Morning Glory Crate

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In The Box

Patriotic Pancakes

  • Protein Power Cake Mix
  • Batter Dispenser
  • Marionberry Syrup

Heat Handlers

  • Cast Iron Bacon Press
  • Metal Egg Rings
  • Custom Bacon Flipper

How It Ships

In a sealed wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar

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    Orders placed by noon PST will ship out same day
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It's Morning In America

America was once the promised land of breakfast abundance. Flapjacks stacked high as skyscrapers, children frolicking in sprinklers of sweet maple syrup, and an unsubsiding sizzle of bacon and eggs from diners on every corner.

But we turned our backs on breakfast, America. We started counting calories instead of pancake toppings, traded forks and knives for smoothie straws, and let the catchy jingles of deranged cereal mascots turn our kids into sugar zombies, all in the name of convenience.

Wake up, America, and re-experience the supreme strength and satisfaction of a glorious morning meal.

Breakfast Is The Breakfast Of Champions

93% of Americans consider breakfast the most important meal of the day, but only 44% of Americans eat breakfast every day. According to statistics, 49% of Americans aren't real Americans.

Kick start your day with a tall-stack of marionberry-drizzled, protein-infused Power Cakes, or basically the A-Team in pancake form. Every delicious flapjack is packed with enough testosterone to immediately disqualify you from any professional sporting league.

And the Batter Blaster produces perfect pancakes with just a simple squeeze, so making Power Cakes is as easy as making them disappear. Chew on that, Communism!

Bring Our Country Back For Seconds

Over 31 million Americans skip breakfast every day, and our great country is $18 trillion in debt. Coincidence? We think not.

We dusted off the greatest tools of the once great breakfast era: A set of egg rings to impose order upon those runny whites, the cast-iron bacon press to keep the heat fully on the meat, and a wooden bacon flipper, because tongs are clumsy and chopsticks are hard.

A hopeful future begins with a hearty breakfast prepared by the Morning Glory Crate.

Customer Reviews

    Jun 17th 2018

    The crate itself is fantastic and my dad is keeping it to store stuff in. He was so excited about the pancake dispenser because he makes them all the time and now has the perfect way to make them. He loved everything in the crate including the pancake/ waffle mix because he can use it when he goes on hunting trips to Colorado.

    Kammy Darkow
    Apr 16th 2018

    Got this for the hubby he enjoyed it

    Feb 14th 2018
    He loved the idea, but not the broken press

    He absolutely loved the gift and that it was such a different idea. However, when he got it opened and opened the box with the bacon press, one of the screws was completely broke on the handle. I had read about the bacon tongs breaking, but never thought the press would be broken. Not sure I’ll purchase again.

    Feb 14th 2018
    Anniversary Win!

    My husband and I just celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary yesterday. I was looking for something totally creative and out of the box for him as a gift. Then I came across Man Crates. I was so excited! I got the crate sent to his work. The package came the exact day I wanted it to arrive. Right on time! Mind you, I ordered the package a bit short notice than I usually would have, and it still was on time! My husband was shocked! He didn’t expect it, or even knew what he was getting himself into. Even all of the employees and managers at his job were watching him open the crate up. They thought it was great. He loved it and everything in it. Everything was in there and so much better than I even imagined it to be. Thank You Man Crates for making our day so special! If you have a man in your life, Man Crates is the way to his heart.

    Nadine Escalona
    Feb 14th 2018
    Crate was broken but Contents were awesome

    I bought this breakfast crate for my breakfast obsessed husbands birthday. This crate idea is right up his alley, I was so excited to watch him open it! When he pulled out the crowbar he got super excited too! But when he took the crate out of the box, one side of the crate fell off before it was even out of the box completely.
    We were both a bit disappointed. He really wanted to pry it open and I wanted to watch- I mean that’s kind of the point, especially since shipping was like $12- I assume because of the crate packaging. But he loved everything inside and is dying for this weekend so he can try it all out. So the contents are awesome but the crate packaging was disappointing and not what I had expected.

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