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    Jun 24th 2018
    Bass Whisperer Crate

    Got my Bass Whisperer Crate for Father’s Day. Had the best time getting it open, total fun! Will use everything in the box very soon. Keep up the good work.

    Jun 12th 2018
    Cool Gift

    I just received one for Fathers Day Very Cool I am impressed with the Qaulity of the Products inside,. ALL GOOD!! Also Make Us work too Open it , That’s what makes it Fun.

    Feb 15th 2018
    The “Bass Master” loved the Bass Whisperer

    I purchased this crate with the additional duct tape for my husband for Valentine’s Day. The crate came on time and wrapped with care. When I gave the gift to my husband who calls himself the “Bass Master” he was ecstatic. While opening it he kept saying “no sh**?, bad a**, this is cool, hell yeah”... etc. I can tell you in previous attempts over the last 8 years he has never been that excited or happy over a gift. Additionally, he thought the gift was an awesome idea and very thoughtful. I will be a repeat customer!

    Dan Jones
    Jan 26th 2018

    Received from my partners as i was departing for 6 weeks of fishin, golfin & relaxin in Marco Island. Great gift but i hope the video of trying to open from the top is lost. Secret is try the bottom. Roll Tide Champion.

    Hanna Martens
    Oct 12th 2017
    The Perfect Gift

    I got this for my boyfriend, who is a great bass fisherman, loved the challenge of opening this crate. Everything inside was exactly what he liked and needed.

    Feb 14th 2017
    He Loved It!

    Got this for Valentine's Day and it's been sitting by the front door for a week. I couldn't wait any longer and let him open it tonight after he had spent the day getting his boat ready for spring. He got a kick out of the witty card, laughed at the crate being glued shut, and was excited for each and every item he pulled out. "Can't go wrong with pliers and these aren't even rusty!" and "I've never blown a worm, but I'll give it a go!" were just a few of his excited statements. The Bass Whisperer was a hit and I can't wait to get him another crate when Father's Day rolls around. Thanks for making MY gift the one to top this year!

    Gayle S Watkins
    Jan 30th 2017
    Not the Reaction Expected

    I bought my husband the Bass Whisperer Man Crate for our 22nd wedding anniversary. He enjoys fishing at a local reservoir in spring/summer. My thought was that he would be pleasantly intrigued by the duct taped cube-like delivery. Instead, he seemed annoyed to have to use a box cutter to cut open the shipping box. My thought was that he'd smile at this unusual crate labeled, "Man Crate," and laugh as he pryed it open with the crow bar, appreciating the manliness of it all. Instead, his reaction was miffed; like he thought it was stupid. When he pulled each item out of the crate, the look on his face was like, "what the heck is this and what the heck am I supposed to do with it?" He did not know what the worm blower was, so clearly I made a bad gift choice for him. When he saw my disappointment with his reaction, he thanked me for the crate and said the sunflower seeds tasted better than the David brand. If your guy is the ho-hum type - nothing phases him - hard to impress, don't buy a Man Crate, because he just won't "get it."


    Hi Gayle,

    Thanks for your feedback, and I'm so sorry to hear the gift fell flat! Anything you buy from us is covered by our "High-Five Guarantee, which says, we're not happy until you are! At the least we can accept a return for a full refund, or we'd be happy to help you find a gift more suited to your husband from our site. Give us a call at 866-902-7260 or send over an email to guys@mancrates.com and we'll do our best to help make this right!

    Team Man Crates

    Dec 28th 2016
    Pretty Cool

    Ok, so I don't "get" my husband's interests at all. I can't imagine fishing or hunting for any period of time. That being said, I didn't "get" this crate, but the reviews were good, so I thought "what the heck"? and ordered it for Christmas. He loved it. I think it was the best present I've gotten him in 11 years. The crate top was glued on and he got it off easily, so I would recommend the duct tape. He thought that would have been hilarious. I don't know... for a chick, I didn't "get" it, but that's maybe what made it so cool to him. Happy husband!!

    Apr 27th 2016
    "By far the coolest thing I have ever gotten"

    I sent this to my husband at work just as a surprise and was shocked by how much he loved it, my only regret is that I didn't get to watch him try to open it! What I thought would just be a somewhat expensive "just because" gift (the male version of flowers at work) turned in to "By far the coolest thing I have ever gotten". Whoa :) Will be sending one again in the future.

    Mar 7th 2016
    "Coolest gift ever!"

    I ordered this for my dad's birthday, and he absolutely LOVED it! He couldn't stop saying how awesome it is, and kept bragging about it. He even loved the crate itself and the pry bar, and said he's taking the pry bar to work to use. I even got a text from him the next day saying it's the coolest gift he's ever received. Definitely a hit, and I would recommend this as a gift for anyone that is into fishing!

    Feb 17th 2016
    Best fish ever

    Rubber minnows! Metal hooks! This is the best.

    Deleana Adams
    Dec 29th 2015

    Your Bass Whisperer Man Crate was delivered one day later than the expected delivery date due to a FED-EX 2015 Christmas backlog. However, it still arrived in time as they delivered on the Sunday morning prior to Christmas.
    I purchased this gift crate for my 38 year-old son, a saltwater fisherman. A "Deep Sea Fishing" crate would have been more apropos, though the Bass crate with its "worm blower" created just as much laughter, fun and anticipation. I saved this gift for him to open last due to the passage of time and great challenge spent in opening the crate.
    You folks are comically sadistic...not only do you provide the crowbar, but including a small metal hammer would have come in handy to initially help in breaching the joints of the crate as well!
    I didn't opt for the duct tape gift wrap this time but it certainly would have added another element of crazy entertainment!
    I won't ever hesitate to purchase another one of these great, and uniquely different gifts for any male who is hard to impress and entertain!

    Dec 29th 2015

    Got this for my husband for Christmas and he loved it. He is even keeping the crate! Thanks for a great gift idea!

    Nov 14th 2015
    Best gifts ever for men with who have everything

    I bought this for my boyfriend as an appreciation gift for helping me through a tough work schedule. He loved it! The fishing lures were unique, not something you find at a local store. Whoever put this package together is a genius.

    Oct 23rd 2015
    Loved it!!!

    I purchased this crate for my fathers 75th birthday. Unfortunately, I had the forces of the universe against me in the delivery process and it did not arrive on time. I have to say that without a doubt the customer service I received regarding the shipment was impeccable! James and Will you rock! My father received his crate and was thrilled! I will definitely order from this company again.

    Oct 20th 2015
    Big Hit!

    We all chipped in to purchase this gift as a Boss's Day gift for our boss. It was great watching him try to open the crate! Everything was just as expected. Everyone wanted to know where we got it. I will definitely being going to Mancrates.com for all my gifts going forward!

    Sep 26th 2015

    Absolutely LOVED IT!! I will be buying another one!!!

    Sep 17th 2015

    This crate is filled with great stuff. My boyfriend really enjoyed opening it up and loved everything inside. Will deff be buying from mancrates again

    Valerie Nieto
    Aug 10th 2015
    Perfect gift!!

    I purchased this gift as a father's day gift for my daughter's Godfather who's the ultimate fisherman. His words exactly "Best gift I've ever received"...I believe it's safe to say this was a huge hit! He loved taking a hammer to the crate as well. I'll definitely be ordering more crates!

    Jen Greco
    Aug 4th 2015
    Great for Father's Day!

    I sent this to my dad for Father's Day. He loved it and can't stop raving about it. He especially loved the 6-pack neoprene insulated cooler! This is such a unique gift. I am so happy I got it.

    May 21st 2015
    awesome gift!

    A man crate is the perfect gift for a guy who has everything. And the contents of the bass whisperer crate were great. My husband absolutely loved it!

    May 6th 2015
    Great start to birthday w/e

    I entered my husband into a fishing tournament for his birthday. The ManCrate arrived the day before and was an excellent way to start the festivities. The crate was an excellent kick-off announcement for the celebration weekend. Hubbie used the scale to weigh in his first bass of the trip. :)

    May 6th 2015
    Reely Fintastic!

    Ordered the Bass Whisperer crate for my boyfriend. He's the kind of guy who buys what he wants when he wants it, so he's difficult to shop for. Even though he has fishing gear, I knew this kit contained things he did not have (worm blower??) and the presentation was going to make it even more fun.

    And it was! He chuckled at the name 'Man Crate' when the package arrived, and was laughing when he opened the box to reveal the crowbar. He's a strong guy, and after a few failed attempts, he went out to the garage - returning with a larger crowbar! :D

    It's all there as outlined in the product description, everything's in good shape, and he loved it! I'll be ordering again, I'm sure. You've got me, hook, line & sinker!

    ps: it's probably something I did incorrectly, but when the crate arrived, it had MY name on it. Not a big deal, as we live together, but I meant for it to have his. Also, the message I wrote in my order was not printed on anything in the package. Not sure what happened to that, but not a big deal, this was still a great gift!

    Dec 28th 2018
    Don’t pay extra for the duct tape.

    I ordered this for my dad for Christmas. He face timed me as he opened it and that was the quickest face time ever. I paid extra for the duct tape wrap which was defeated by a letter opener in about 10 seconds. To my surprise only the cardboard box was wrapped in duct tape, definitely not worth the extra $10. Once he got to the crate it took maybe 1 minute for him to have it open. Now I don’t know if majority of the people receiving these crates have no common sense but after reading reviews of people taking 15-20 minutes to open these crass and watching my dad do it in under a minute was underwhelming to say the least. He loved the gift but most the novelty was lost with how quickly he opened it, so much so that he didn’t realize it was supposed to be difficult. I wouldn’t purchase this crate or any other again. Definitely not worth the hype.

    Man Crates Response: Hey there Josh,

    Sounds like your dad has some superb crate opening skills, it takes a varying amount of skill and strength to open our crates, and much like pickle jars, no two are sealed quite the same. Those factors can contribute to opening time varying from person to person. Also, sorry to hear you were dissapointed in the Duct Tape Cocoon, give our customer service team a call at 866-902-7260 and we'll work with you to make things right!

    -Team Man Crates

    Jul 1st 2018

    Got this for my father in law. He liked the crate but was very disappointed it was merely glued together so getting into it wasn't even a challenge. Items where a tad lack luster when it arrived. And the shipping cost as much as the package itself. Could have saved myself a lot if money and just got stuff from a store but was excited about the crate idea that was just a let down.

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