College Barware Crate

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In The Box

Dean's List Chalices

  • 4 officially-licensed team pint glasses
  • 4 coaster/bottle openers

Upgraded Meal Plan

  • Pistachios, 5 oz
  • Corn Nuggets: BBQ, 4 oz
  • Beer Nuts: Bar Mix 3.25 oz
  • CB's In-Shell Ballpark Style Jumbo Peanuts: Lightly Salted, 12 oz

How It Ships

In a sealed wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar

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    Orders placed by noon PST will ship out same day
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Four More Years

Let's take a moment to acknowledge the importance of the alma mater. Let's raise our frosty glasses in honor of the cushy bosom of higher education in America and make a toast to the four-year crumple zone that softens our crash landing into the real world.

Venerable Traditions

Only in those four, or five, or whatever, years can a man live in a tent on the sidewalk for days to get free student basketball tickets without judgment, or showering. Only in that twinkling of a cosmic instant does a man answer to the higher laws of tradition- the laws that allow him to sprint through the quad unencumbered by modesty or clothing, defile the sanctity of a home field by tearing down the goalposts, and release dozens of pigeons into the library during finals week.

Skills & Gear for Life

And where else could we have learned the life skills needed to navigate the modern world? Skills like procrastination. Home-remedies for hangovers and athlete's foot. The ability to open a beer bottle with anything that sinks in water.

The College Barware Man Crate pays homage to that special time. Dial in four officially licensed NCAA Pint Glasses, a classic bottle opener, and enough snacks to supplement a freshman meal plan. It might be exactly the gear you need to drown out the alumni fund-raising calls, forget your crushing student debt, and relive the glory days.

Customer Reviews

    Dec 7th 2017
    Love it!

    Gotta love a company that is a member of the Partnership for a Jayhawk Free America!!!!! Go Cats!

    Dec 4th 2017

    Go tigers

    Jun 22nd 2016

    I would love to get this for my hubby, but no Jayhawks?!? For shame!

    Jun 18th 2016
    Five Starts from Dad!

    Ordered this set for Dad who happens to be a huge ASU fan. Got the box, had him recorded while opening and OOPS, Iowa Hawkeyes! Called up Customer Service, spoke with Riley and Charlie and these guys took care of the issue without hesitation. You DON'T get this type of customer service ANYWHERE!

    Mancrates ROCKS!!

    Feb 18th 2016

    My husband informed me that my Valentines Day gift would be arriving, so naturally when I found a box at my front door I was excited. Then came confusion....A Man Crate?????? I am not a man, what in the world could this be? My husband is quite the jokester so I assumed it was for him. Nevertheless, I found a pry bar and a crate, so I attempted to open it to no avail. First I went to the website to get instructions on how to open it and it didn't hit me at first, but the instructions were "TRY HARDER". At first I was using some colorful language, but then I realized that was the joke. Duh. After several minutes of attempting various ways to open it, I brought out the big big girl tools. Yes, you heard right, MY tools. My husband is always teasing me about my tools (because women apparently don't normally have their own tools), and with a little help from my chisel and the included pry bar, I rose to the challenge and success was mine. After my blood pressure went down from the initial frustration of trying to access the box, I laughed and really got into the challenge. Once opened, I found a set of Ohio State pint glasses and some treats!!! This is significant because I am from Texas and a huge Longhorn Fan, and this is my husband's attempt to convert me to his alma mater. I will admit, it may have worked! I love my gift almost as much as my husband. LOL Great gift and presentation. It was a super fun gift. Kudos to hubby!

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