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    Feb 21st 2015
    Happy Hubby!

    I bought the Retro Gamer Man Crate for my husband for Valentines Day! It was the coolest thing!! He absolutely loved prying it open with his crowbar! We have been playing the Nintendo games since he has got it! Such a neat idea! I definitely will be returning to get him another man crate in the future!!

    Feb 20th 2015
    Perfect for My Valentine!

    My husband LOVED receiving this gift! He was so excited to get the "old school" back to our gaming collection! My only negative is that he and I were really disappointed in the games that came with this crate. It would be really nice if there was an option to choose which games you receive with your crate, even if it came with a small extra fee.

    Feb 20th 2015
    perfect gift for a manly man

    He loved it!!!! Two things he appericate is his old school candy and the throwback games. It's was so worth it!! To see his face :) priceless.

    The only issue was the box it was delivered in... It wa suppose be a surprise and the mancrate was stamped all Over the box he googled it before I got home to give him the big surprise. Ehhh it was okay because he had to work hard to see what exactly I got him.

    Thanks guys!!

    Bree Johnson
    Feb 19th 2015
    An Awesome fun gift for a man

    I bought this for my husband for valentines day and he absolutely loved it! He was so excited like a little kid when he saw the crate that said "man crates " on the front with a mini crow bar, he had fun opening it and was thrilled when he got it open and saw the retro gaming system and candy from back in the day! He loves that kind of stuff. He said it was the 2nd best gift he ever got, (the first best was something sentimental from me) anyways he loved it and I will definitely be ordering more crates for him and also thinking for my brother as well ☺The only thing I had wished was that I could have chosen the games because one of them was kinda lame that he doesn't like , but he borrows a whole bunch of old Nintendo games that his buddy had in storage so he is happy playing those. Man Crates is very cool

    Feb 19th 2015
    Loved it!!

    I bought this for my husband for Valentine's Day. He absolutely loved it and it was a nice change! He had so much fun prying it open. I just wish you could choose your games other than that it's awesome!!

    Feb 19th 2015
    Retro Gamer

    I purchased this crate for my son's birthday and he loved it! Thank you and I look forward to you additional Man Crates.

    Feb 18th 2015
    It was a Happy Valentine's Day

    For so long I've been looking for something that would wow my husband on Valentine's Day that was equivalent to the flowers that he would send me... Thank you Man Crates for making my husbands day...

    Feb 18th 2015
    Great idea!

    The different varieties of crates makes it a perfect gift for all guys! I'm very happy with the crate I got for my boyfriend and he really enjoyed it. I picked the gamer crate and it worked perfectly. Thank you!

    Feb 17th 2015
    Tweet worthy

    My fiance loved it so much he tweeted at you the next day. we loved everything about it and he will definitely be getting another man crate in the future.

    Feb 17th 2015
    my boyfriend was so excited

    it was a big hit with him! He was like a kid hooking it up. Great gift!

    Shannon P.
    Feb 17th 2015
    You Saved the Day!

    My boyfriend LOVES his mancrate! And So do I! We were slightly disappointed when we ended up with two of the same games, however, I contacted you all and you all immediately fixed the issue! You guys Rock my Socks!

    Feb 16th 2015
    Great surprise for my husband

    I surprised my husband with this man crate for Valentine's day and he was thrilled. I mean, he was the one who sent me the link and said he specifically wanted this at some point! I added the duct tape for fun and enjoyed watching him try to wrestle it open. He thought the whole concept was a blast and really was happy with the game console, the two games and most of the candy. (What he didn't like I ate or gave to our kids!)

    Feb 12th 2015
    LOVED IT!!

    Got this for my man for his 25th. we sadly got a defected system. my hubby failed to tell me until months later when i tried to play it myself. i contacted them and even with the time and emails not going thur they came to my aid and without missing a beat they set us a new crate without trouble and it was near faster then i even knew it was coming!!! James was VERY!! helpful and accepted my call to sent up the new system with him on the phone to make sure we got a good system and we did we now have a four games to play even if not popular games its still amazing to have these and try them :) im a long term buyer and with this adding to the list of amazing things they have done for my hubby. ill be getting his gifts from them until they stop making them ;)

    Feb 4th 2015

    My son turned 13 and we decided what a fun way to welcome him to 'manhood' with a man crate. He loved it and all his friends thought it was the coolest. Now all of the kids are asking for one and even my daughter are begging for one of their own. The Retro gaming system was a huge hit with all the kids. Now my husband and I are excited to buy a bunch of games from our childhood and showing our kids some of the classics.

    Aunt Patti
    Dec 30th 2014
    Quick Service

    One week before Christmas, my sister tells me that 'the nephew' will not be joining us for the holidays. So, a quick internet search produces "Man Crates". Never heard of them. So, I take a look. Almost instantly (had to look at a few of the other, out-of-order, items) I found this game console. So I have it shipped to "Shark Boy". 12/24/14 I receive a voicemail from "Shark Boy" advising that he's received a "Man Crate" and he can't wait to open it on Christmas Day. (Actually, he opened it up after he hung up his call to me -- my sister was on Skype when he opened it. She said that the look on his face was priceless (yay, 2 gifts in one). He loved it.) Thank you very much for being AWESOME. Next year I will have to get onto your website earlier to get some of the gifts that were sold out.

    Dec 30th 2014
    Best gifts ever!

    I purchased two crates - this one and the hot & spicy crate. It came right on time and I was super excited to give them to my brothers for Christmas. When they took it out of the initial box, and saw the crowbar and crate I saw them crack a smile. The both of them struggled to get the top off, but it was so much fun watching them try to pry the top off. They both loved it and I'm definitely going to order more in the future!!

    Dec 29th 2014
    Loved It

    My husband loved his box. Was really excited when he saw it was a retro NES console with 2 games. He had some trouble opening the box with just the crowbar, maybe a small rubber mallet would help.

    Dec 28th 2014
    Retro Gamer

    Enjoying old school gaming!! Great gift. I enjoyed watching my boyfriend opening the package!

    Vanessa A
    Dec 28th 2014
    Great Grand Wonderful

    My husband is horrible at receiving presents! Typically he will just give a sincere thank you and move on, no big smile or gasp or any kind of excitement what so ever! When he opened up his crate he literally grinned like a kid in a candy store :-) everyday since he got it he has had it plugged in and playng it, we even went and got his old games from his parents house! I will definitely be looking at Man crates first for every holiday/event for my husband!!!

    Dec 27th 2014
    Let Down

    I purchased the Retro Gamer Man Crate on cyber Monday hoping so save a pretty penny just covered the shipping Boo. I was really interested in using the military discount but to use it i would have to get the info from my husband and spoil the surprise. The package arrived late, the diabolical duct tape not worth it. I was really hoping my husband would struggle or be impressed by the crate to find it hot glued together (crooked) and easy to pry apart. As i went on Amazon to pick up more games i found the price vastly inflated.

    Dec 26th 2014
    He loved It!

    I gave this to my son-in-law for Christmas and he was thrilled and the envy of others! Don't hesitate to try one too!

    Dec 26th 2014
    Retro game crate

    Got this for my son-in-law since he loves video games and he loved it. Recommend highly

    Jamie S
    Dec 26th 2014
    Room for Improvement

    My husband was completely surprised with this present! It was so fun watching him try to open it.
    However, I have to agree with "pamela smoot" below. #1)These crates should have the option to be customized. With the amount of money that is being spent, they should have at least some options to customize certain products. I ordered the Retro Gamer Man Crate, and I would have loved to have had the option to customize what games came in the crate. Or at least maybe what genre or type of game would be included (I've never heard of the two that were in our crate). Also, the product listing does not say anywhere in it, that the games will be 'pre-owned'. Lastly, I completely agree with the previous comment regarding the packaging. It was left on my doorstep, and my husband was with me when we pulled into the driveway. There it was, just sitting there, with MAN CRATE stamped all over the box! If he had been paying more attention, it would have completely ruined his Christmas present. It should definitely come in unmarked packaging. It can still have the marked box inside, but it really shouldn't be so obvious.

    Deb Powell
    Dec 25th 2014
    best present to give

    I gave this retro Game my son. He loved it.Had a blast trying to open it ,his was really nailed shut lol.His other brothers and sister wish they still lived at home.

    Nancy Harris
    Dec 24th 2014

    I got this as a gift for my son and he was totally taken by it with one exception....and only one. The crate wasn't nailed shut, it was apparently glued and he loved the crate and didn't want to destroy it while opening. So he carefully took one end off and will remove the pieces left by the glue. If there were a way to close the crate using actual nails or staples, that would be awesome! He loved everything inside the RETRO GAMER's crate! Good job, guys! Thanks for making me look like one Super Mama!!

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