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    Lyssette Williams
    Feb 14th 2018
    It was a bust...

    When my husband saw that it was wrapped in duct tape he took a knife to it and opened it like it was any other package. He didn’t struggle at all to unwrap it, big disappointment. He thought it was cute that it was in the wooden box and there was a little crowbar but he did not struggle at all to open that either, which was very disappointing to me as well. The fishing lures he said were worth $10 if that and that the crate basically was not worth what I paid for it. You could tell that he was fake excited about it only because I had made such a big deal about the gift before I got here. We will not be returning it just because he wants to spare my feelings but it’s definitely something I will not be buying again.

    Dec 26th 2015
    Over priced

    I thought this was a great idea, but was disappointed to see what I got for $90.00. My hubby thought it was nice,but not worth what I spent.

    Jun 11th 2018
    not happy

    got the fishing crate--not happy at all the scale didn't work and the cooler had a hole in it..not worth the money i paid...

    Feb 16th 2018
    Neat idea but way over priced

    I received this for v-day and was excited to see what it was! I opened it and went through the items and was honestly disapointed, especially when I found out the price. I feel like you're taking advantage over women buying this - I mean who packed this? I could go to the store and load up on actual fishing supplies for 90 bucks.

    I feel like this would have been GREAT if it were loaded with lures, hooks, plastics, the scale, and maybe a reel of some sort.

    Sunflower seeds were a kicker, really?

    Anyways, I'll keep because it's the "thought" that counts.

    Good day

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