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    Hannah Rich
    Sep 9th 2016
    Broken upon arrival

    my boyfriend was convinced that I was just making him open box for the fun of it hahah! took him 10 minutes, at least to open the man crate! once we got it opened, he was SO excited to play, but when we plugged everything into our TV, nothing happened. The screen went crazy, and the games never showed.....kinda disappointed because this was my first birthday gift to him ever, and even I couldn't wait to let him open it. (his birthday is the 16th, we opened it on the 9th).....



    Hey Hannah,

    So sorry to hear that your console arrived in less than perfect shape! If you haven't already, please give our Customer Champions a call so that we can send out a free replacement for you as soon as possible. Our number is 866-902-7260, and just in case our email is guys@mancrates.com. We're here 7 days a week to help!

    Lead Customer Champion
    Team Man Crates

    Feb 20th 2015
    Great surprise

    This was a gift for my husband. He loved it. The only downside was that one of the games didn't work.

    Sorry to hear one of the enclosed games didn't work properly! Please give us a buzz at 866-902-7260 or shoot us an email at guys@mancrates.com and we'll make it right!

    Dec 29th 2014
    good, but could be better

    I bought this gift for my husband for Christmas. The shipping was fast. He enjoyed opening the crate with the mini crowbar and liked the variety of candy. It would have been nice if I was able to pick the games, because the ones he received were less popular. The box it was shipped in said Man Crates all over it, unfortunately my husband saw the box so it wasn't much of a surprise. I would order again, fun gift for guys!

    J Feldman
    Dec 26th 2014
    Good, but only novel

    The retro gamer, as with probably all mancrates, was a good, fun, kitschy-like gift I sent to a friend. The problem is I won't be sending anymore mancrates simply because I've "been there, done that". I can't send the same gift to the same friend again -- even a different crate! Why? The best part of the gift was the packaging -- the crate. Not what was inside (certainly not for the money spent). No, for me, this was a one-time indulgence I chose for a few select friends but won't be sending anymore.

    pamela smoot
    Dec 24th 2014
    Product not customizable

    my fiancé was very excited opening up this package. However, I was unable to customize the package to how I wanted because of it being a holiday month. If anything this is when custom orders should be greatly accepted. I was very upset over this. Also, the box shown in the shipping picture is actually NOT plain. The box says man crate all over it! If my fiancé had found the package before me, he would have found out what his package was before opening it for Christmas. I had to open the box and turn it inside out and duct tape it. My fiancé loved the crate but not everything in it is something he will like/eat which is why I wanted to customize it.

    Apr 21st 2016
    broke on first try

    so, we had some fun opening the crate, games where alright, although i wouldn't consider them classics. But once we got the console working we and put the game in the whole screen goes haywire, we pull the game out gently and the whole circuit board pulls out with it.



    Hey Trenton, sorry to hear that your console isn't functioning properly! We'd be happy to get another one out to you ASAP! Give us a buzz at 866-902-7260, or send over an email to guys@mancrates.com and we'll make this right for you!!

    Apr 3rd 2015

    got this for my boyfriend for his birthday and only one of the games work and some of the candy is old and can't be eaten. not planning on ordering this again.



    Hey there Whitney, so sorry to hear you were disappointed in your crate, and it's contents. We're here to help make it right, we'll gladly replace the broken game and candy that wasn't enjoyed. Give us a call at 866-902-7260 or send us an email at guys@mancrates.com and we'll make it right.

    Mar 12th 2015

    I was so so so excited about getting this for my fiancés birthday because we are both really into playing the retro games. But once he finally opened it, I was very disappointed. The first game didn't work when we tried it and the second game we have never even heard of and wasn't that great to play. Definitely a waste of $100 and will probably never buy from Man Crate again due to the risk of it not being worth it once it gets here.

    Hey Dani,

    Sorry to hear about your games! I've tried to look your order up in our records and am not having any luck finding it. If you see this, please give us a call at 866-902-7260 or email us at guys@mancrates.com, and we will make this right for you as best we can.

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