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    Kelli B
    Jun 22nd 2015
    Best Father's Day gift ever! Proof that America is still amazing!!!!

    I ordered this action packed, Chuck Norris round house kick to the face awesome crate for my husband. Honestly you guys sold me on the hilarious description of this crate. Tears filled my eyes at the memories of running through sprinklers of maple syrup and the joy that maybe, just maybe, breakfast could be American again. My husband, who I might mention has the emotionally capability of a bored bear, even said this was the best and most kick ass gift he has ever received. I think all gifts should come in a crate as amazing as this. The Power Cakes are just what we wanted. True Grizzley Adams flapjacks!!! I've been telling all my friends and family about your company and telling them to order now, but if you are sold out to sit back and enjoy your sarcasm written reasons for why your crates flew off the shelf! Would you ever consider hiring so done to work from home in Minnesota to handle your customer service?! Because I am begging you to hire me so I may finally find my true family of sarcasm loving, fun time having co-workers! Thank you for making me the best wife ever, might I suggest you make some kick ass woman crates, no girly girl crates, tough outdoorsy woman crates. For women who like to get dirty in the mud, have a beer and relax!

    Cindy Bernard
    Jun 20th 2015
    Fast, Efficient and Manly!

    I ordered for Fathers day and OMG this is so awesome! It came the next day in the awesome crate! I definately will be ordering again!

    Jun 17th 2015
    Man up

    Have you ever tried putting make up on a bear? Sweept the house with a leaf blower? Gone fishing with your hands? Thought, why we hasn't someone actually created sharks with laser beams on their heads. If so, any of these crates are destined for you or your pals.

    Jun 6th 2015
    Amazing Gift for my Breakfast Lover!

    This crate was the perfect gift for my boyfriend! He loves anything and everything breakfast related so when I saw this crate on the website I just knew I had to get it for him. Originally the Morning Glory Crate was sold out (its a very popular seller) but after sending an email to the Man Crates team I was assured more crates would be in stock soon (the customer service people were amazing too and replied back in about 1 hour).

    Great product, my boyfriend especially loved the tongs because he's a big superhero fan. And watching him open the crate with the included crowbar was priceless. It was like watching a kid on Christmas. Definitely recommend ManCrates to all my friends and will be purchasing more from the site very soon!

    Jun 4th 2015
    Sent to my son

    He was so excited to get this crate (his second one from Man Crates) He loves to make us all breakfast and introduced me to the Power Cake mix the last time he was home. So glad to just surprise him with this gift...

    May 6th 2015
    Bacon Lover

    If your husband or boyfriend loves bacon this is for them - my husband even invited family over so he can use his bacon press and cook for them! He is having a blast and I am thrilled because I don't have to cook!!!!

    May 6th 2015

    I stumbled upon Man Crates while looking for an anniversary gift for my boyfriend. Instantly I was drawn in by the name, then I started looking through the web site and that was it, I was sold!! It arrived and I couldn't wait for him to open it. It was very entertaining watching. All the products inside are a great quality and we can't wait to enjoy them. I HIGHLY recommend this for anyone looking for that unique, fun gift for the man in their life!

    May 3rd 2015
    Great Gift!

    He loved it! Actually, I think he liked the crate more than the contents. He took a picture of the crate. The empty crate. The only way it could be better would be to somehow involve explosives.

    Apr 28th 2015
    A winner...

    Ordered this gift for my dad. He loved it. He had one heck of a time opening the crate... hilarious hearing him prying open the crate and discovering its contents. Perfect gift for the breakfast champion and the man who thinks he's a chef!

    Apr 7th 2015
    Great gift for the breakfast lover

    My boyfriend was impressed by this gift. He thought the crate was hilarious and had a fun time opening it. The contents inside are impressive! I called customer service to ask when it would be shipped and that was a hilarious converstation. I will definately order from here again.

    Apr 2nd 2015
    Entertainment for all

    Not only will the person who gets this gift love it, but you will love watching him/her open it! What an epic struggle!

    Mar 30th 2015
    more than we baragined for!! brother just loved it!!!

    Sent to my brother as a birthday present, he was absolutely blown away by the crate; then when he discovered the contents was thrilled!! He has used all the cooking pieces and says they made his life easer and fun for him and his son!!

    Nadine Escalona
    Feb 14th 2018
    Crate was broken but Contents were awesome

    I bought this breakfast crate for my breakfast obsessed husbands birthday. This crate idea is right up his alley, I was so excited to watch him open it! When he pulled out the crowbar he got super excited too! But when he took the crate out of the box, one side of the crate fell off before it was even out of the box completely.
    We were both a bit disappointed. He really wanted to pry it open and I wanted to watch- I mean that’s kind of the point, especially since shipping was like $12- I assume because of the crate packaging. But he loved everything inside and is dying for this weekend so he can try it all out. So the contents are awesome but the crate packaging was disappointing and not what I had expected.

    Feb 14th 2018
    He loved the idea, but not the broken press

    He absolutely loved the gift and that it was such a different idea. However, when he got it opened and opened the box with the bacon press, one of the screws was completely broke on the handle. I had read about the bacon tongs breaking, but never thought the press would be broken. Not sure I’ll purchase again.

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