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    Dec 26th 2015
    Super Christmas Gift!

    I will start off by saying this gift was worth every cent. So don't be discouraged by prices. It will be worth it.
    Anywho, I scheduled my husbands box to arrive on the 21st. It came several days early. Awesome!
    So of course when it was sitting on our porch, he was genuinely curious. Keeping him off ya'lls website was the hard part!
    Fast forward to Christmas morning; he had to go get a chisel and hammer to help open up his crate. It was so fun to watch. He immediately opened up everything and made us Christmas breakfast. The pancakes and syrup were absolutely delicious. This gift was one in a million!

    Dec 22nd 2015
    love the syrup!

    I got this for my hubby he loved it! that syrup is amazing! super bummed i can not find it by the bottle.. awesome crate and awesome idea!

    Dec 20th 2015
    Morning Glory Crate

    I have to say this crate was amazing. Gave to my father in law for the holidays. It was the best gift of the day. All the men circled around him and helped him pry open. Every man here wanted to know where they could get one. Man Crates, of course. Thank you.

    Dec 18th 2015
    Dad's Birthday

    Excellent gift. My dad loved it and had fun opening it. My dad doesn't rave very much on gifts but I knew he loved it because I received a lot of pictures. Thanks

    Rachel C.
    Dec 16th 2015
    For my Dad

    It was great! I do plan to order it again in the future!

    Nov 16th 2015
    21st Birthday Gift

    This is so great! My boyfriend is a healthy eater and is all about the protein. I got this for his 21st birthday gift and it was such a success! At one point 2 of his brothers and his father were trying to figure out how to open it. You may need a hammer to help wedge the little crowbar through the wood and glue a bit. So creative! I will definitely shop here again! =)

    Oct 31st 2015
    Perfect bday gift

    I make bacon pancakes for my boyfriend, and before meeting me he had never had the pleasure. Come his birthday, I stumbled upon the Morning Glory Mancrates box and knew it would be the perfect gift for him. Needless to say, he loved it, and all of his buddies thought it was hysterical/thoughtful/awesome when they saw and/or heard about it. Thank you, Mancrates ;)

    Jeff B
    Oct 30th 2015
    Morning Glory Man Crate

    We bought this as an appreciation gift for our pastor. It arrived on time and he was excited from the time he got it. He was so enthralled he took pictures and posted it to facebook. This is truly a great "what to give" problem solver.

    Oct 19th 2015

    Got the Morning Glory Crate for my dad for his birthday. Just perfect! He had to take it out to the shop to get it open. I enjoyed the multiple emails, texts and photos I got from him starting after delivery through the opening process and finally about the actual gift inside. Definitely a winning gift and it arrived exactly on the requested date.

    Sep 30th 2015
    He loved it

    It wasn't the normal froo-froo gift. His face when he opened the packaging and saw the crate was priceless. I think he had more fun opening it than anything else. The breakfast items couldn't have been more perfect. He is the only person I know that makes a full blown protein breakfast every single morning without fail. I will be using this service again!

    Sep 10th 2015
    Father's Day Gift

    Sent this crate to my husband for Father's Day. It was everything it promised to be! He loved it!

    Lauren R.
    Aug 27th 2015
    Turn the frown upside down

    The gift is awesome and high quality! Got it for a friend and they truly loved every piece! It was everything they didn't know they needed. Now if only it included bacon lol! Tastes great and truly turns any grumpy mans frown upsidedown

    Aug 24th 2015
    Crate tactulous

    Got this for my boyfriend for his birthday. He loves to have waffles and pancakes! This was the perfect box! And it was also good fun to see him open it! I'll be ordering again!

    Aug 7th 2015
    Perfect Gift!

    It arrived quickly and in perfect condition. It was so much fun to open. My boyfriend has already used half the box of pancakes and loves them!

    Kari DiVito
    Aug 5th 2015
    Perfect Gift

    I purchased this for my son's 22nd Birthday tomorrow, he is away from home for the summer and called me just now to say he had recieved it. He loves to make breakfast and thought this was just about the neatest gift ever, from the duct tape gift wrapping to the crazy bacon tongs, all packed in a crate with a crow bar included. Thanks for helping to make his day special, great gift. I'll be shopping with Man Crates again!! :)

    Aug 4th 2015
    For the Breakfast Master

    My dad is the Master of Breakfast in my household, specifically in his bacon technique. Seriously, he's the best. So for his 64th birthday, I sent him this crate and according to my mom, it was "the best gift ever". He's so excited to play with his bacon press! And next time I visit home, I'll be expecting an even better breakfast out of him... if that's even possible.

    Aug 3rd 2015
    Breakfast in a Box

    This was one of two crates that I got (the other being the AMAZING Everest Grill Crate), and I am so please with how happy my guy was!! The bacon tongs were probably the funnest gift in there, but everything was so great!! So now he can make me dinner AND breakfast ;)

    Jul 12th 2015
    Morning Glory is Glorious!

    My brother is officiating at my wedding tomorrow and does not need anything per se, so this was the perfect gift for the man who loves to make breakfast for his children and anyone else in attendance. He thought opening it was a hoot, and loved the products inside! Couldn't be happier about the outcome and would absolutely order another gift down the road. A million thanks!

    Cathy Brower
    Jun 28th 2015
    my Husband loved it

    after 30 years, it is very difficult to get my husband unique things, I heard about this web-site on Glenn Beck's show. I ordered the crate and my husband loved the idea and what was inside. Which you had more things to choose from in the future besides beer things, but thank you for this!!

    Loni Yoder
    Jun 25th 2015
    This put the "Happy" in Father's Day this year

    This was the first time I purchased a Man Crate but it won't be the last. I think I had as much fun picking it out as my husband had opening it. He loves to cook and breakfast is his favorite meal so this was a great gift. As soon as he got the crate open (which took a little bit) he was in the kitchen using the contents. We were both happy with the quality of the items and enjoyed the unique packaging. You have another satisfied customer.

    Jun 25th 2015
    Fantastic gift!

    The man I gave this gift to thought it was the coolest gift he had ever received. 5 stars!

    Peggie thom
    Jun 25th 2015
    Mother in law approved

    I gave this to my son-in-law for Father's Day - point to me! The concept, the contents, the fun packaging - you hit a home run with this!

    Jun 25th 2015
    awesome products!

    My husband absolutely loved this gift. I bought it for him for Father's Day and the kids and I made pancakes for him for dinner!

    Jun 23rd 2015
    Man "Made"

    What a great idea and product! The box had been opened and damaged. Thankfully the crate had not! It made my dad fathers day one to remember. The effort to open it, the laughs and smiles, and the contents were on point. Thank you!

    Jun 23rd 2015
    Very satisfied!

    I bought this for my husband for Father's Day. He works 24 hour shifts so I wanted it delivered on a day he wasn't home. It arrived exactly when I specified! The contents were high quality and he really enjoyed the "no frills" aspect of the gift.

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