welder!! All the guys were jealous!!! Great gift idea!!

    Feb 26th 2014
    Slaughterhouse Crate was a Hit!

    I sent the crate to my husband's office for his birthday. I watched the FedEx website all morning; I couldn't wait for him to get it! He was so surprised and absolutely loved it! The commotion he made while trying to open the crate caused everyone around him to watch and snap pictures. He was thrilled with the contents and has been raving over the Chili Lime jerky all day! Can't wait to order another! Highly recommended.

    Feb 22nd 2014
    Couldn't even wait until Valentines day!

    I was so exited about giving this to my husband I couldn't even wait until Valentines! I gave this to him early so had to get creative for the actual day! ;) He loved this so much he says he wants more so he can make shelves out of the crates! Lol! Such a man! Love him so much that I see lots of man crates in my future!

    Feb 20th 2014
    I'm officially the office 'Cool Wife'

    Ordered this for my husband for Valentines Day, he loved it! He said the other people in the office we're looking up before he even had the crate open! He was thrilled and I was too! He said the duct tape cocoon was awesome and he's trying to find a place in his man cave to put the crate! Fantastic buy!

    Ms. Cody Buckley
    Feb 18th 2014
    Great Variety!

    My husband loved this Valentine's Day gift!! The packaging was great and very appropriate. Gift arrived on time and the amount of items in the crate surprised me! Loved it and will definitely use this company again for our next special occasion!

    Jennifer L Johnson
    Jan 27th 2014
    Pretty Awesome

    My brother, a military man of few words, most of them argumentative, declared his birthday present to be "pretty awesome."

    The add-on of wrapping the box in duct tape was well worth the extra $10.

    Jan 26th 2014
    Greatest man gift ever!

    I sent the Slaughter House to my son-in-law for his birthday. He called me up as soon as he got it and was so excited. He couldn't thank me enough. He said it was one of the greatest gifts he has ever received. I will definitely order from Man Crates again.

    Jan 23rd 2014
    Slaughter House!!!

    He loved it! The crowbar, the crate, the laughter and tears... and lastly the MEAT!

    Man Crates FTW!

    Jan 21st 2014
    You saved my bacon!

    I had forgot about my boyfriend's birthday until two days before - luckily I remembered Man Crates! Not only did it arrive on his birthday, but he loved opening it. I thought it would have been a good thing for him to take to his office but he said absolutely not! He knew the guys at work would annihilate it within minutes. He's still enjoying it. Thanks Man Crates!

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