Ammo Can Speaker Kit 2.0

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In The Box

Jam Session

  • Ammo Can with machined cut-outs for speakers
  • 4" Audio Speaker Set, CH4230
  • 5/16" Titanium Drill Bit
  • 3000mAh 3.7V Batteries, 3 units
  • 40W Power Adapter with plug
  • Lithium Battery Balance
  • 2 X 50 Watt Class D Amp Board with Bluetooth™ 4.0
  • Cable bundle
  • Acoustic Foam and mounting materials for Amplifier Board

How It Ships

Project Kit
In an awesome cardboard box. Corrugated C Flute cardboard with regular slotted style...told you it was awesome!

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Back in Black

This ammo can’s original contents once produced enough sound to deafen its owner several times over. Now, he’ll get to enjoy restoring explosive sound to this explosion-proof canister. Most quality speakers are either leashed to an outlet or too delicate to take anywhere. This ammo can speaker system is indestructible and can go wherever the party goes, or better yet, bring the party wherever it is.

Our first version of this indestructible speakers was a huge success, but we weren’t satisfied. With the Ammo Can Speaker Kit 2.0, we’ve kept the best and improved on the rest so he can haul amazing, indestructible sound from the beach to the backcountry.

All Assembly Required

The NATO spec .30 cal Ammo Can is water resistant, virtually indestructible, and now in a sharp black finish. We’ve done the hard work breaching the sides to make room for the incoming speakers, but he’ll have his hands full designing layout and drilling holes for the other inputs.

The upgraded JAB2-50 Amplifier Board and 4” audio speakers deliver high-quality sound from compact equipment. The included power adapter can be charged for hours of high-powered playback, and the improved bluetooth chip and auxiliary input jack offer two ways to rock out.

Build-A-Boom Box

All of the necessary instructions and mounting supplies for building this powerhouse music player can be found in the Man Crates instructional guide. Most importantly, this guide also includes two high-quality curated playlists of songs from the greatest decade of them all...the 80s.

From supply drop to beat drop, the new-and-improved Ammo Can Speaker Kit 2.0 harnesses the power of jammunition to brings the party wherever it goes.


Customer Reviews

    Jan 6th 2018
    Worked great till I plugged in aux cable

    Awesome Christmas present, great putting it together. Worked great on Bluetooth initially. I then tried to plug in aux cable to my phone and nothing. Now it won’t go back to a Bluetooth connection. Just a neat looking ammo box now☹️

    Stephanie Smith
    Jan 5th 2018
    Best Hubby Son moment

    My son and I purchased this for my husband for Christmas. He absolutely loved it and even better the two of the spent some time Christmas night putting it together.

    Jan 2nd 2018
    Great gift for the handy guy!

    Great gift! I received this for my birthday! Speed square and pencil are handy to layout holes for switches and LEDs. Make sure you check clearances between switches and speakers before drilling your holes. Basic electronics knowledge helps. Fun build!

    Stephen Kuckelman
    Dec 30th 2017
    Man Crates is unbeatable!

    I ordered the Ammo Can Speaker Kit 2.0 as a Christmas gift for my son. This was my third Man Crates gift so my expectations were understandably high. My son is a hunter and skeet shooter and builds his own computers, so I knew he would love the Ammo Can Speaker Kit. As he was putting it together on the day after Christmas, he discovered that the circuit board had a broken component and could not be used, nor could he go any further with assembly. Of course, I felt badly about giving a broken Christmas gift and on the morning of 27 Dec I called Man Crates and spoke to a very nice young woman who identified the part from my description of the problem and assured me a replacement part would be shipped immediately. A day and a half later I received the FedEx overnight shipment with full replacement parts, and my son completed his project a few hours later. Team Man Crates gets TWO BIG THUMBS UP from me for their follow up Customer Service and TWO BIG THUMBS UP from my son for a fun project with unparalleled sound. WOW, does it look and sound great! Nobody would be disappointed with this gift and it can be given with the confidence that it is backed by MAN CRATES....... I want one!!!

    Aimee Jenkins
    Dec 26th 2017
    Merry Manly Christmas!

    Thank you, I got this for my husband and he just loved it. I ordered it to be wrapped in duct tape and we all got a good chuckle out of that. The product is solid, instruction were accidentally thrown away in the unwrapping of Christmas morning. It was super easy to access the website and download the instruction. I’m very pleased so far. One small piece came off within the control panel. We contemplated calling for a replacement, but husband was able to appoxy it back in place.

    You will not be disappointments f you buy this for your husband. The project was wonderful! Great sound and clarity!

    Thank you,

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