Premium Cigar Humidor

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In The Box

Moisture Manager

  • American Cedar Humidor
  • Humidifier
  • Hygrometer

Expert Smokeware

  • Double Guillotine Cigar Cutter
  • Thunderbird Butane Lighter
  • Cigar Tasting Journal

How It Ships

Ammo Can
In an authentic Man Crates Ammo Can. This is a NATO spec ammo case: air-tight, waterproof, and virtually indestructible.

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    Orders placed by noon PST will ship out same day
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Smoke 'em if you got 'em

Any Joe Schmoe can huff and puff his way through a cigar, but it takes a true Renaissance man to smoke one correctly.

A scrupulous surgeon to slice the cap for optimal air flow, a skilled firebreather to summon and harness the erratic flame, and an uninhibited poet to fully appreciate the sharp aesthetic of drawing euphoria from between the fingertips.

But mastery of skill is not enough. Even Da Vinci, the quintessential Renaissance man, would've just been another creepy Mona Lisa hanger-on if not for the proper equipment. The Premium Cigar Humidor supplies the finest gear for the true cigar aficionado.

A Cut Above

When it comes to getting results, execution is key—it was true during the French Revolution, and it's true when cutting cigars. The Premium Cigar Humidor innovates on their enlightened methods by featuring a double-guillotine cutter. It will give your cigars a cleaner straight cut than a 1950's Wall Street barber shop and deliver a smoking experience that will make your head roll.

We don't take cigar lighting lightly either. Cheap old lighter? Might as well wash your stogie down with a shot of lighter fluid. Ignite the good life by flipping open a Thunderbird Butane torch just like your father and his father once did.

Gear on the Go

With a custom-designed hygrometer and humidifier fitted into the lid, the air-tight, indestructible Ammo Can Humidor is the perfect tobacco tackle box. It's the only traveling humidor that guarantees both regulation of ideal moisture levels and preservation in the event of a nuclear holocaust.

Don't just blow hot air around, grab the Premium Cigar Humidor and become a cigar connoisseur.

Customer Reviews

    Feb 15th 2017
    Great Idea

    The idea of making a humidor out of a ammo can is a great idea....However, gluing the humidifier into the can is a very poor idea. This type of humidifier needs to be soaked in distilled water to work. The only way to do that is to remove it from the can. A better idea would have been to glue a magnet to the back of the humidifier, and have it attach to a metal piece. Therefore the humidifier could have been removed, filled with water, and replaced. I will be modifying the ammo can to work better, myself.

    Melinda P
    Dec 10th 2016

    I ordered this as a Christmas gift from my brother who likes both cigars and guns/ammo. The humidor itself is built into the ammo can, which was a pleasant surprise. I am soooo happy with my purchase and I'm sure my brother will feel the same way. It was also nice that I received it within a week of ordering. I would HIGHLY recommend this product.

    Alissa Eberbach
    Dec 19th 2016
    Amazing Customer Service

    This company has one of the best customer service teams I have ever worked with. When I ordered the humidor, I forgot to add the percentage off I had, I emailed them and within an hour they emailed me back and applied the discount. The item shipped incredibly fast. Down side the item came with a few dents, but when I reached out they quickly resolved the issue no questions asked. They even went ahead and sent a new one out without any hesitation and is having fedex come pick up the old one. 10/10 - I will definitely order from Man Crates again! Thank you Man Crates!

    Aug 22nd 2016
    Husband Bragged To All His Friends

    I cannot tell you enough how much my husband loved getting this as a Father's Day gift! He bragged to all of his friends what an awesome gift I gave him. My husband is an avid gun shooter and loves to smoke the occasional cigar so receiving a gift that tied these two loves together... PERFECTION!

    Sara Dunn
    Jun 28th 2016
    needs work as a whole

    I was sent this item 2 times both times it was broken the second time i was told to glue a peace back on and received 11 dollars back witch i do not feel is adequate for the issues i had and me having to try to fix it. My husbands birthday is on the july 6th and this kinda sucks i hope it stays on after all this was not a cheap item. I work in the carpentry industry after looking a little harder at this team it could also use a little more quality attention it certain areas.

    Hey there Sara, I am dissapointed to hear about your experience with us, that is certainly not the typical experience our customers have with our Cigar Humidor and we would like to make this right by you! One of our Customer Champions will be reaching out to you immediately in order to make this right! You'll be hearing from us shortly, but just in case you need to reach out to us, our number is 866-902-7260.

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